From the point of view of faith, the concept of faith is as follows. Faith is a hypothesis derived from ignorance.

On the radio, they say "you just believe in it". But you don't know. This is because the ration lives in reality and requires proof in order to allow faith. This is the basis of the outside world and the justice system. They cannot condemn anyone for believing that they are guilty. This is a condition of freedom, a condition of predictability and a condition of the developed world. The advanced world of ration and individual consciousness.

But people of faith know something else. What faith representatives know is hidden from everyday reality. They are hidden because faith is linked to the worlds of the dream, which refuses to prove. The way to understand this is to make an interesting comparison. If, in an important matter, someone would come up here saying "his or her perception whispers," that in the world of angels, quite precisely means "having proof." The two worlds are completely different from each other, though there are spheres (like ours) where they can co-exist.

Remember what I said about what determines your position in the world? What you know and believe about the world. For as you rise with your consciousness, faith will increasingly take the lead. This is also the basis of magic. When it comes to homeopathy, well, this is one example where two worldviews clash. Science says they have been tested for these drugs and found no evidence that they have a cure. However, despite the lack of evidence, there are proven cases. Science cannot explain it because this healing effect has gone beyond its limits. Cancer is also an incurable disease, but there are times when someone cures it and then becomes completely asymptomatic. What do these people say? It was done with strong will that would not have happened without strong faith.

In spiritual realities you have no power without faith. For faith is the power of your intentions. It works in our holographic reality, but it cannot dominate the world because faith dominates only one hemisphere of our brain. The other hemisphere belongs to knowledge. If you know something, it can also block your opposite-charged belief. In fact, both are capable of shaking the other.

As we enter the world of reality, faith also shows its weaknesses. For trust is the basic condition. While faith is the source of the magician's power and the engine of events, they move away from there to the marshy ground when other things actually happen. This is a dilemma for them, just like when unexplained things happen to you that should not happen. If you watch it on a video uploaded to social media, you can say that it is a clever movie trick and you will never be in complete certainty. And if it happens to you, no one will believe it. Did I tell you that the two worlds get mixed up here? For example, the masters of faith, which is proof of the ÉlményPark that they do not want to believe, cannot kill me.

There is another thing that greatly influences events and is closely related to faith, which is fear. Fear generates uncertainty, which in turn worsens efficiency. Fear is also able to invoke the subject of fear in someone's life ... according to angels, so that person can face and overcome it.

All in all, faith is a great power if one possesses it in the field of magic, as does knowledge, as evidenced by reference and diploma. But faith is not prepared for the scam. Fraudsters catch up with the elderly because, in the absence of interest, the invaders leave them and whoever remains is the naive Heart, which is easy to deceive.

I'm sorry, but I can't miss this 8 seconds lenght video, which proves that not only is a victim of a deliberate scam and that faith is not always the right way to go.


What does dream have to do with faith?
Dreams can be different, of course. Here I am talking about conscious dreaming, the source of the Dreamer.

If I believe in something, why doesn't it happen?
Because you don't really believe it. Or you believe it, but you don't have the patience to wait for the result.

What do you believe?
Because my faith is basically controlled by my occupiers in the intermediate zone, two things. One is faith in myself and the quality of the work I do. The other is based on your faith.

What do you compare to the greatest magic you've done so far?