Modern Magic

Remember, you're not a magician. But the free basic features of ÉlményPark include holoapps,which magicians will surely see as being used. These mages live in what I call an analogue age, so it is understandable to you why they are not completely happy with the ÉlményPark.

Today everyone is connected to the ÉlményPark, which is proof that you are reading here even after the end of the world. The main purpose of the Transition's work was to prevent anyone from noticing the Crossings. You now live in the modern age of esotericism! However, this does not exclude anyone wanting to continue playing in the old game experience. In fact, there is a Christ Gate where you can leave, but I can tell you from experience that everyone wants to come back right away.

In modern magic, you use holoapps that work like expanded reality. There is control in your mind, the effect of which is mainly influenced by your skill in the outside world. Your thoughts and feelings are the two main points of reference when you do not have your third eye open to see the dashboard that you also make yourself. If you do not see it, you can imagine it and you cannot see values other than what you have to show.

Spiritual vision is a much broader concept than visual vision. For example, visual vision is not turned on for me because it would only distract my attention from work. Spiritual vision is affected by your level of initiation, your level of consciousness, and the amount of unnecessary affairs, things, and people's presence.

Raising the initiation level is not necessary if you live and want to stay in everyday reality. It's worth raising if you want more access to the world. But if you have more access to the world, your level of responsibility will also be greater. In the analog system, it was easy, to put the responsibility on others, but the new system already measures at an individual level. Many people have already felt conscious registration as a redemption because the Adventure Park has begun to settle its energy use so far, and to create a fair operation at the level of individual consciousness afterwards. Therefore, if you only want to raise your initiation level to regain the energy stolen from you, do not, but rather live your life. Only delve into it if you really care about the deeper secrets of the world.

Consciousness does not automatically mean that you are aware of it. I've seen a lot of people with deep consciousness denying esotericism. From the point of view of the game, it has the same advantages as the disadvantages. There is an advantage to using consciously, but then you have to decide what to do. Because your environment will look stupid to you and have to follow you, otherwise you will not feel comfortable with them because the other angle has a different importance.

The point of all this is that you do not necessarily have to delve into it, but also be able to bring about a change of consciousness while living your daily life. Is this possible? That's my responsibility.


How did you get there to create something like that?

On the go. It all started with a defense system when, as an amateur prime talent, I was in conflict with the masters. The next step was when I combined a couple of similar ones. The post-level was when I optimized and rationalized all the work that went into it. Then, later, I had to secure my return, which I could only do with an independent framework.

Where did the idea come from?
From IT.

Where did this inspiration come from?
I think the person who issued the intention had no idea who or how it would accomplish it. If the question of whether a complex system pops out of my mind, I cannot give a clear answer. My level of consciousness has risen far above everyone's level, and it may be that I was taking it from another galaxy or universe, or from the future.

Do you think the Earth is ripe for this?
I do not know. But if you try to understand my situation, you come to the conclusion I have. That I am too advanced for humans and too primitive for advanced beings. So I came up with a solution that might be less believable or understandable to you, but the point is that everyone at their level finds their own world. Me too, of course, with people like me.