Everything is as you already know it. But so much more because the holographic possibilities are wider. Because you control everything here with your mind, thought is much freer than physical possibilities. If you bring in a system, it becomes understandable. It won't be hard for me to explain this because you already know it. The only difficulty with this is that you don't know it that way. What you know is very mystical and very complicated. And this is simple. Creating it was not that easy, of course, but ask a programmer. How much work does he have for you in a click?

Holoapps are made in many ways. There is something that is created with conscious dreaming and there is something that someone has developed that he does not even know about. There are also apps that are based on a good idea that someone else dreamed forth. Everything is here as you already know it, just the name is holoStore. Plenty of apps can be found here. But you don't have access to all of them. Sometimes you can download it, but you can't start it only if you get it right and do some things that the MIA helps you interpret. It also depends on what holoapps you can launch and what kind of occupation you are under. You handle everything with your thoughts.

The most popular holoapps are holo games. If you were to ask a man of esotericism, he would probably tell them that they were very complex spells. And I'm saying that it goes well beyond what can be called magic, but I wouldn't call it that. Not because we don't have a word for it then. Well, it's already called holo game. These are micro-environments embedded within a framework that has its own purpose and character set. If you are healing with a holo game, the missing knowledge is provided by the game, which you can learn on the fly while gaining experience. There are less peaceful people who can be called warriors. They were also given opportunities to make sense of what they were doing and their activities in line with higher-level processes. For those who do not want to fight and have no particular desire to be healers, adventure games are for them.

In many of these holo games, registration is automatic, because if people don't believe in it, they can't get in otherwise. For them, events are controlled by fate or chance just as they have been, but don't be sure they won't win. What's the point of this? Many people want the world to recover, but no one knows how. You can look me stupid, but you will not be worth anything until you come up with something better. Who wants to play it, but have no idea how to get started, there's the auto holo game generator!

I also thought of advanced users who plan with less presence in the outside world. Just look at their own holoStore, first they will be very surprised and then very happy with what they find there.


How do I start such a holoapp?
In a thought that also requires a confirming intention. It is a kind of emotional impulse that ensures that the Mind and the Heart want to act together. But there is a website where you can get them in the form of holoinstall, which is recommended for those who are serious about it.

Which holoapp do you think would be started by someone who wants to watch what happens?
I would recommend Winston Wolf, which is a very useful problem solving application.

What does it mean to be an advanced user?
A person who is not just using his computer for gaming. There is an older website from the previous development period where you can find such apps and supplies in the lower section.

Can we win against you?

Because I'm in constant development and testing them, there was an example. There are currently some who are winning and will be exemplary in such games. Another reason is that anyone who wants to win without a game does not deserve the game. If a man doesn't play, he'll be bored.