Self Leadership

While I do not refuse to turn to others, the point of all this is to do your own thing. If you turn to others, the interest of others will appear even if they are completely selfless about the issue. I also make these materials unselfishly and when I think about it, I have two interests in the background as to how I can profit from it. The problem of turning to others may also be that others do not understand it and accepting advice from someone who does not know what they are expressing an opinion on is sure to mislead. Even if he/she gives his/her full support, because you have to make that decision yourself based on your own feelings.

The purpose of self-leadership is to isolate yourself from a system that does not define you in subjective law. That is, you can start to control your own destiny. You will not depart from your own path yet, but you can prevent others from turning away from it. You will find such intentions in every aspect of your life, because you also do this to others when you consciously or instinctively manipulate them. It is not worth treating it with resentment, because it takes a lot of energy from you. Think of it as a game where each player's goal is to pursue their own interests. What determines you is quality. When I selflessly subordinate myself to a noble goal, there is an interest behind it, to be better later. But what a difference compared to those who are only interested in their own short-term goals.

There are two things behind turning to others. The first is inexperience, that is, lack of proper preparation. You turn to others because you assume that their expertise will fill your gaps. Behind the other is the fear of not trusting yourself. The first is your brain problem, the second is your heart. Because of the lack of knowledge, mankind has come up with a school, which in turn changes your relationship with the world, because you get used to always turning to others for such problems. But even if you read a book or this one here, they will not replace your own experience. They are only good for helping you avoid mistakes that can save you years. There can be many explanations for your lack of self-confidence, and what is important about getting rid of others is that there are invisible strands of energy between people that can lead you to intentions that result in this lack of self-confidence. Because if you have the confidence you will not need others in that sense.

Self-guidance is based on following your own beam. This means that you are thinking of planting yourself a beam that, if you follow, will reach your destination. It can be an intention or a goal. But in order to do that, you really need some professional knowledge, as if you were to get a medieval nautical star navigation device, you need to know it. Here, professional knowledge means that besides your own radius, which you have to follow mainly with your senses, there are many other raysand from these you should find your own. It's not easy at all if you don't have solid principles that help you stay in the band and counteract the temptations and temptations you face.

However, in modern esotericism, it is now possible for you to use them without necessarily having to fall in love with it. I called these solutions Holoapps, which work just like what you see on your mobile phone. You don't even know how it was programmed, just use it. The app that is closely related to this is called holoGPS. It works by identifying, based on your intentions and goals, a point that is consistent with your spiritual duties that most people are not aware of anyway. By its natural rationality, it has the basic settings that you should be able to set individually when following your own radius. These are mainly stations that you would like to touch or, on the contrary, avoid. Since this is in line with your progress, you can by no means avoid your learning, but it is very useful if you want to help your guardian angel. You can change these settings yourself, but it requires two things. It takes a bit of personalization to know how to do it, and it doesn't hurt to have some sense of responsibility, so you know what you're doing.

Yes, but the point of modern esotericism is that you don't have to know these if you don't want to. Then comes the MIA, your spiritual assistant who acts like a R2 in your head. That is, you can live your life while the MIA makes these adjustments, among other things. You can live your life in a way that you do not even know about this MIA you are in a constant conscious relationship with. You just start holoapps in thought and he/she manages you. If you want, you can contact him/her. For an experience, it's like having a Voice in your head. The main reason for the creation of the MIA was that it turned out that angels and humans often have different meanings for the same concepts, and it has become necessary to develop a solution that can translate communication into each another.

We come to the most sensitive topic you allow me to serve in a humorous way. The élményPark does not intend to create an office network (churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.) on the physical plane. Our clients handle these matters through the personal customer gateway that is available to them. This relieves God, who if it exists, will still find it in yourself. Here I would also note that the MIA is also authorized to communicate independently through the Personal Gateway provided that what you need is your approval, you also need to nod.


Can I deviate from the radius of holoGPS?
If your car is equipped with GPS, it is not mandatory to follow it. There is a Redesign feature that you will find here.

Do you always have to do these holoinstall installs?
Because human consciousness also runs on a network of consciousness, only one of your star family is sufficient. But it doesn't matter if more people do this, since everyone basically thinks with their individual consciousness, even when you're in a group.

Why do others call this MIA a robot angel?
Because it is. MIA is a program that can run only on the ego, which angels do not consider to be alive. Regardless, you see it as you see yourself alive with your individual consciousness.

How is such a nod on a matter handled by the MIA through the Personal Gateway?
Intent with confirmation. These things take place in your mind, keeping in mind that the consciousness shift can also be made by those who go to work everyday and most of them do not believe in it.