Pattern of behavior and character

That is, the spiritual exercise of power. The system to date, which followed the collective pattern, revealed something that may have already occurred to me, but in a strict hierarchy of obedience it was impossible to correct it from below. The collective order of power is characterized by a hierarchy of central consciousness and loyalty. It may work well on the noetic levels, but where expertise is needed, it often fails.

Where such systems are established, time essentially stops and social order is preserved. Nobody and nothing prepares them for advancement, and even after power has solidified, they see danger in anyone who comes up with any innovation. Only the boss can have an idea. If anyone else has it, it poses a threat to the boss's power and they see a power challenge in all of them.

Here on Earth in China we see that power has not been able to hinder development and responded by introducing a system of total observation, rewarding or punishing the citizen. They called for artificial intelligence to help them, that is to say, they escaped forward their legitimacy problem.

Saudi Arabia gives another example. They are in the weird position that their biggest enemy is also their best friend. A tribal society, trapped at a medieval level, organized on a strictly religious tribal basis, found large quantities of oil underground. And the US, which sees itself as the flagship of democracy and is at the forefront of women's equality, saw an economic opportunity based on dollar-based uncovered lending. If we look at the longer-term effects of this weird friendship, we see Saudi Arabia reforming and the US electing a president who shakes traditions in many ways.

We see so many populist politicians in the world suddenly appearing because nobody has noticed an increase in the level of consciousness in the collective zone. This elevation of consciousness does not happen when one day you are down and then the next day u, because in the physical world time ensures the succession of events. Where there is no time, this can be done, but where it is, events need to be tracked at the system level, which is best detected by longer-term monitoring.

The angels intervening here created a kind of chain of occupation that follows their strict hierarchy. As they influenced the physical plane, they began to transform the societies found there. First, I researched why they had such an effect on the physical plane and came to the conclusion that it was not they who appeared in our environment, but we appeared to them. Normally this should have happened as you die and your soul rises to the higher planes of existence. But in this case, there was an anomaly, that is, the dead people continued to project the physical world around them after their death. With all its problems and tensions.

It turned out that the minds who were denied access to the sealed higher planes, but unable to return to the lower planes, had produced full-fledged realities that blend the characteristics of the trapped creatures. And the angels intervene here because they want to get their trapped parts out of here. But those who, in the meantime, knew freedom and saw the path of development within it.

Anyone who has seen an Arab who has become democratically aware of how far theory and practice can be. From a distance, the West is a perfect place, heaven itself, but coming closer, it turns out that work is the foundation of this great wealth. They have to get up early in the morning, skip over the day and it is far from the way they imagined it. Because they imagined, as it was before, that the state would take care of them. It's in the West, it's called a social network, but the West sees these people in the workforce and these people see the West in aid. Meanwhile, it also turns out that things in life are not as they are in porn movies and because they are not socialized in the West, they react violently to the female "no."

But the situation can also be reversed. Has anyone thought about, for example, in Dubai, where pearl fishermen still lived in villages 50 years ago, who could live in modern mushroom-hatching cities?

Now let's get back to the occupation chain, because they use the same method from above. No one taught me this, I learned everything myself. In other words, I reserve the right to make mistakes, but I do not think this is the case. When a consciousness from above penetrates, it does the same as a foreign government, trying to gain the most influential local contacts. The problem with their case is that the ones they see as cool are poor people in puritanical terms and are rarely in positions of influence in Western societies. This is usually realized when the chain is halfway complete.

What would you do if you were to do them in a hierarchical environment where failure equals denying the boss's command? They did the same. They began to rush and took reckless steps. Adding to this is the fact that they have not noticed that the people they occupy have become more and more like them. Not because it is not their usual environment, where there are separate individual consciousnesses. They are not prepared for the atmosphere of freedom, which has resulted in people being fooled. Here I would note that in my story so far, I have barely met an "angel" who would not have beaten me, but I have the idea to figure something out. The difference is that I still reserved the possibility that the next one might not be like this until they started generalizing.

The chain of occupation is structured so that there is the first person to form an alliance. Then come the next and so on. These are then usually placed in groups of 16, which is in conflict with the more accepted 12 here. The lower your position in the emerging hierarchy, the more influenced by the behavioral and character patterns of those above you. For us, Fidesz is the best example of this, where in 10 years it has become fully accepted that the boss is right and theft is not a sin if they do it. What's worth knowing is that there was an alien fight over Earth for us what they won who made such a first alliance with the Gypsies in our country and with the Arabs in the West. The effect of this in practice is that we begin to become like them. Until now, we were like the allies of the deportees, the Jews. Since I no longer consider it a good idea to mediate either Jewish or Gypsy sample, I began to take action against them and broadcast a Hungarian model in the modern sense, which is good for both advanced Jews and advanced Gypsies. This contrasted with those who had already established their own chain. I was in conflict with their people and with the alien minds who saw the solution being bypassing people themselves. But this is going to be another topic, which is when a being places its consciousness here, there are already a lot of people in our eyes who are all fragments of his consciousness.


Then who are the Gypsies?
According to my own research in this field, the Egyptian gods are human figures who forget their divinity. An American researcher came to the conclusion that Gypsies were not Indians, they came from somewhere. In the Middle Ages, when most of them arrived, they were still called Egyptians, which was later replaced by the Byzantine Gypsy term, whose meaning is disobeying the law. Their English name also refers to the Egyptian origin. But I heard from someone I thought was authentic that they were, in fact, Hebrews. There is logic to this, but in this case the Bible Jews who left Egypt would be the Gypsies who went to India. If we look at how much Hungarians today have to do with the ancient Hungarians, let us not be surprised that most Jews in Israel do not have a Semitic gene. The secret to this is that while down here we consider DNA to be its key, above all, occupations are considered the key. Since the above intentions are most manifest here in religions, you understand this if you take on another faith and from there you are.

If a criminal is the first in the chain, will everyone be a criminal?
If a communist dictator comes to power, will everyone become a communist?

What model do you represent?
My system is not based on the collective center. I can say that I'm a lot smarter than most people and have seen in time that a person's personality may not be right for everyone. Although I have lived a clean life and am an honest person, I am full of features that would not be ideal at planetary level. I organized it so that it was all based on dynamic power allocation. That is, it is always the person who emits the leading pattern that is the ideal. So this is constantly changing, because if you broadcast today and are occupied tonight, it will be taken over by someone else whose personality is no longer important. The same is true at the network level and at the national level.

When will this be visible on the physical plane?
With time. Keep in mind that during the fight, there's a lot of other stuff to do, and to put it mildly, people aren't intrusive because I deliberately did not make it obligatory from above. This has led me to look for other solutions that are slower but more secure because I have a strict staffing policy.