Where is the point before which man is not yet master, but after that? What does it mean to be a master? What makes someone a master and what is this title entitled to? When you become a master, what do you do for what and for what purpose and within your organization? What knowledge do your students gain and where can they use it? In what form does a student have the opportunity to grow beyond his master in knowledge and what support does he receive? There are a number of questions that challenge the master's institution.

I've been dealing with this 24 hours a day for 20 years without interruption, because when I'm asleep, the show goes into my dream. As a man, I pee while sitting on the toilet so that my hands can still work on the holographic console. Although these programming have been dropped lately, I still wouldn't dare to say that I would be a master. From time to time, people around me appeared who others surely saw as my disciples, but I was only willing to work with such people in the spirit of equality, which lasted as long as the spirit of equality. If they asked, I answered them, but basically I did my job and they could watch what I was doing. I showed them everything, but only what they understood was theirs. Things always went wrong when I felt the masters on them. Because it was only the spirit of equality that lasted me and the one who eventually became superior was not me.

My individual consciousness increased to the 42nd dimension, where I began my ascension return. In my own 3D timeline, the process took about 20 years back and forth, apart from the temporal implications of certain processes. I created my working environment in the 26th dimension in a 3D simulation, which was necessary because I had more and more problems with the masters who saw only the golden egg hen in me, who could be stolen for initiation and energy. The word "master" must have meant something in the past, but today the concept has been tricked down to such a level that I don't really know who or what I mean.

If I had to define it, I'd say that it was a talented person in his abilities and personality. The former does not need anything but an initiator, while the latter takes a lot of time and self-employment. I am not suggesting that such people do not exist in large numbers, but in this commercialized and full of helpers world, everyone focuses on the first part of the definition and under the title "Master" is content only with the domination of others. I'd rather call them "warrior", but the warrior clashes with other warriors. Whoever uses his skills against those who have no weapons in their hands is not a warrior but a gangster. It is no accident that I call what I see to be a world dominated by spiritual mafia where these abilities can be used freely, because consensual reality demands proof of everything but the Dream World refuses it. To put it humorously, I would call wild socialism the rise into the collective zones of consciousness which in theory would have to be managed by masters who were instead served up to all kinds of interest groups.

That I dare to write them down points to one of the most important things, the question of courage which these masters, in my experience, greatly lack. That I was alive yesterday, that I am alive today and that I am alive tomorrow points to another thing that I might call preparedness that few in the field have. Because I don't have any of this wealth, it points to a third thing, which besides its many disadvantages has the great benefit of being a spiritual struggle that I have nothing to lose. The fact that I have renounced the greatest power that man has ever created implies that I have transcended the world of titles and attained the world of ranks, although understanding this goes far beyond the level of ordinary masters.

Let's see who we can call an ordinary master. First thing I would look at is the time scale of his life. For me, adapting to human life, a ten-year-old is considered to be serious, but he can no longer be called an ordinary master. Thus, at the level of ordinary masters who live in the outside world and who are mastering the spiritual power over others in exchange for their surrender, the yearly time scale can be considered the cream of the profession. The outside world is full of things where time = money and whoever determines its presence in the importance of the outside world is already too slow for them. In the world of jamming, people are living on a minute scale that a master serving them needs to adjust to.

If I were to fight such a magician without being prepared, it would look like such things have looked so far. They win the battles and I win the war. If you are going through many of these battles, your experience will bring you preparedness even in a short-term environment, but for me, the professional is only interested in the "moment". I don't even think of myself as a master, because a master knows everything and that is not the case with me. At that time I was thrown into the deep water, which I did not drown because I quickly learned to swim in it. Professionally, the secret is that you should not be afraid of anything at all. In these past 20 years I have accumulated unmatched knowledge. Knowledge that I would have to teach to the greatest masters of the world for years, even though I don't know the difference between the big arkanum and the small one. I do not know the basics of esotericism either, because no one taught me. Although they tried, an inside voice suggested to me that this was bullshit. If somebody were to try to make up for this gap, it would make me feel like I had to learn punch card programming in the PC world.

What you see on this website is an experiment I have done so far. I seem to be trying this for the first time, because as I bring my mind back, I will become more and more clear. I mean, for the ordinary masters. In fact, I get out of these people's ass out of trouble, and I look like an enemy because, from an animal's point of view, a veterinarian also seems to be. Unfortunately, it is difficult to access because of hooves.

I promise nothing more than what I will do. This is not a feeding on my part, but a job that I like to pick my colleagues. That's why it's so hard to make anyone here a friend, girlfriend, wife. They don't fit me, but you then you should live with them! Poor helpers over your head still think that if I like to fuck a woman, they can get ready for the wedding. Because you are uncritically devoted to beings compared to even a desert tuareg expert in America, my rigid resistance does not damage your business but saves our world.