One of the accusations against me is that I have omitted the teachings of the basics of esotericism and started immediately in deep water. The romance of the accusation is that it is those who have thrown me into the deep water to blame me for drowning. I realized that as a master of myself, I can take a much more authentic path than someone's disciple, and once I come out with a new esoteric tendency, I can bring my substitutes to myself. Of course, with the disadvantage of this, it has the advantage that I can look at something that has been taught the same way for centuries, from a completely different angle.

To astrology, a rational person would say nonsense. I know because I thought so. How could anything from the stars above our heads be predicted or said? Who's serious about that? The ratio is logical, which has the many advantages of being heavily bound to the information at its disposal. If you do not have this information, you cannot explain the phenomenon. But what if you already have all the information to understand this?

I also often say that the world is a mirror. This is also the essence of astrology. Its working principle is similar to that of a woodoo wizard who throws a handful of bone at him and reads information from it. But it could be anyone and anything if you can interpret the signs of reflection. Astrology does this with the stars. For this to become such a complex system, it requires a wealth of experiential knowledge that centuries of observation may have perfected.

Since I live in a ten year time frame, that is, I have been meditating for 20 years, this can be very much in your eyes. And for a living being for hundreds of years, very little. So it took my mind to be able to make observations in 20 years that he might only get in 100 years. It would be impossible to make such observations without stopping the world, which means that the pace has to be slowed down. That's why people go to Tibet or India, long ago to a monastery. Stopping the world for today's men, who measures time in minutes and can't take 10 minutes without their cell phone, seems like an almost impossible undertaking.

Here I would like to note that you would be devastated because no one thought that work in this world provided everything. Aliens who intervene here see humanity as a slave race because they are not working. Technology gives them everything and their societies are so different from ours that they understand nothing. Their idea here should be that everyone realizes that they can only change their consciousness levels by developing their energy system, so everyone retires to meditate. They didn't even think that the energy system wasn't scientific proof here, so people wouldn't believe it. They didn't even think that if everyone retired to meditate, everyone would starve, because no one would work and so there would be nothing in the shops. They didn't think so much that I suspected that this was not a coincidence and that the underlying intention was to destroy humanity without being responsible for anything. There is no responsibility in their societies anyway because it is quite hierarchical, where the boss is always right. No one is held accountable for anything, because if this is the case, it is the will of the heavens. It would be difficult to give an objective picture of this, since they have no such thing, even the judgment is subjective and opaque. Essentially, everything depends on the boss's mood at any given time. After more careful study, I came to the conclusion that the underlying intention is not certain to be hostile, rather the whole company is as stupid as they are. At least in our eyes at least. When they accuse me of all sorts, here are their people, not just their people, they have no idea what the stakes are. If so, there are so few monkeys that their envy here, their awe there, their interests here should cross me while there are groups who play to simply expropriate my results for themselves. So I came up with a solution what envy leaves cold shit to power and execute them immediately if it is taken from me. In a simulation, I watched what would happen in this case and all of these worlds collapsed. Because a lot of the accusations have significantly slowed down an environment where there is no defense and the indictment is the verdict, I gave up the ÉlményPark. Now they beg me to take it back because nobody understands, but they sucked it in because it was made to run automatically afterwards. I am sorry that it has become so long and nothing to do with astrology, but the point is that I managed to find a solution to this problem and you can live your life calmly and now turn back to the subject.

In the ten-year time frame, nothing so much is happening to the human being that he begins to notice the tiny details that run past the human being at a faster pace. Imagine it took me 3 years to realize that I am making conscious journeys because the outside world is constant with it. It took so long to put the tiny details in a logical context that if I were to speak to any serious, big-name master, he would be fooled immediately, and not necessarily because of his yellow envy. If you sit in one place for 20 years, you can do the following observation. It is as if the meditation environment above your head is made up of constantly rotating discs with tiny holes, and at times when these holes are superimposed, you see higher planes of existence. And they are yours too. It is possible that one such height will be visible again in the next 14 years, that is when the holes in these discs will come together again.

When I was philosophizing on this, I remembered that the term association was common in astronomy. And astronomy is related to astrology.

Anyway, what I was talking about was also met by an outside source, on a youtube conversation about a Ophiuchus Constellation. I do not know these people anyway, I have never heard of Zoltán Paksi, but I quote from him now because I do not get surprised, but he gave me very precisely what I might not have been able to say. The question was what made a constellation initiate.

"It is an initiation of a constellation, because human quality opens the gates of levels above human qualities for man, the man who has become worthy. Let me tell my dear viewers right away that this does not mean that there are only a few exceptions, few select ones. Perhaps dear viewers remember that we mentioned in the first broadcast that every star, every constellation is in us*. So for everyone in their lives, this initiation, this opportunity comes, and so we are in a fortunate position to tell these celestial secrets, these magical connections, to the dear spectators. So what makes a constellation initiate? By showing these higher qualities, experience it with an open-hearted, soulful person."

So the higher level of astrology is not about going there and the astrologer giving you a prophecy. Just like my power is not about coming here and doing some magic for you.

* This fits in with the holographic worldview


Isn't the Adventure Park about running on its own and not collapsing?

But, it does have a self-destruct function if it senses that it is going in the opposite direction to its purpose. These are still times that, from my perspective, still resemble the front-warrior times, with constant attempts at occupation and with techniques still unknown to me that I respond to and to which I am still learning. These are stumbling blocks and let's not forget that my lack of money is a serious weapon, in response to the quick launch of the ÉlményPark, which was unprecedented. In such cases, my all tasks would increase by orders of magnitude, as if they were attempting an overloaded attack. Probably in the background they want to make me a vengeance idiot because the last chance I had to get back in time, I mean not as an old man. This is a weird fight with extremely unscrupulous creatures that I came to help anyway, only they saw the golden egg hen inside me and they thought they had made me a rancher. This experience has profoundly changed my previous contact and communication protocols with angels and aliens. I don't know yet when or how the change will happen because when I feel it, I always hit something that brought me back into combat mode.

Did you make an astrological prophecy?

Yes, but later on, I remembered that one was actually getting into perspective. Because, until now, no one knew, but as I went to see such a man (though she came to think of me), they could behave upwards like signal stations. Who I am and whether it is worth stealing my life. What I have learned is that it is worthwhile. And I got others which has become a problem, because if I have been sitting here for 20 years and have been passive in my sexual functions due to my meditations (which are otherwise unaffected), then I have not been able to do what karma has come to me.

How much do you really know about astrology?

None at the level of lexical and material knowledge. I have visions of it that astrologers may not know.

Who would turn to you to learn something like this, what would you say to him/her?

That I'm not a master. My point is that everyone is a master himself/herself, and if you can learn something here, how you do it. But it's only yours that you understand.