Introducing the ÉlményPark

Whoever can't say in one sentence doesn't really know:

Instead of the Lord, the ÉlményPark takes over the main stream of events.

Whoever can't tell on two pages doesn't really know:

Now I will briefly tell you about this. In the beginning there was a defense system that I had to develop because I did not find the defense systems taught by the masters convincing against the masters. So I started my own experimentation. I realized that they were not so effective against logic, so I basically started using logic magic. As usual, I started to use this philosophy for other things and it was time to unite them. By this time, it had become a problem-solving application, in which I could extend this protection system to others. In the meantime, I learned and developed a lot. Next-generation defense systems and other applications are built into it. I have come to the point where I can devote my full attention to those spheres that are above everyone's head and so no one really believed in them. But that wasn't a problem anymore because my system, which had no name at the time, handled everything automatically.

Here I did something they didn't dare in Tibet

I was sitting in an apartment for almost 20 years and my consciousness reached the 42nd dimension, more precisely my individual consciousness. Probably by someone who wanted to kill me in the past, but only got serious head injuries. Which had a lucky outcome because I noticed that I became much more intelligent than I was before. That is, hardware tuning hit my brain, which I later got into software when I met the initiations of the esoteric groups I went to to gather evidence and data. This is how I came into conflict with the masters, most of whom, to my surprise, did not share my "everyone is on their own path" standpoint that I have read before in all esoteric books.

Stopping the world and total peace can be done in a big city

When one begins to meditate and misses the 30 years that non-private travelers tend to touch before becoming a master, it also represents a serious responsibility that I disguised as irresponsible. My body was able to sit safely through time while working with my consciousness in timelessness. It turned out that this logical-based ration that the earthly man has is not at all ordinary at these levels of consciousness, and so I began to deal with multiverse-level things. There was one other thing that I had for this job, which was a big surprise up there, and this the time. With the help of time, I was able to rearrange, wait, and many other things that need not be mentioned now. The point is, I needed three things to do this. To the 3D continuous timeline, to total peace and a normal world around me.

The Solution is born

The continuous timeline was available to me, though the increasingly hostile midwifery invasions were trying to disrupt this. I developed a technique for total peace of mind, but true peace of mind would require enough money in this world, but it was one of the invaders' weapon of blackmail. And the sense of the normal world began to move away as we progressed with time. The point came when I had to suspend work to get back and fix them. However, for my return, I needed a spiritual platform independent of everyone, to which this automated system was only limited, so it only turned out what it really was capable of when I finished. It could now be called a multiverse-level world-controlling god program. When my opponents saw that I was not doing anything for my own good, I cut off their reactions by saying that they did not understand a word or, if they did, that they had little faith in it. It is not difficult to understand, but to believe. If our world is created from the interference of different holographic frequencies, it is only a matter of viewpoint whether we see it as an anomaly to be eliminated or as a unique possibility. I chose the latter. But I didn't think for myself in the short term, and so I can test it when it comes into operation.

"You promised to make up for those studies later."
"Isn't it ironic that you ask for promises?"
"When do you start?"
"I'll find the ones I want to learn from. Sometime later, because it feels like I need to learn punch card programming in the age of PCs."