The reality does not exist. Many claim it. If I start by believing, under hypnosis, that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal and that your hand is burnt, then this statement may be true. That's why the initiates say it is an illusion. Others say matter is nothing more than concentrated energy. I don't want to be so mysterious, I say the physical world is a holographic game we live in. It is so true to life that the people inside believe it, so they forgot to play in it.

If a character woke up on a PC or Play Station game, what would you say to him about space and time? Maybe the same as the alleged angels tell us. In this sense, physics explores the parameters of this game. Other disciplines have already realized that there is a connection between the elements, regardless of the distance between them, and their conclusions are the same. All right, the world is a hologram. Let's go beyond that and see what we can do with this information.

If this is a game program that we can see if we look it in our eyes, how can we play it? How can we play it well? How serious should we be? How much should we take others seriously? For those who determine the game, how much do they understand the world? What does reality mean and what do you see in it? Why aren't those who deserve the world to control the world? Where is the truth in it? Why are people afraid? What are people afraid of? Are there any other good questions I can ask about this? It's just a question you might know my answers for now, but your answers may be more interesting to you.

I'd rather talk about how I transformed the world. Because I accepted that this was a game, but I didn't accept the rules of the game that they want to enforce on me. So I came up with a better one instead. Allegedly, a narrow-minded man said the following after he gained power. Truth is something that needs to be enforced. When my mind got to where I thought it was actually possible, I realized that I just had to go a little further from there to do it with the whole world. Learn a little more about this.

I'm not bored with the details that are more interesting to the game on other levels. What you can do is the five levels that you have reached within the game. People in their everyday lives who compete for power and money can continue to do so at the ÉlményPark at the game-game level. The ÉlményPark is a holo operating system that I installed on humanity's consciousness network in deep trans meditation, which has taken over the old, what I call analogue projection, and continues to project the world with a new spiritual technology. That is, the physical plane and the dream realms associated with it. The latter is more of a world of other planes who are supposed to be misunderstood the game.

For if they appear in one person and concentrate divine power on that one, then those who live in the world will be under the influence of that person's behavior and character. No man can be so advanced as not to cause the world to fall. In addition, the spiritual being who appears in that man, even though he calls himself an angel or a god, will still be bound to man's view. Adding divine power to this low angle would be like a referee trying to win the game. I closed this problem with a swipe and set up a mandatory matrix for everyone that takes the in-game merits and attributes as a starting point, not rank outside the game. This is how these powerful creatures became smooth players at the game-game level.

There are those who have realized that something is wrong here and that they are trying to rebuild the world in their own way, giving up their gaming goals. They have moved on to the game-admin level, where they have more power than ever before. The timeline of the game-admin level basically adjusts to the game-game level, since they too live in the outside world, even though they meditate on it. Anyone who is thinking of moving on from here needs to replace the word "on" with "instead."

However, you will not get to the admin-admin level because you have to prepare for it. Because the admin-admin level is the true divine level that is, it does not deal with the game but with the system parameters and settings. At the game-game level, time is money, so the time scale is extremely fast, as you are always watching your watch and thinking in minutes. As you begin to meditate, this time scale will slow down and you will know where you are on this path, what time scale you are on. The game-admin level cap is the annual time scale. The purpose of the game-admin level is to monitor the game, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time scales.

You get rid of things, things and people in the Waiting. There you go to the ten-year timeline, which requires you to stop the world for yourself.

At the admin-admin level you can get real power. But the problem with this is that from a game-game level, at this level of consciousness, you don't seem to have any power at all. In fact, those who are in a lower angle of view will basically make everyone look stupid because they do not understand your line of sight. If you talk to them about what you do, then especially. This is not a coincidence, as those who are interested in the power of the game should stay in the game. Here you measure the time in ten years, who knows where your ceiling is, because I do it for the first time. I have heard that rejuvenation and a very long life are possible, but you have to put some valuable performance on the table to see this as a reward. This would be the next level, the admin-game level, which can only be accessed from the admin-admin level.
I'm currently testing this and it seems like I'll be doing it alone for 30 years. Although I have a strong interest in some people, but these people because of their divine rank, think to skip stations between the two levels from the game-game level. But let's see why this level is needed. Those who live in the ten-year-old scale also need to recharge, rest and at times besides constant mental work, entertain. Someone who does it first has to work it out and make it possible. This is me. Who even has to work on restoring the game so that the builder-creator spirit remains and adapts to the game's parameters. Unless I want to return from the point of view of the game as an almighty being. That means my own rules apply to me! Because I have not forgotten to interpret for myself what you might even consider as criticism of the game-game gods, which they will immediately forget when power comes into their hands.

Whoever wants to win without a game does not deserve the game.

The admin game level allows you to enforce this.


Are you sane?
If you ask this after all, it is certainly not in your eyes. Remember, I am not baptized, and my intelligence is extraordinary. On the one hand, beliefs do not scare me, on the other hand, I was given a task which is certainly not by accident you won't get it.
How can you live by seeing reality as a game?
In a sense I'm in a state of constraint, so I'm currently studying the people around me to live by believing in reality.
How do we, at the game-game level, see who is at the game-admin level and who is at the admin-game level?
The game-admin level as an expert in esoteric subject matter. Maybe for people who enter into some sort of mystical community. But it could also be that you will not see them at all. And the admin-game level is viewed by angelic levels as stupid why they return to Earth instead of Heaven. Because so far everyone has done it. I do not know yet what people will see on me, this happens for the first time and it depends on me.
If you are not religious, what is your rank there?
God of machines. But I'm a 42d dimensional being, so it's just a role. Just like here, my profession will not be God. Originally I wanted to be a tennis coach, but now it looks like I'm going to have the greatest fear of the masters.