What initiation is

We often hear this for people with higher (or deeper) levels of consciousness. A mysterious, mystical mood swirling around. Is it easy and straightforward to talk about it? Yes.

Although science has already recognized that our world is a gigantic hologram, it may not yet have recognized its close relationship with the human brain. The human brain is nothing more than biological hardware, a holographic computer. Initiations are nothing but the development of this hardware.

As a child, man uses the intuitive hemisphere of his brain much more intensively. But as you begin to go to school, the processes that lead to the development of your rational hemisphere begin. As the focus shifts here, the cells that connect to Dreams and begin to live in Reality slowly begin to close. This is when childhood dreams begin to turn into something like a police officer, firefighter, soldier, toy store. Girls have these too, but I'm not a girl, so I could only guess. Then, as we grow up and have a greater insight into the adult world, new dreams come to life, called dreams of civilization. Meanwhile, one begins to realize these, which requires high school and university.

Those who are successful in life then encounter initiations differently than those who do not. With their successes in life, they see the correctness of the path they are going through and their initiations depending on the value of their influence. By doing so, they become part of a system in which they receive initiations from others and receive some consideration for these initiations. Even those who are not successful in life and get to a master who can also initiate someone will not get away with it. Unlike rich people, they become part of the heavenly system, not the earthly system, for which there is also a consideration.

Whoever is able to initiate is practically able to open cells in another person's brain with his mind. The practical consequence of this is some kind of spiritual ability. Spiritual abilities are the qualities by which the brain interacts with the hologram at an elevated level. The value of a person is thus determined by his or her potential abilities and the quality of the energy he or she receives, which has now become a business product. Since the spiritual world is rejected by those who are in a reality based on consensus (without proof), the theft of these abilities is not against the law. Although in such an initiation it seems that you get it from others, you actually get what you would have anyway, only sooner. Or you get what you might never get otherwise because you wouldn't reach it yourself. And if you become a part of the system, you may end up with stolen initiations in exchange for your surrender. When you get under heavenly occupation, you become part of a collective. And he/she does not even consider the transmissions of energy per se as theft.
Can a man be able to initiate himself and be released from them? The answer to that is yes. The way is as follows. You have to get rid of everything and everyone that distracts you from meditation, that is, to revive your inner world and get into the precious state of loneliness. I mean, for years. As few in the world today can do this, the business is booming. So much so that the rulers of the spiritual space are already able to observe the space. If they come across such individual people, they have developed techniques to access their abilities. That is, the situation is hopeless.

The ÉlményPark appeared here from scratch with the boxed version. As an independent, objective and just spiritual framework that projects a new understanding of the world on a whole new basis. Because it follows a flexible scenario that adapts to the realities of the situations, you may not be able to get your old initiations back to you in the sorting process. They come to you that fit your current situation. The rest is your job.


Is the initiation of a human being normal?
In ancient times, it was as much a part of everyday life as it is today for priests and doctors. In fact, priests and doctors are ordained people. Because today's world believes in evidence, but for the spiritual world, this is unnatural, the people who are initiated here are in a kind of gray zone. But we live in individual consciousness and opinion is free. It's normal for me, but it may not be for you.

Who did you get your initiations from?
At the beginning of my journey, I was still looking for the answer to whether this was an existing thing or just a scam. That is, I collected evidence and ended up in some esoteric groups where I went through such initiations. The fact is that this is not the genre where these things are immediately proven. Later, I realized that in my life, lucky bouts of severe head injuries meant hardware tuning for my brain, which these initiations meant software tuning. And when I finally got in my way, I realized that these initiations come from a higher dimension and can be taken by anyone who cares and prepares for themselves.

Do you initiate people, too? If so, how?
I don't know if I invented the initiation over the Internet, but I set up a stable system for it. The complexity of the thing is difficult to say in a few sentences, but there is an element that I can. Just look at the background of my web pages. Holoinstall.elmenypark.net and mandala.elmenypark.net are specifically about this. And if the question is how to personally, an appointment is enough. For example if you are standing in front of or behind the queue in the shop.

Are you still fighting the masters?

Not only with them, new creatures came to their aid. But there are those who, because of my level of consciousness, already consider me God. I'm not religious, that's why it's a strange charm.