When I was sitting in a car that had a frontal collision with another car, I started doing death research. This is what happens to so many people, they are recovering in the hospital, but I am sure very few people meditate while noticing the smallest changes. It was an assassination for me anyway, which was the other way around. But this is not their fault, who would expect that somebody is calmly slipping into the deep trans behind a rushing, fresh licensee, matte drunk man.

Now I'm not bored with the details, the point is, I've noticed that something has changed. I called it spiritual background radiation. I also remembered being told in esoteric groups that when they had an accident, the cars were looking at an angle that they couldn't stand, and that was all taken as evidence by the guardian angels. Now, I don't want to get into this, in my case the weird thing was that everyone survived with essentially minor injuries. That's when I thought maybe everyone was dead and this is the Otherworld.

From this point on, the emphasis on studying the world with such an eye became known as death research. More than 10 years have passed since then and although I started to deal with it in a separate material, unfortunately one ass can't sit as many horses as I had other things to do with it. But there is current state of research and now I will report on that.

Death as a concept only makes sense to people who believe in "one reality", that is, in reality. You will not find anything here in relation to the soul transmigration because there is no such thing. Well, it exists because it is created by your faith, it is just considered one of the biggest problems up there. For my slightly more professional readers, I also risk the fact that death itself is created by faith, by believing in your birthday and making us older. Proper initiation of the brain could bring the body into the desired state of youth, but this is contrary to the rules of consensual reality and is not considered normal. Do you feel the contradiction I see all the time? Everybody wants it but no one will believe it and whoever implements it, it used to be sent to the bonfire, but today to underground (private) research institutes.

From the point of view of the collective consciousness, it is worth imagining this subject as if we were seeing a chessboard where we are puppets. So we are all. If one is knocked down, the other lives on, that is, even if one dies, we still live. From the perspective of individual consciousness, the situation is a little more complicated. Religions do not complicate this too, if you die you have two choices. Either you go to heaven or hell. This is a steep statement in the knowledge of parallel realities, because what if your lived life does not justify heaven or hell? You wake up in the morning in your bed and only your present memories remain. You remember this life where you just died as a memory or a dream that never happened. But if you wake up in heaven or hell, there will be no other world than this. As your brain continues to project the world it knows, only the quality of your life becomes heaven or hell. You know where the big deal is for some others?


Then why do the priests tell us otherwise?

You wouldn't say anything else in their place if the alternative was to go to work. The image of Jesus today is quite different from the truth of Jesus. The essence of his teachings was also taken out of the Bible, which I also outlined in modern form with the checkerboard. Today's world is based on the Jewish interpretation of Christianity where Jesus was also a Jewish. But there is an ancient writing by the Hungarians called Arvisura where a completely different story unfolds. Even its original name, Matarius, is included and when we look at Russian Matryaska dolls, we can see exactly what the teaching is about. Otherwise, they say otherwise because they are part of a system that has an interest in making humans lambs.

If you died, then who are we?

Yes, I've been looking for an answer for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that if I project the world unchanged, as individuals, you are the same in my eyes as you were. But vibrating in another quality. If the question is that you are really the same, then my answer would be that they live in the lower world, but there are constant ascents after their death and many are already here. But this does not appeal to occupiers who, from their point of view, are not invaders, but this world has emerged. This could be explained by that I was in deep trans when death came. However, this serious anomaly-looking thing was solved by the ÉlményPark. Only they don't know yet and that's what made their show really enjoyable.

How should we properly consider death?

The reason is that some are very bothered by the death of their loved ones, because we are bound to each other by invisible strands of energy while sucking each other's energies. If somebody dies, that tap is gone and I think that's the real reason. The deceased does not even notice his/her death from his/her own perspective. There is evidence of such a breakdown in another area, which is the breakup of the relationship. It should be fair to say that you do not hang on to the other and if he/she dies you will release him/her as soon as possible. By accepting his or her death, you facilitate the interaction of parallel realities, called here to help you from the afterlife.

How do you know these?

You'll realize when your spiritual channels open and you have your mind on the information you receive. But once something happened to me. I was sitting in the bathtub when I saw a veil like myself drowning in the water. When I walked into a farther store afterwards, meanwhile, via thought communication I contacted my mother, more specifically her consciousness, and told her what had happened and that I would wait for her to arrive. So in this story I was the dead. The world has a lot to discover for those who are receptive to it and survive if they talk about it to others. But if not, after that, you have a chance of not being aware of it.