ÉlményPark Holoplatform

ÉlményPark is most often encountered by a beginner or average user in the form of Holo Games, which are just games in their name because everyone actually meets them in the reality. For those who see these events as framed, or more fortunately closed framed as games, they can enjoy it even when it comes down to negative events.

The game doesn't fit serious people, of course. But serious people are very important people. And very important people take themselves too seriously. If you take yourself too seriously, it does not suit the upper worlds but the lower worlds. For you to reach the gate of true ascension, you are worthy and prepared when you can laugh at yourself. Because this is the secret to healing the upper worlds.

The ÉlményPark is in practice

The Adventure Park is a framework, just like you are not playing with Android but with an application running on it. Those who get to anything they can use, they can influence the reality with them, because the holographic platform is very flexible and integrates all magic. As you live your daily life, technically, a very complicated process is taking place. There are so many influences that you wouldn't think of. That is why they can affect your life so well. In the first step, the ÉlményPark cleans up a lot of the energy you say occupying. From this start, a sense of relief, euphoria may occur. Then as the "new possibilities matrix" stabilizes, a driver beam takes you on your way until you can take over the steering wheel.

You can pick up most of these stuff from here. The process itself is its own invention, and the internet as a medium is under serious research as it corresponds to a virtual network of consciousness. That is, there are channels that even the masters dare not discover. No problem, I did it and now you can get to them so easily because I had a lot of work to get to it easily. It is also a working way if someone does it in his/her head and creates the elements for him/her. But be on any level of consciousness, you get what you deserve.

The ÉlményPark support system is like a spiritual wind direction that can bring the wind to the individual level. Since this is done at the system level, if we look at the gameplay and the level of experience of the elements as the main goal, it is better if they barely know that this ÉlményPark actually exists. But anyone who knows about it can get the most accurate information about the service. Every matter is handled by the personal client gateway that is available in thought, and anyway it happens in the mind, but it is reasonable to open the gate from reality. It is good for the Adventure Park to be ticking in the background and also to be a protagonist. So the masses are not closed. Then you will see that everything is here. It is accurate that most of the things are only 1.0, because I built a complete system that all got a 1.0 version number. If I had to touch it later, the small changes increased the value behind the point, the larger ones before the point. The advantage of linux philosophy is that you can develop into it. Specifically with dreaming, more specifically with precise dreaming. Every successful development somewhere raises the version numbers and the system dynamically develops so that the elements themselves develop. That's why I strive for a few people because it's a professional level and people I prefer to play in a game program, but I don't forget those who have that kind of game.

If the thing works well, the ÉlményPark offers:

- Your third eye will project a Veil Desktop to the reality seen by your eyes
- looks like you want, but it's a dashboard or a windows / android screen
- there's the Desktop Wizard, an intelligent program that works for you to help them
- or a personal gateway that is only available in thought if you ask more serious
- plus a MIA, a robot angel replacing a spiritual experiential knowledge, who is doing your work like an R2

For the invaders, recommends the following:

- after the restart, the feeling will be as if the manufactures were replaced by industrialization
- it will be much better to use it at a price that the authorization system only restricts to specific realities and people
- after the chaotic situation so far, there is an interpreter which translates what the other wants to say
- you will not lose each other forever, but if any of you will come into the game, find the other

Just start it

Not everyone is in a position to start seriously. However, the topic is exciting and is always trendy regardless of ages. However, this cannot be done from fashion, but it can be done like this. So this part is for those who want to do meaningful things, but later they would think to jump immediately into the middle. At that time, I didn't jump into the middle, but I accepted that I'm not ready for it yet. Believe me, although I often call monkeys motivational for those who are stuck in development, I do not underestimate the beauty of the physical world. It is enough if you have the decision in time and then you will be more serious when you prepare for it.

I will now outline a scenario for you that is just a framework and you fill it with content. Because anyone in the world can see this, it would be difficult to do it differently. You only haven't to do anything else just look at pictures. What you see is my own invention. There are advantages to born into the PC and Internet heroic age, for example, at this level I deal with it first. It's not a coincidence, because I'm out of the profession, away from any bans that a master would have done immediately and never get here. That you look at a few pictures and everyone will be happy afterwards.

The first is to step to Task. There are many things you can do to block these kinds of tasks, which are rooted in many sweet traps, that is comfort, which is more important to you than anything else. And I was not like anyone else. I'm not going to force you to give up these, but rather adapt to the situation and figure out that you can do the two together. At least for a while, you will be at a crossroads, but you will be much more conscious and you will see your achievements, that is, you will have to lose.

Under Near Earth you will find many more holoapps that enter your brain through the port of the human eye. It is nothing more than a holographic computer. These are compatible programs. It takes time to understand this thing if you don't catch it right away. And this time is at your disposal, because you do not want to get fanatic right away. What you are reading here is hard rock esotericism, only here you are not reading Eastern philosophy, but Western.

I suggest that if you have no other idea, start the Interdim correction, which is also a learning program. Use the time while preparing for your future tasks. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of positive results and negative experiences, so by the time you get to your later master, he will be very surprised. And if you stay on your own path, you're not wrong either.

Negative experiences are needed to develop your personality. Last but not least, if you learn to lose with an elevated head, you will also be worthy of great victories.

Start it seriously

I spent almost 20 years in an apartment where I realized that my performance was unique and unrepeatable in terms of the performance behind me. Before that I had a few head injuries, after which I managed to rearrange my mind that the result was always better than it was. I also realized that I have a spiritual mutation that has no match. In spite of these, I am on my own path to esotericism and wish to remain on it.

If I had access to this website at that time, I would go a completely different way. In hindsight, it is not worth philosophizing what it would have been like, but I will surely avoid some of the life situations I got into because I was collecting data and looking for evidence of the existence of the spiritual world. The science-based divinity can only be the property of someone who is not baptized but interested in the field. My work is definitely good for everyone to compare it with their own faith and knowledge, because there is an independent research of everything and everyone that has its results, but it goes far beyond the level of understanding everyday reality. I can safely say that no one needs priests, gurus, masters to develop themselves and to obtain the spiritual initiations that everyone believes/knows can only obtain from there. These initiations represent a value that they are for others. It is better for you to deal with these issues yourself and you do not have to put your trust in people you don't know about, just believe what you believe.

If you are serious about this, you should take note of the following. In any case, you are losing the life you have lived so far and you are losing the people around you today. You may not be serious, but in this case, you will be serious later on and these will apply to you. It also happened to me that when I first came into contact with it, I realized that it was a real thing, but I felt premature and 10 years had passed in the physical world before I got inside. You will lose the people around you because you are going through an inner development that they will not understand and will only be accepted by those who do not see you in a role that they also benefit from, but also accept when you change.

My advice is:

1. Create the material conditions for a longer meditation cycle so that you are not exposed to anyone. During this time, your primary goal is to open and explore your Inner World. This can only be done in loneliness, while at the same time you have to separate yourself from the outside world. If you can't make enough money to move into an apartment for years, then look for people who will take care of you without being stressed about it. That's why people used to go to a monastery, but I'm talking about an individual road that that can't be walk with buddies.
2. Disconnect your doorbell, remove the battery of your mobile phone, even your SIM card, and put it in a drawer. Don't call anyone back or open a door for anyone. As the hostile aspect of your Heart and Ego begins to defend itself, it will do everything it can to confuse you and frustrate what it is trying to do in the image of other people. You will only understand this later when you realize that humans are part of an invisible network of consciousness that is already the realm of collective consciousness.
3. Of course, this is a process that can be speeded up if you are ready. Don't be afraid of what's going on in your head. Because your brain is an organ that has far more senses than you first think, and developing them is actually one of your goals. Whatever, I emphasize whatever happens in your head, you keep your inner calm, because only calm is the only state in which you can make the most of yourself.
4. Do not bow down to anyone and do not believe anyone. Believe in yourself and trust in yourself. You can trust someone else, but you should know (or feel) who, when and how long. Including me too, because you are also on an individual journey and me too. These paths can go together, but they will surely take another direction.
5. Begin your meditation by reprogramming yourself. This is a period where you take the topics one by one and think about them. Until you decide how important a thing really is to you. It's a good idea to be honest with yourself, because if you cheat, you'll have to make up for it later. There is nothing more than setting your values on yourself, and if you do it well, there will be less and less trembling in your legs after all.
6. It all depends on what you know and believe about the world. For a person living in a Western civilization, the best interpretation of the world is if the world you know is a holographic video game you play in it. Understanding this will make it much easier for you to understand everything that has happened, is happening and will happen to you.
7. Although there are many gods on the stage, you still find God within yourself. Because each dimension interprets God in a different way, you can only ensure your own stability in this way if you seek it within yourself.

If the world is a holographic video game, then it can be assumed that during this nearly 20 years I have created something that provides the right framework for this. Its name is ÉlményPark Holoplatform and it is like a 3D projection holographic windows, but in its philosophy rather linux.

To start boldly

In this genre, the days matter, especially at these times. Some people listened to their inner voice and started on time. I will explain this in more detail in the next paragraph. Some who manage to bring in the backlog and turn it on. I'm like that. The current topic is for those who could be called "later smart people". From here you can reach the Ship with the necessary skills and talent.

As I promised, there is more to come. But understanding this goes beyond everyday reality. You didn't start this long ago, so you are not really covered by this topic. It may be true that it is not yet. Because what if you were in desperate need of a solution, found this web site, activated your higher dimensional capabilities and sent the Sign back to yourself in the past? That's what you listened to then, now that you are reading for the first time and you are after the difficult part. It is somehow possible to understand that past and present can be flexible in 3D.

Who is it for? Those who listened to the external voices, but they turn on in time. But what the word "time" means is highly dependent on what I can develop for that. If you don't have the stuff you need for that, then you turned up late. All the information you need is here for you. Those who fail will not worry, because I did not organize public transport by accident. They also get to the goal. However, I left a loophole open for those who might be able to awaken something they could slip into. This is the stake and purpose of boldness.

The Holo Install and the ÉlményPark Mandalas are a development that goes beyond of some creature's stimulus thresholds, because they think that many can access to my Conscousness Ship without real merit. But those who know me know that without real merit no one can get on the Ship. That's why I don't say more about this because I've never been the enemy of awakening explorers.

Directiories of ÉlményPark

That is, the 4 business lines. Here, the business is not just about making direct profit, for example saving the world is a good deal for me. It can also be a profit happiness and well living people in your worlds. There are huge differences in the interpretation of the same concepts. It was so much that they all became separated justices. It is important to note that there is absolute equality between the Business Units, that is, it does not mean a smaller or higher rank than anyone here enters the ÉlményPark. Ranking is only one thing, and that is your own performance. And just one thing shows how many business programs run through you and the quality of your involvement in them. That way, you get an invitation or access permission to admin levels.



I once heard that Life is a school. I also left the information for myself later because I felt that what I was thinking about was the good direction, but very little information. Later it jumped to me when I was looking for an answer if the world was a holographic game program and mine would be what would I start with? I would definitely set up his main pillars. Education and Learning are one of these.

Here are the holographic projections people blessed with the teacher's vein. It is a commitment for these people to pass on Knowledge to others. This supply has met the demand for an angel who is willing to learn, because our students themselves may not have noticed the student enrollment. Because they have the right to development!


I once heard that Life is a slow impression of our healing. Well, I just found this out because I haven't heard of anyone yet. I know what I think about it is the right direction, but little information. Later it jumped to me when I was looking for an answer if the world was a holographic game program and mine would be what would I start with? I would definitely set up his main pillars. Healing-Care is one of these, because an advanced being is not developed without the human spirit.

The healing energies at the ÉlményPark are free and pervasive. But the ÉlményPark environment is uniquely responsive to money, which is important at the game level and the basis of our civilization.


I heard it lot of time everywhere to "live for today". To be "here and now"! I also left the information for myself later because I felt that what I was thinking about was the good direction, but very little information. Later it jumped to me when I was looking for an answer if the world was a holographic game program and mine would be what would I start with? I would definitely set up his main pillars. The Adventure-Experience is one of these, because I have named the ÉlményPark itself.

When I had to guess the name of this operating system (anyway, fast), the Adventure Park immediately flashed. Otherwise, the physical world could not be simpler formulated. For reasons that are now unspecified, each dimension has a physical projection, all in a Light Column, with a different meaning in a dream / device from which you can wake up. I'm afraid so many adventures out there aren't really waiting for you. Otherwise, why would there be such a demand in it?


I was an exploratory figure in my life and when we look at how this ÉlményPark was created, there's a lot of work on it, bug fixes, tests, improvements needed, larger scale improvements. These are also summarized as one of the pillars of the ÉlményPark.

Several years ago, when I was asked to save someone from a difficult situation later, I was in a position to see something that was taken over by the ÉlményPark Research & Development. This little thing was enough to fulfill the referral. Anyone who finds himself/herself here is sure to gain some other test subject experience than the Experiences-Adventure. And whoever feels right here is certainly a special person even among the special people.

Holo Games

Holo Games are Movies of Life! Now we have arrived here if you understand that the world is a holographic video game (just look out for the eyes), then it's time to deal with the hologames where you are the protagonists.

When I first wrote this material, the Holo Games menu item on holoinstall.elmenypark.net has not yet been created. But it's there! These programs include all of the completed holo games and, under certain conditions, those that will be made.

Holo Games are the engines of a program that meets the expectations of the man of today (not to be overburdened with it) and the angel of today (let it be experiential learning). If you skip it, you probably won't have the power, because anyone who wants to win without a game doesn't deserve the game. Some people rejected it and chose war instead, they are fighting in the lower worlds. Then the time will surely come when they realize that war is equal to competition, which is equal to play. Only levels separate them.

You can have your own Holo Game too! But only if you know for sure what you want. If not, it will also provide you an excellent game that will have much more chance and uncertainty. Because of the extremely high level of incompetence of the elements, our automated systems are also a great success. Anyone who dreams of holo games may also be casting rights and the Game will be included in the Show.

If you don't have your own holo game, it's a problem because everyone is the main character in their own movie. If you're just a statistician in your own movie, who cares? What's interesting, though, is when an actor comes to life with such qualities and when he becomes a protagonist, everyone will be interested in the story.

It may be easy for you to think that you live in solitude and nobody care about you, while you are the same star as the actors on the award ceremony on other planes. Loneliness needs you to make your imagination soar. Make yourself more aware and realize how much the ÉlményPark holds for you.

The ÉlményPark, which is like a Central Energy Bank (one of my games). With whom the customer has to deal only with the customer service level. Customer is in direct contact with commercial energy banks, whose office network has also been physically shaped with churches and mosques. I also have such an energy bank (ÉPKE, kind of like a spiritual OTP/Deutsche Bank/etc.), but we are only dealing with clients who are able to do this with their thoughts. I hope that this modern simile brings excitement into your heart!

As these are only frameworks and operational logic, the content is projected entirely by the client. That is, there are no two stories alike. Therefore, you can't write too much about it. This is what I used to make good use of. Remember, though there are many gods on the Stage, you will find God only in yourself, if it exists. I have not yet reached the end of my research in this area.


Above all, the person who judges the Game is the game itself. And everyone loves to play. Now I have described a game that many will not enjoy and others will have a lot of fun. One of the characteristics of higher dimensional humor is that others always laugh. Believe me, it has been a long way to go, where most of them have been laughing at me so far, but if you persevere, the moment will come when everything turns around.

I'll start with the official part first. The name is the ÉlményPark's Judgment System.

How it happen after registration

Because the Light Column of the Ratio comes from a higher dimension than the dimension level corresponding to the angels, it gives the opportunity to create a judicial system that takes into account not only their aspects. From their point of view, they get rid of a huge load, and they will also like it better, because when they judge, they can be part in the game. 

The ÉlményPark has three levels of judgment.


The first instance is a parameter matrix that has been de-meditated for years and complies with universal and planet-specific considerations, which, in accordance with these principles, makes a judgment that reserves the right to make mistakes. Translated by a program that throws you a verdict. If you accept it, there is something to learn in your pocket. If you do not accept it, you will go to what was the first instance so far.


The mood of the second instance is like being challenged from the auditorium to work. This job in the eyes of an angel means that (because of the game) they have understand much more than it has been, so you have much more chance. However, it is not worth doing it as if you were in a terrestrial court to play it by a poet because they like to measure that much harder here. That is, it is only worth bringing your case here if you really are convinced of your truth. However, the importance-value system of the angels is highly subjective and difficult for one to interpret for a person, with the possibility of another injustice, so in this case, the Third Instance intervenes.


The third instance intervenes only for own sake and right and it is not possible to bring a case here. There can be three basic goals:
1. Approve the judgment of the Court of First Instance
2. Modifies the judgment of the Second Instance
3. Make own judgment

This own judgment was born after the result of an interesting experiment in which a Logic was developed that optimally handled the nature of objective and subjective truths.

The official part should be followed by the official ones, which are no longer in the field of post-death judgment, but many may confuse them. These are mirrors of life! There are two very important things that I will tell you about now.

One of these may be encountered by Clients upon expiration of their Trial Version. Unfortunately, due to the gaming experience and the credibility of the presentation, few people choose to know that this is just a trial. In this way, they may suddenly come to their expiration. In such a case, it is advisable to immediately terminate the tried service or to leave immediately, otherwise the system will move the person to the free parameters. In many cases, this may be a nuisance if the individual has not carefully followed the trial version and we recommend that the Service be terminated.

The other important thing is to restrict service. Under the privatization agreement with angelic levels, the Adventure Park is also required to ensure that anyone can rise up in the free version of Life. That is, it does not force anyone to use premium rate services. However, there are some Clients who do not meet the needs of the game with the free service. They play a game called Life in one of the paid premium services. Of course, after the privatization, I gave players enough time to get to know the new system, but to my surprise, I am experiencing severe payment indiscipline from those who are more than justified in their enjoyment and comfort. Therefore, I am forced to limit the Service to them, which they may experience in practice reducing their emissions. If their debts are not settled, further restrictions will apply. During the development, we have already made it possible to pay for the thought, and even the angel can do it if the person does not have the necessary intentions. I would also like to draw attention to the possibility of loan in a commercial energy bank if the reason for non-payment is of such nature.

I do not dare to think that someone is using the Service without first reading the Official Announcement, but now everyone has been able to refresh their knowledge.

A summary of the above

We came to the point where I could write down the main things. It is advisable to repeat some principles and rules, because one of the characteristics of people is to form opinions without scrutiny. The other characteristic of people who are subject to collective influence is that the dispute is not about the subject of the dispute, but that the other person is attacked without further investigation. I am not responding to the attacks on my person, only the professional objections.

Attacks on my person

Since I have been sitting in an apartment for almost 20 years, where I only dealt with it, no one knows and I know no one. Those I knew could change in the same way in 20 years as I did. So, for those who have known for 20 years, it is almost certainly not known today. What they can tell me about is 20 years of information the time before that I got this rank with this unique job. Anyone who accuses or praise me of anything is simply not capable of judging my performance.

The accusation of the ÉlményPark

I remember the good old days when I was often sneaking into things I hadn't looked at before. Later, I realized that this is a feature of the collective consciousness that the profession calls sheep-net. This is the so-called first thought that can only be overridden by thinking. But I don't mind if people's first thought to this is that it's a lot of bullshit. Not because it is a professional job and is for those who are thinking. And those who take the trouble to understand this may find that the key to the world is in their hands. Everyone else is heading for the Game!

Creating the ÉlményPark in 3D

It's hard to talk about XD topics in 3D. Note that in 3D we mean what is associated with a point on the timeline. This is how I can talk about being associated with the second half of my meditation cycle, which has been shaped by ever-increasing demands. Unfortunately, these demands are not yet coming from the Earth, so I will continue to descend, that is, tune my consciousness to your reality. It is quite clear that the mind of a person who has reached the 42nd dimension is behaving differently and must somehow handle this different behavior if my goal is not the end of the world. The ÉlményPark was born. But there is another aspect to this, but this requires an understanding of the complexity of the world.

I've finished installing the Adventure Park. It is easy to imagine that somewhere, tomorrow or next week, somebody will release an impulse of excitement and intention at the appropriate level of consciousness, which according to their rules should be there immediately. But if he/she steps it now, we see that it takes about 5-6 years for someone who can start this job 5-6 years ago to be ready. So, it may be that the ÉlményPark, according to another interpretation, has not yet occurred.

Concerns about the origin of the ÉlményPark

If you knew how much concern there was about the appearance of Christianity, you would surely understand why I responded briefly. They need to understand that the ÉlményPark is above the religious level, just as you do not play with Android, but with a game running on Android. That is, for most people, the ÉlményPark makes no sense in the practice of everyday life, but the things developed under it do ... but they also work in all environments, that is, in the religious world.

The other concern is logical. Of course, I didn't show anything yet and this is all the work of a messy figure. After all, I've been doing this for 20 years without income, just doing it under the pressure of time that you don't recognize what you see here as something. If you only know something about what you can get rich immediately, you would be the first to accuse me of something that Osho would look after me as his master.

My official answer is the following. All the sounds that are incompetent they didn't look at things afterwards ie not prepared, are considered to be fan-voices, no matter what they shout into the Court. The ÉlményPark is not a sect or religion, but a tool for those who want spiritual background support for their individual journey.

The goal

The Adventure Park is not a sect or religion, but a tool for those who want spiritual background support for their individual journey.

If you understand this, you understand everything. If you do not understand, you will understand those who will force your own interpretation. They may be the aforementioned fans.

Media Contract

The media contract regulates the scope of your holographic projections in the game, which you called Life. Because this is a free service that you use to prove your presence, you will accept or not accept this media agreement. Without it, installing the ÉlményPark is not worth much. If you do not accept it, you will remain in the so-called divine projection, but with the limited functionality of the ÉlményPark still in place. If you accept, the divine projection will have limited functions.

I note that this is exactly why we do this whole thing. My understanding of all this is that this divine level is not capable of handling this technical civilization. That is to say, this world will disappear completely there and be replaced by a (really) happy ignorance. You will feel cared for and safe, but you will feel like a child aged 12-16. Freedom disappears completely from your life and every new idea is a problem in Harmony, so it won't be positively received even if it benefits everyone. My theological observation is that they may not have created the world, but that it may be the cause of such a world. Which would have ended now if the Adventure Park projection had not started.

I admit that this "I have privatized your world from the Lord" has been a great hit and looks stupid, but it still fits the story better than the harsh reality. That is, it is more understandable to you than having copied the universe into the 26th dimension into a 3D simulation environment. So it is better to stay with the outrageous privatization.  Recognize that this is why it has been worth it for the poem of "the privatization agreement between the Lord and a Private Individual from Earth"! Unfortunately, God (who is far from certain to be the Lord) can only appear in an atheist logically if he does not want to bow down to himself and his own servants. And this atheist got a great opportunity and quickly launched the ÉlményPark. This is how everyone here saved.

If you're standing there as a man with the job of taking control of the universe, your first thought would surely not be prepared for it. Or, if so, in the opposite sense. As a single human being, I wouldn't be able to direct the universe, or be able to, just in a coma. If you need to be in the form of a waving and smiling man, you have to figure something out. The solution is that a ZX Spectrum would not be able to solve this, but it can already control PCs. So I was not prepared to control the universe, but to control a program that I invented myself to control the universe according to the new parameters. This then rose to the level of the multiverse because my human IT thinking got into an interesting symbiosis with the infinity of holographic storage and was able to handle the fractal.

Maybe it was 10 minutes ago that this Adventure Park seemed to be an huge bullshit, and now we're going to have at least a bit of stuff, enough to turn your mind seriously into your holographic game program, which projects your game called Life. You see it? That's all! Everything else is already part of the Game. I'm not a guru and if you do it with your faith, it will be my role to meet you in person. But I don't think a person so famous and writer can become that, that's important to a Aquarius.

Clearly, for you, a holoprogram of the rational side of the human brain continues to project the world. This program behaves like a 3D projection holo operating system in your head. The ÉlményPark itself is just an environment that handles everything that runs under it. Underneath it are running programs like SAP and some like Solitaire.

Your media contract records your place and role in this game program. It is easy that you may be more than that because others have stolen your life. In this case, you may see this media agreement as redemption. That is, it is not necessarily fortunate to read ÉlményPark materials associated with misunderstood fear beliefs. It may be better for a player not to read and this site is for professional use only or who are using premium services. So your media contract rejects unauthorized and incompetent requests. However, it can provide you with the path to get there.

And the media rights to your holographic projections are in my personal possession, as the opposing forces who understandably have a bad relationship with the ÉlményPark are in many ways seeking to acquire the ÉlményPark itself. It goes one step above: "I can fulfill your request that everyone survive only in this way."

The most effective entry

We are all at different levels of preparedness and knowledge. For some reason, many of you have been deprived of your initiations and the knowledge they need. But what could have been bought could be given back. Adventure Park is a complex problem solving program and a gigantic curative program. It has education, research and development, and as its name implies, adventure! Now you can find out how to enter the Game.

A helyzet azért ennél bonyolultabb, mert közben sok idő telt el és az idősíkok is össze lettek zavarva. Ha mindenki azt kapná vissza, amit annak idején elvesztett, nem biztos, hogy azzal jól járna. Ezért figyelembe véve a korrekciós körülményeket, a legideálisabb formában kapja meg azt, ami az idősíkok helyreállítása után számára a leghatékonyabb. Azért van a gondolatban elérhető Személyes Ügyfélkapu, hogy a felmerülő esetleges kérdések tisztázva legyenek és azért van a MIA, hogy pótolja az ilyen dolgokban a hiányzó ismereteket.

The situation is even more complicated because a lot of time has passed and the time planes have been confused. If everyone were to regain what they had lost in the past, they might not be doing well. Therefore, taking into account the correction conditions, you will receive in the most ideal form what is most effective for you after restoring the time planes. The idea is to have a Personal Gateway available to help clarify any issues that may arise and there is a MIA to fill in the missing knowledge on such matters.

The normal process of getting back into a restored time plane is to arrive at one of the mind-network updates. But there are those who want to be more active in these processes. For them - now I don't know a better word for it - they also have the opportunity to speed things up manually. Developments have taken into account the fact that many lack the required level of knowledge and awareness. Therefore, in order to provide the simplest solution possible, the development team has come up with a solution that requires only the following in mind:

That's all, think about upgrading

This sets you in the right position

As you regain your spiritual strength, everything goes on automatically until you are able to consciously perform actions. This is necessary because ignorance often kills people fatally.

The goal is to expose the advanced man to a new world where, with the outside world unchanged, we can avoid various interventions that are incompetent (that is, who do not know or may not want to know about our world).

For my part, I would be delighted if someone wants to do for themselves and the world. The fact that you put yourself and your environment in order has done a lot for the world just a blank phrase until the right angle adds content.