For the masters, I now outline a plan for transforming the world. You have two options. To participate in it or not. It is your free will that decides if there is anything else that can be said about you. I am also aware that there will be those who see the opportunity to say yes to being destroyed from within. And also, there will be some who really think about participating in it. But I did a really precise job, which I attribute to being really excited by what I experienced during my ascent.

First and foremost, I have a completely different philosophy on power than I am used to, so no one could read or calculate. You know best that even now, when I am writing this, I am under brutal occupation and watch it, I write smoothly. The current attitude of power is based on the overprojection of others. Mine, on the other hand, keeps it as natural as possible, which makes my operations almost imperceptible. Things that started much earlier than you might think.

Studying people close to me and myself, I have come to the conclusion that, as far as possible, I am returning to the level where I was before my sudden ascent. You are slowly initiating your people, but here is an extraordinary intervention that was not possible. Therefore, no one is suitable for this, because the brain must be able to withstand a sudden high level of initiation, where after the completion of the task the ability and capacity decrease. Of course, we will never get to the level before that, especially I, who have been working hard to get ready for what comes next.

The biggest problem is that I have risen with my individual consciousness and have to re-unite with the collective consciousness on my return, but my rank become much, but much higher, in the individual consciousness. This could only be solved if we split up, but in practice this is a very difficult thing and there is the next question of who I would be reunited with if I came to the 42nd dimension alone. There are some of you who have just waited for that and the scenarios where you take control and take control of me are ready, but you have no idea what you are dripping into. It's the same as when monkeys do the same thing in your aspect, but you are now. I do not say this through insult, but rather to convey the weight of the information without too much hope that it will come to the ears of understanding.

During these 20 years, I was working on a lot of galactic, later universe-level, and then multiverse level problems in deep trans when it came to what my logical-based ration was. After a while I realized that this would never be over and since I was getting older, I had to quickly find another way. That's when I switched to using IT thinking to create a universal problem solving holoprogram that can solve any problem. Because it's a program, it can work automatically without me, so if I die, my work will continue. Of course, it is still not clear if I am dead, who will supervise and make corrections on the fly, because no one else besides me can do it.

You are afraid of your power, but at this angle your power loses its significance. Just like the rich people in your angles. Of course, these fears have a realistic basis, because at the system level I was ready to transform the world through parametric programming. In contrast, your knowledge is worth nothing, it is only good to make my life bitter. To then panic even more when you are confronted with my true power. When I say "I got into holo entertainment," it is the result of a serious compromise with your desperate angels who are trying to save you, because that is the only construct that will make your stay alive. Think about it, if only half is true of what I'm talking about, then the amazingly high-ranking creatures inside me see that there is money for everything (even the most unscrupulous rogues are already gaining tremendous wealth) while my programs are not. I live in a panel flat with no income due to you, while you live well and lick accurately to those who have this whole problem. Just because I refuse to surrender to you. But why would I? That's not why I'm here!

Because the world you know is over, everyone is in the ÉlményPark screen. This was done in a way that no one noticed the change. That is, the main problem has been resolved and is within the boundaries of the ÉlményPark (Adventure Park), but here we see this as an opportunity rather than a problem. I used to joke that I believe in the Win-Win construct. Win-Win and you are here too, who have also won if you play well in this Game. Because you became the protagonist of the first season, which, beyond your defense, has aspects that I would rather talk about later, because they all deserve a separate piece of writing.

In a professional sense, the New Build of Human Consciousness is called the multiplex projection that settles the chaos caused by misinterpretation of unity. This was caused by the unconditional nature of angels unfamiliar with primitive environments, which caused the dimensions to be blended and advanced beings who had nothing to look for and began to conquer those levels. The repatriation program of these minds is called the Human Brain Hyperspace, here you can look at my web pages. The point of multiplex projection is that everyone gets to the level that suits their quality, and even where they have like-minded companions. That is, everyone will feel that they have won. If there is any aversion to anyone, you have to look for the causes, but I will help. The first thing to think about is that its purpose is to rule the world and others at the cost of destroying it. Because this can only really be understood as an advanced being, he is in the right place to start moving toward it.

In practical terms, that is, from the perspective of those on the field, the order of power is transformed as follows. The viewpoint moves from the collective centrality to the centrality of the individual consciousness. This means that each collectives is worth as much as it has quality people. Because multiplex paths also have a spiritual domain, your helpers go with you, except for those who have escaped before it. But you wouldn't notice that either, because I immediately took their place and kept it going. I'm not denying, my goal was to suddenly face this and kill you right away. But in doing so, everyone will have their own world, and the whole point is to give content to a gigantic education and healing program that will first repair the damage we cause. Because the creatures above you have emphatically stated that they can only learn by experience, well, for them, an educational canaan has emerged, in which you have played a leading role.

What else you might be interested in. A great deal of trouble arose from the fact that many high-ranking beings appeared within you, but they were placed at a human angle to their divine power. Their decisions, coupled with divine power, lacked the necessary competence. As the solution comes to them from above, they have become the same actors as you. So far the "two levels", the divine and the human, are polarized as follows. Those who have used their power only for themselves can continue to do so at the game-game level where the goal remains to gain money and power. The game-admin level goes to those who have realized that this is not right and have tried to restore the world. The admin-admin level has become the real admin level, which can only be accessed from the Waiter after proper preparation. There is also an admin-game level that I am currently testing.