Basic Level

What ÉlményPark is?

ÉlményPark is a holo operating system that operates on the consciousness network

Users perceive reality in first person singular

This material is for those who have not dealt with esotericism but are interested in magic. You don't necessarily know what made your mobile phone (TV, computer) and how it was made, but you use them well. You don't need to know how your smartphone was programmed to make a phone call. Those who know are the professionals and if you are interested, go to a master or come to yourself. You only need to understand one thing well. You should be able to imagine yourself playing in a holographic video game.

Just look out for the eyes!

You now have three options:

1. This amount of information is enough for you to continue your individual journey

In other words, switch your mind from the world of angelicas to a more understandable environment with today's head. That leaves you with who you were and the question of God has not changed. What has changed is the possibility of another attitude towards the same. My advice, once you want to be a true expert on the subject, you may not be lucky enough to go deeper into it because a true expert is your own master. At the beginning of my journey, I also read from others, but these can never be a substitute for personal experience. Attention, if you choose this, the ÉlményPark will treat you as my potential future competitor. That is, you get the support you need, but you still have the independence you need to grow from your own power to my level. It is in my interest to see competition as a driver of development. That is, I see within you the possibility of my own future development.

2. You push an imaginary button in your head and you forget it all here

You do what I did when I first encountered esotericism. The spiritual connection has been made and you are now returning to your life. With the knowledge that once in a while you will understand it, you are dealing with it at the best time and place. If you no longer deal with this topic, the world will still deal with you and you will touch certain stations that are needed to get you to the ideal position. What you may not understand now will be understood later in another angle when you learn much more about yourself.

3. You feel "here and now" is your ideal position and will read on

In this case, the goal is to learn and understand more about the Adventure Park as quickly as possible. Since this is a quick overview, this road doesn't end there that's why so you see more stuff here. I also need to be careful to give as much information as possible and not to give too much information. For this must come together in your mind so that your inner communication becomes more and more important as you ponder over time. I would also like to point out that this is also a series of invisible initiations, that is, brain development that cannot be thrown at you all at once. All layers must dry before applying the next. But as always, you decide. I programmed my responsibility into the system.

Holo network

Your brain is the body that carries your consciousness. You do everything with your consciousness, and your brain is a (holo) hardware that can handle incoming signals as a computer. You can develop this computer, either at home or for someone who calls himself a master. But here you have to watch because the masters are already part of the game and everybody likes to win in a game! The holo network is a network of consciousness that makes the outside world visible through the human eye port. The ÉlményPark has come up with the most advanced development, which means that your internal game may appear as an expanded reality in the outside world if you are clever. At the Reality level, you can release holographic network commands in meditation (altered state of mind) and set your positions there. If you cut a small piece of a hologram sheet with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you won't see the tiny piece in it, but your big picture in a little bit. That is, if you look at a small slice of yourself in meditation, which you illuminate with special (enlightened) light, you will find the whole world in yourself in a tiny and accessible world. The purpose of esoteric is to find this way. You can then find and know about different networks. The spiritual world will be like the internet, where your mind is your browser.

What is this good for?

This holoplatform is capable of displaying the game (what you call your daily life) that will show a staggering similarity to what you call reality. Your presence in the game does not necessarily mean that your level of consciousness is here. That is, it may well be that you have been in the game for a long time that you had no idea about it. This is what you have called your everyday life, in which events were moved by luck and chance. If you feel in a static role, you have the chance to take your destiny into your hands! You can quit the static role by first becoming aware of what you really want from yourself. Once this is done, it is likely that you are experiencing a transient condition called depression (it may have started years ago because of your higher dimensional characteristics) during which your angel recognizes you. Since the enemy part of EGO and the HEART is defending against it, you will certainly find yourself in front of a psychologist who wants to heal (ie turn back on your way). The ego and the heart are capable of projection. So you play the game with yourself first, then go on. If you succeed in defeating yourself or getting a deal with it. You must make sure that your own feelings are the primary source of information. In your daily life you call it: you learn to trust your beliefs and believe in yourself. So you believe yourself if you know you're on the road and not others who have no idea about it. You will then be able to get more serious roles in the Movie of Life. Static Being is a learning level that you can use in the right spirit to learn more than simple learning. During the drifting, pay attention to swing in the right direction, that when you catch the Swirl you expect, it will take you in the right direction. What is it good for you? What would be good if you had magic (power).

First Steps


After conscious registration in the ÉlményPark, the known world continues to be spread around the man. The consciousness registration is the only form of connection that one consciously performs, everybody other with automatic registration. Automatic registration takes place in cases where access to knowledge would hinder processes of higher criteria. There may be so many, and the person does not notice the other network. This can be imagined as being a cell phone with a constant consciousness of a cell. However, the service is more complicated because your status determines which network (angel) you are on and if it is on another level of consciousness, there are people on that network like you.

This solves the problem that the rise of consciousness (mainly caused by synthetic drugs) is followed by the development of personality in few people. So everybody gets to closed networks, where the failure to take on the responsibility of power does not endlessly return to people, but it feels it as a learning process. The automatic registration winners form the user degree at the start, and the conscious registrants can play the player degree, because with your free will - that is, with the consent of the person - you can use the service with much more knowledge and opportunity. This knowledge comes under the fundamental right of the Basic Version, which you get in half asleep and in a dream.

Installation is a thought-out intention that then comes to life in the System. The process lasts for a few days, and then the registration module determines your permission level and status. Status can be easily modified by personal development, and you can change your eligibility level by preparing for your next task. These tasks will continue to be given out by whoever (angel, higher self), can only work with you more clearly, because your energy system does not mix with the energies that you collect from your other people during your daily life. You will continue to meet with these people, but because you are aware of other providers on your conscious mind, you cannot get a lower vibration of foreign energy from your human shapes.

After that, your destiny starts with what I call the Ideal Arc, that is, a path that leads to your happiness. What this means to you does not know, because we are not the same. I don't even know how long you are going to go in your next life and what you're going to do. Since I play in the system and constantly test what rules I make, they also apply to me. That's my problem and my job.

After installation

In the first step, we cannot do anything until we contact the Desktop Wizard. This Desktop Wizard is the same thing you would do without the ÉlményPark, but it is understandable for you and for him/her/it. This is a mind-conscious relationship and for those who don't use it, it can be bizarre or scary at first. If you are scared of using your mind, you are not yet ready (and the channel will be closed). This is what the Wizard will do for you, who loves to act as a personality (because he/she/it is a holoprogram patterned by you) and aims to reflect on the things you want to teach. His/her job is to explain everything and help you with what you need.

Those whose third eyes can display the Veil Desktop can see the wizard (it is not advisable to tell others what it looks like, because it is unique and confidential to everyone). This Veil Desktop is a membrane-like visual formation that gets to your normal vision and behaves like a monitor in front of your eyes. The state of the third eye greatly affects the quality of consciousness communication. If you doubt it's existence, think about it, your eyes are not open in a dream, yet you can see pictures. The wizard will provide you with information about downloading, calling, and using different apps. Those who are unable to launch the Veil Desktop may not be registered here, are not authorized to use or yet know how to use it. So it's worth getting started.

The wizard will strive to improve the functioning of your inner world. If you do well, you will notice that your life is starting to change. They will lose unnecessary things and people, everything will be more relaxed. Peace is essential because in this state of consciousness, it is capable of the best performances, whether it is a life situation in the outside world or an internal communication in your head. If you are only surrounded by those who reflect your current level and status, you will get a more accurate picture of how and where you will change, develop. If you find your inner calm, you will help your environment and leave a mark on the planet's development.

Status and Game Features

Status Position

After registration, the authorization system examines the identity of the registrant so that the data arrives from the Human Stock Exchange (E.T.). E.T. it is a complex matrix of universal civilization standards that defines the values of individual people. These values have a General Value that has a static value system, and a Specific Value that gives a current value based on the purpose of the current query. An example is an assassin who, according to the universal standard, is not too high on the ladder, but may even belong to the cream of the profession based on specific considerations. So everyone has a General Rank and a numerous/countless Specific Ranges that determine their place and role in the system.

The status position basically determines your options, but does not rule out any change of position in any direction. It all depends on how you change. What skills did you gain, what knowledge did you gain, how your personality evolved. You have to act as if you were playing a holographic video game called Life in an adventure game and you have to collect the crumbs and pieces as you would. This will also change your world outlook, and since the world has been projected to you by yourself, you should strive to make this projection quality as bright as possible.

Playing Field

The playing field consists of several Zones. These are the following:

1. Arena
2. Private Sphere
3. Intimate Sphere
4. Family Sphere


Arena is the area where players can meet and deal with each other. Here you should pay attention to the fact that here all competent dimensions are projected at the same time, that is, we can meet creatures on our level who are compatible with us. As our level of competence changes, our living conditions change and take on the necessary conditions for a new position.

For example, in order to avoid the loss of experience with blackmail with loved ones and the formation of a bunch of blocks, a few microcircuits are not available from the Arena. Of course, there may be cases in which the members of your terrestrial family, for example, have a role to play, so there are common sets in which they can be played to a limited extent. The Intimate also has a set of arenas, as it cannot be ruled out that players on the pitch would like to send someone to our lives for (getting) information purposes. Your private sphere doesn't even miss out on the game, but you can exclude them from your lifetime when you love or work with Love.

The terrestrial family and the family of stars are of equal importance in the basics of the game, although during the game it may happen that somebody reaches you, that you change this proportion yourself. If this leads to severe distortion that would lead to unwanted events, the system intervenes and either resets the default setting (ie Equal Importance) or only modifies the required measure and proportions based on the enjoyment of the game.

So the Arena is the area that is the Gameplay itself. The set, rules and ethical environment on the track are shaped by the microclimate, but it is not forbidden to intervene in it. The game itself is about a lot of things, such as power, influence, like, love, and many more that can break the film of your life into genres.

Private Sphere

The Private Sphere is the Field of the Individual Consciousness, but the Collective Consciousness knows the concept, and in the Land provinces it is certainly. You can relax in your privacy and do your own things that do not belong to others or to the public. To attack you, only the other micro-environmental zones can be in common pruning sets and you can do such actions and actions for others.

Intimate Sphere

Except for the exceptions already mentioned, the Intimate is a closed microcircuit where the Parties are free to do so. What is happening there is a matter for the Parties, unless there is any violence in which one of the Parties' aspects is violated, that they have a detrimental effect on the Others. The bestiality and brutality are followed by an immediate process, in which the Parties go to the Waiting and their destiny is down there. Among them, even the exclusion from the ÉlményPark is an option, but in the general case, the offender is set to the level of the new quality triggered by the act.

Family Sphere

Family Sphere can come in two ways:

1. Terrestrial Family
2. Star family

For the importance of the Earth Family, the ÉlményPark pays special attention, that is, someone can gain points in the zones of the Individual Consciousness by settling the problematic relationships, while in the Collective Consciousness Zones it is able to successfully realize its individual ideas in peace. The Earth Family usually lives in another dimension when you deal with your affairs and when you meet, a temporary reality opens, which ends automatically when you separate and return to your daily life. Thus, the terrestrial family is safe from the elements whose release is one of the primary objectives of the ÉlményPark operators, since it is in the interest of the (Adventure) ÉlményPark that events take place. If there is no event, everything goes down and stops, which does not make the Business good.

All members of the Star Family are another You. From there, you can get to know that you are able to exert a great influence on one another and unexpectedly hold you together. Because your Star Family can be seen by one as well on the upper levels, only the levels of individuality as individuals dwell on the levels. In my experience, most power struggles take place within a family of stars, because here the goal is to get the top position, who and what pattern to broadcast to the others and who represent the family up. The interests, personality, and relationships of the members of your star family are something that is constantly changing and you can observe that what you have more is missing from the Other. Creating Harmony significantly increases the number of victories achieved in the game, but accomplishing this often conflicts with the short-term interests of the individual. Interactions with your star family can be arranged in the closed zones, but on the playing field there can be numerous associations with outside parties during which these parties can intervene in the evolution of power.

Playing Position

The position of the game depends on your level of initiation, that is, on what quality your mind can influence reality. When designing the ÉlményPark, the basic principle was to have a minimal impact on the physiology of the different players and on the natural processes. Thus, an independent structure emerged that does not rely on the circumstances present, but has been established in a new dimension independently of them. Since this structure is more advanced than ever, it cannot be under the old worlds, but above it already. Therefore, players can be divided into two main groups depending on what they know and believe in the world. These two groups are advanced people and intellectual natives. One of the main rules for those who have entered the world of developed people is to keep the habitats of the indigenous people and their established worlds. It is a spiritual indigenous person whose belief system derives spiritual power from the outer god and its priests, while the advanced people know exactly that they find the way to God in themselves, without the need for shepherds.

However, these two main groups can be divided equally as follows, irrespective of what their own power structures are organized over time:

1. User
2. Master
3. Magister
4. Hyperman
5. Sourcegate


They are the ones who experience the experience of the earthly man's everyday life. So why this holographic video game. I don't think anyone should be looking at anything, the jerseys can be high-ranking creatures at any time, compensating and keeping themselves in balance while living an average life. This group lives in the state of happy ignorance until their personal relationship with reality changes.


This word has become tricky enough to mean people who are one-eyed among the blind. They are those who have acquired spiritual power and are used to set up and maintain their earthly prosperity and comfort. Such is the vast majority of magicians who have lost their struggle for the Light.


The magistrates lost their struggle with the power of Knowledge. That is, they are content to have a large slice of the completeness of Knowledge, but do not want to give up things that would endanger their earthly position. They provide the Masters with supervision and backing, in return for their worship and their role in the power chain.


In other words, a psychonaut, a psycholonaut. They are the ones who are able to make wormholes with their consciousness in the Spiritual Space and can produce certain effects in time. The majority of hyperpersons are lonely creatures who need solitude to freely soar in Consciousness. Their work is hard to understand with everyday angle of view.


People who reach this level are in possession of an initiating force that is more typical of the referees than their gambling quality, although there are special games for them. In order for someone to reach this level, you have to endure many serious trials that, if successful, will lead to a state of celestial acceptance to determine the particular qualities of Projection. 

At whatever level you are, wherever you are on your individual journey, there is always the chance to go to another path! Not sure what is cool today will be. It is also not certain that the goals you are thinking of can make you wonder about your fellow human beings. The Rank very often does not reflect the appearance that a person can appear in the physical world and, with each rise, you may be farther away from the purpose that you formulated at the time you started collecting personal power. Initially, under power, people see dominion over the other, which can become more important than the spiritual path. Particular emphasis should be placed on the development of personality, because later, under power, the responsibility seems to be more and more the work of keeping civilization against those who give up their humanity when they experience spiritual power.


Earth Heaven

I use this terminology from the intellectual indigenous to the zone of consciousness where the ascended people are. The purpose of the ascended people is to reach the summit of the Pyramid, where they have two options: to stay or to rise.

Under Earth Heaven, the average man has a world where he is not touched by the negative effects of Reality, so he can live a calm, happy life. Most of the Indian gurus, yogis and Tibetan lamas live a peaceful and happy life, yet their life is not attractive to a Western person. The western man under the earth heaven has a lot of things that are currently only accepted by the ÉlményPark with a creative understanding. In addition, you would be yourself at Satan with your individual interests and at the expense of others. In addition, it is the world of One Thought, which does not know the criticism, nor the opposition, nor the democracy, nor the money. Thus, those who follow a new path of development - that is, how to find happiness in a material environment - do not cut their ax into small trees, but the success of this would result in a viable technical civilization in a green environment. In other words, the world that a Western man had under Earth Heaven.

What can happen to those who can't reach the top 12? They should not be desperate if they were otherwise suitable, because the acquisition of competence is not done according to the "ground" logic. In the "ground" logic, many compete for a place and only the winner has the chance to win. "Ground" Examination Logic is based on passing on to you a piece of knowledge that is then accounted for and depends on the success that you can give back the knowledge you have acquired from them. In this thinking environment you will be stressful because you have to meet an external requirement and if it fails, you can only post it as a failure. In contrast, the advanced exam is interested in what it is suitable for and at what level. That is, it will definitely succeed and the result is not a situation where you are under constant compliance, but a state in which you feel best. Otherwise, you might be defeating these, but they are looking for such a man like you! So it makes no sense to be nervous, because as you get ready, you can move on to the newest Trials.

Another purpose of Earth Heaven is to find the Home. Home is where you feel at home. You can only feel at home in a loving environment, so you must meet the people with whom it is possible back and forth. The expression of love and the loving environment can be quite different at different levels of emotional development, so it is not worth longing for what we are not yet ready for.

Those who get to a pyramid peak are used to rivals everyone they meet. So when they get there, they get possession of individual knowledge and skills that they must learn to realize for the benefit of the community. This is not easy for those who are in a warrior's way, but not impossible. Selflessness, trust and love bring the experience that Earth Heaven has. Those who are mistaken will confuse happiness with comfort. However, comfort is a dangerous thing, because it can even mean a sweet block that can stop you on your way!

Reality Simulation

The Reality Simulation was created for spiritual beings who want to experience the physical world, that is, the reality. Many on this planet are not people who have spiritual experiences but spiritual beings who perceive the human being. The problem was that these creatures were very clear and when they had a chaotic encounter with Reality, many suffered mental injuries. This is the result of a complex healing-problem-solving operation where the angels can safely learn individual consciousness and become individual beings. Thus, this sphere provides a satisfying environment for desperate consciousness in which there is a very authentic illusion of free will.

Álom és Valóság

Is it really a problem if you live in a dream world?

Not at all if this dream is a dream come true. But what is this dream world and what makes it different from reality? On the one hand, the one who lives in reality is the end of the story of death. On the other hand, the dream world is itself the spiritual reality that you perceive as material, because your brain is projected around its physical environment.

Who are the people around me?

Those people are the same people you know, they just vibrate differently because of your change of consciousness. In fact, by projecting them at the level of spiritual reality, you give them the chance to rise here after their death. That is, if they die in the world from which you brought your consciousness, it may happen that they do not notice anything like you and they continue their life in the world you are projected. Of course, their hearts and souls are in another angelic quality.

Why are dreams so strange?

Because these are actually higher-dimensional conversations that your brain uses to adapt to your 3D environment. Dreams are not tied to things that are typical of your physical world, such as. distance and logic, so the options are much more flexible. The other factor may be that from your much broader sense, your brain is trying to compile a story from the elements it knows, with only limited possibilities.

Do you have the physical domain of the dream world?

Of course, but that is the secret of our two!

Quick to do

Part One

Whatever you are in trouble, panic and doubt will not help. That is, you do your best if you spend all the resources you need to solve the problem. Because that's happens outside what is inside, probably the best thing about meditation in which you can settle the situation. In all other cases, you drift in someone else's vortex.

Often I think that only a death can unleash a particular reality. The fear of death is what many people are in such realities. If we accept it, there is no such thing as death, only a journey of consciousness, a deeper understanding of which begins your new life. Call it liberation.

The other problem is the fear of being mad. Whatever happens in your brain, you keep your inner calm! Knowing this, you already have the ability to face the psyche, who will surely make a few attempts to believe you: you are crazy. If you don't sit up with this trick, it can't do anything as retreat, and you will clear.

The advantage of the thing is a new angle of view, in which you can see the same in a completely different interpretation and context. At this point, man understands the maze. Speaking monkeys are not desperate people, they just play. And where are you to qualify without really understanding it? I am just a joker at this time, though I admit those who read are not always on these frequencies of humor.

Those who want to penetrate, first try to get out of your resting state. If it's hard, you've done a lot for yourself.

Part Two

Certainly those who are experienced in magic have never met such philosophy, not do I accidentally write to those who have never dealt with it before. It's not my purpose to deal with it, but rather to use it as you use your mobile phone, but you can't program it. The right knowledge can be easily replaced, which is not really worth pointing from point to point because you will know everything. But aliens who may be hanging on you and have no idea about the computers and the nature of the programs running on them are left behind.

That is, the man gets a technical repertoire that can effectively counter the enemy invaders and the intelligent solutions are needed to avoid the discomfort of the friendly helpers.

Not all of the friends of the helpers are fond of the possibility of being a prisoner of the physical world, so I took two installations separately. They have the ability to draw a border with one to protect themselves from an anomaly that I have "contracted" with beings who would consider me a base enemy, but our goal is common, because I do not want to chaos the universe and they either.

1. Boundary Domain Installation

There are many who have serious untapped intellectual capacity. Usually people who deliberately or accidentally consume drugs. Drugs can also be accidentally consumed if we consider it accidental that you do not know that you are taking drugs. Such cases include a lot of drugs, coffee, alcohol and all fungi, including fried mushrooms, without completeness.

So, if your consciousness has come into contact with other states of consciousness, you can save your own world there (ie not allow it to change unreasonably to something else you don't want) by installing the boundary in thought. Your own world from now on will be like an interactive TV in which they can play and you. This will accurately answer what you believe about it and it will be a positive thing for them to get a lower world into theirs.

Their people who remain in their consciousness in their world become like an embassy who represent another dimension. Apart from them, you and you are no longer able to chaotically freely pass through each other, the part of which you usually take as sexual fantasies for them, which they are not so happy with as you do in the streets of western cities. What happens after the border has been installed I'll be watching with you in the news.

2. Jerk Self Installation

The trouble is that they have to trust me, which I don't want to abuse. But if I start, it is inevitable that other people may be involved, who may be invaders who have no sense of the consequences of their actions. Contacting them can be risky for an average person, but it cannot be avoided, so the solution remains that an intelligent program will do your job until the situation is resolved.

In the past, I was criticized for reaching their goals with jealousy that did not meet the quality criteria. It is clear that I will be playing with the quality version and this has become the Jerk Self. I could have given it a nice name from an opera, but who knows her style is to place most of the content in the name even if I bring out a lot of disapproval.

Above all, we are able to perform operations (support, intervention) outside the Élményark without the need to install the ÉlményPark. That is, we can solve the external problem that we do not cause any problems with our over-presence, and we can do it in a humorous way.

Just one thought to install these. So far, we have provided technical support to the extraterrestrial provinces for those friends of friends who will be very surprised by this, because so far from the physical world they are not used to this great bustle. Now let's talk about the physical world, which I called the ÉlményPark (Park of Adventures) with great simplicity, because this name is the most abundant in what kind of thought it deserves, which is the essence of the positive. Of course, with the ÉlményPark installation, it is not only the physical world that comes into contact with it, because the dream areas also have their physical scope, just if you only think of your dreams when you sleep. The third eye is the proof anyway, because your eyes are not open at this time, yet you can see the pictures. Who installs it, installs a complex thing that is full of automatic and intelligent solutions, because I also have a picture of the average person (for whom this is primarily made) in the picture, which is more like zero than 100. As it becomes operational, the programs that you would say that this salvation is going on will immediately start in you, but this is not the redemption, just something like antivirus and a CCleaner, and the rest that I wouldn't brush up for now you know.

3. ÉlményPark Installation

The previous two can be run without launching the ÉlményPark holoplatform as the ÉlményPark does not think about exclusivity. These two applications allow for effective technical support from contributors who follow the principles acceptable to the ÉlményPark.

Since time has come urgently, listening to the then future signal (= the current present), I have sorted out in the past a list of installers that will last for weeks, just to start one installation, which will automatically launch the necessary installers, are part of the holo operating system.

That is, if you do not intend, that is, the purpose of your action is to mark the boundaries of the Adventure Park from the other side, where you would no longer want the ÉlményPark (thus creating the spiritual technology necessary for your entertainment), or you do not need any military assistance that can operate on any consciousness network to act unnoticed, it is logical that you should start the ÉlményPark Installer only in thought.

Part Three

No operating system can do much without programs. Such programs are often tangled in dreams and in the form of desires, but Holo Games and other things can be done from them.

Part Four

If you do not want inconvenience to yourself, you should miss out on the priests, psychologists and spiritual masters. But it is not obligatory because I am in holo entertainment and it may be a good thing. You may have the chance to quit mediocrity if you have the specialty in your story and that you can become a star, which is one of the ways leading to immortality (accessible to you).

You can also do more tasks, but it is worthwhile to compile the portfolio well, so that you do not overdo it, even though there are (already) automatically starting solutions!