I would like to point out that these extra lessons are not about chanting what everyone expects or want to hear, but about my experiences that I would tell you if you asked. I'm writing these so that I don't have to tell everyone a hundred times later, just give this link. These experiences are good for giving you guidance on your own path, which can save you years without having to go through them. But you decide.

My system of context is not a logic of law established by an ordinary mind, but a logical documentation of conjectures. This is information about levels of consciousness that most people have not yet come across, and the relationships are set up by a mind that everyone would rather ignore. One reason is envy, and another is a trait of the human mind that reacts with panic to anything that is different from the way he learned it. But now there are those written by a man who has never seen a priest in close quarters and studied the Bible only in elementary school in 2 hours.

Let's start there by not being baptized, that is, by avoiding the infant initiation I call spiritual pedophilia. Before I went deeper into this, I didn't know much about angels and the angels you know a lot about, I barely know anything. When I told a sheet of paper from an esoteric group about the first Lord's Prayer of my life, or more precisely, a few different versions of it, energy points opened around me and gave me a quality of energy that cannot be reproduced in words. I didn't become religious because if the world was a holographic video game, I would do just that. I would install gates with verbal codes, though my version is much more modern.

Going in chronological order, then came the angel cards, which had two thoughts. One was that if a man is under the angel, like an evocative deity, it is the angel who will execute your instructions, which for many witches can be a great nail polish. Another is that these angels and archangels behave exactly like programs as a result of the cards. Here is a brief example of the methodology I went through. I got into a tricky situation, in other words, an endless routine, and I was wondering if they were getting tired on the other side, because if not, they were definitely programs. At the age of thirteen thousand, they was bored, that is, with thoughtful intelligence on the other side.

From the beginning, what the priests were saying about this was pure bullshit. But I couldn't get away from having some fun at a modern church worship on TV, which I watched regularly. Unlike those present, I was really cheerful, but once something happened. The guy said that there was somebody who was apparently skeptical about the audience and told things about my meditation last night. At least from what he said, I recognized it. This may be due to the fact that the world has many forms of understanding and you may hear two completely different stories about the same spiritual experience in two completely different interpretations. A brief example. If, to you, someone is talking about descending angels, it takes some reason for you to notice the same story in my admin-level comment of shift in consciousness.

You can meet real angels, enough for a newborn baby, or if you go to a mental institution, there are many of them. You must know about my mind that I can bring my consciousness from anywhere. Once I went to the border of frenzy and met them there. If they are true angels, then who are they here? But the answer to this question only came later when I found them from above when I came back. But I would return to the fact that it has turned out to me about true angels that they have no idea of ​​our existence, or more precisely what a newborn or a mental institution resident understands. For them, this world is like the concept of heaven for us to believe that it exists, but we consider it stupid to believe in it seriously. In practice, I couldn't even communicate with them. So different a world that even my famous techniques could not be interpreted there because the environment was not stable to it. Because one of my main goals was to set boundaries, I selected them and then pulled back immediately. The phenomenon looked pretty much like we looked at each other and had the opportunity to see ourselves from the perspective of the other. I perceived him as a kind of light strip, and he regarded me as something LSD could evoke, verbatim to look like a constantly changing mosaic floor. Maybe I'll go back there once if I had enough time, mood and capacity, then and there it wasn't my job.

Anyway, it's hard to talk about this to an audience who does everything from above up to "this is god" and everyone is an angel who just goes there. It is possible that these aliens were angels too, so that they did not begin to explain it to people who needed to be explained before much else. Then there's the fact that you wouldn't protest if the locals were treated as angels on a foreign continent if you could get away with a lot of potential problems. So that's why I'm not angry with them, and I'm not done with the bonfire here if I talk about it.


If you are not religious, what are you?
God seeker. At least that's what they came up with when they realized that an atheist had reached the divine level. Although this is not accurate because I have a scientific eye for esotericism. This means that there is no evidence that God exists, but there is no evidence that it does not exist. If I'm looking for God, they can't kill me, and it's just icing on the cake that they started to care about what I'm getting at. But here I cannot say that I am a God seeker, instead I say in a synonym that I am a death seeker. Because the two are one and the same.

Then why do you call yourself God?
My consciousness has reached the 42nd dimension. The ezos say you find God in yourself. And you that to take on myself.

If these are serious things, why are you kidding?
That's why. If it was fun, I'd take it very seriously.

The angels we know as winged creatures exist?
If you believe that, they will surely exist, because you can create with your faith. Because if the world is a holographic video game, there are probably a lot of features you don't know about. What you see on this site is just a tiny slice of the whole thing and its purpose is not to spread brains but to teach you how to think and how it is worth.