There are many researchers on the subject. They all have specialties. Some have learned at university where science is today and build from it. Some people working on dream interpretation. I couldn't avoid researching the topic, but I came to quite different conclusions. I think dreams are higher dimensional conversations. It also has another function, visiting parallel realities.

Before I get into this, I will talk about conscious dreaming, which is also a dream area, but on the verge of magic. When someone asks how to practice this, I can say what I heard from an outside source. When you fall asleep, you can click yourself in the moment you fall asleep. The difference is whether you stay alert, that is, whether you can influence the dream or sleep and then of course not. You are also in the realms of dream in meditation, but your form of presence is quite different. Dream ranges can be achieved with mind-altering substances, more commonly known as drugs and various medicines, sleeping pills and painkillers.

With conscious dreaming, it takes your mind to practically reach the admin level of reality, where you use your mind to influence events. Many are confused with esotericism, of course there is a connection, but while esotericism is about dealing with your own inner world, magic is about the outside world. Conscious dreamers say that they tend to engage in reality-related mental activity, while dreams of sleep involve you in the realms of the dream, which we can safely call spiritual reality.

When you dream while sleeping and the strangest these dreams are, the higher you go. Because your brain can only cook from what it has. Only people, objects, places you know or recognize can be in it. If you are in a more complex higher dimensional conversation, your brain is trying to convert it into a form that you can understand. In addition, the dream worlds are not bound by the rules of the physical world, so you can take the metro from Budapest to Moscow in minutes. No matter how surreal a dream is, there is logic in it, but logic can only function on the basis of the information at its disposal, of which there is little at this time.

The primary symptom of a visit to parallel realities is that on the one hand the rules of reality are present and on the other hand you feel real. I tried to figure out what the reason for such a visit was and I came to the conclusion that you have the ability or information you need there. It is a logical assumption that if I am able to appear in another reality within myself in a dream, it may be the other way around. So I started to look at my daily life with such an eye to see if I could. I have come to the conclusion that they are like occupations and have another characteristic that comes from thoughts that, without evidence, can be called feelings about others or specific things.

I made another startling discovery. It's easy that what we perceive as reality is actually the dreams of others. Or our own, in a higher dimension. It is the spiritual purpose of man to unite with the collective unconscious, why should it not be the other way around. That is, the dream of collective consciousness is appearance in the individual consciousness. As a result of this inspiration, the world's shortest esoteric short novelle was born.

You talk like a stupid exoteric. But the outside world!

What the dream and what the reality is, it doesn't matter in 3D. Certainly not from our point of view, especially from those who have failed to realize their dreams. In other words, they failed to synchronize the frequencies of dream and reality on their own. A related topic might be Salvia, also known as Seer's sage, which I read that during the 10 minutes of the trip, a person's entire life can be lived. Science has already established that a dream lasts for a very short time and that many dreams come to pass at night, of which we usually only remember the last. Could our whole life be a dream?

Here, too, I do not depart from my habit of saying a few words about the extreme projections that characterize me. I watched in a dream as if somebody from above was trying to have my dreams make realistic and then, after waking up, I started scoring them and commenting on what was wrong with it. In general, angels are very offensive, but this angel was different. We got together and this collaboration resulted in the biggest scam of all time, which I unfortunately cannot give more information about.


What is the purpose of these conversations?
I have no idea. I can only guess. I guess this is a network connection where the central consciousness communicates bi-directionally with the elements of a game and gives instructions for the next steps.
What is the difference between an angel and a higher self?
I think the angel is at the other end of the heart connection, and the higher self is in a sphere of consciousness above us.
What effect do occupations have on dreams?
An occupier is a creature who speaks to your existing connections through spiritual channels. In that sense, it is the same as the people who influence you and your decisions. Either you listen to them or you listen to yourself.
Can I influence my dream?
In my experience, yes, but it is very easy to get caught, especially in higher dimensions, where your (here) normal behavior can be very strange in a completely different environment. Once I found myself in a flat among completely unknown people and what does a well-behaved person do? He will shake hands with them and introduce himself to everyone. Sleepwalking has to be learned and cannot be taught, just by learning from the mistakes of others.