This is the first material that differs from the Hungarian version as there are many different things for people living in the English language area. The reason for this may be that esoteric-mystical things that suddenly opened up after the change of regime were banned for a long time. Although it can be dealt with freely, there is no institutional system like in the West. In the West, if you want to do something like this, there are basically three ways to go about it. The first is the secret societies that are based on Freemasonry. The second is membership in a church founded by a popular guru. The third is development alone, for which the environment below and above is much more understandable than here.

I've already met a Masonic-based secret company in Hungary, so I've seen something like that. In addition to the oddity that Freemasonry developed in the Middle Ages, it was brought here from the Roman era. Freemasonry may not be known, but its professional basis is Islamic magic. For the knights fighting in the Holy Land met it there for the first time. When they came home, everything they learned was packed in a Christian robe. It would be very strange for a Hungarian man to start dealing with this in the Western Masonic direction, since Hungarians have a much more ancient world. There were several attempts by the Muslims to abolish the West several times during the Middle Ages, which practically became stuck in Hungary. It was that the strongest and most modern army of that time had been stopped by a handful of people (ringing at noon to commemorate it) that would not have been possible without a strong and independent magic background. Of the modern churches run by popular gurus, only one has really been able to rise here, its leader has good relations with the current government, and he also has a TV show basically worshiping Israel. Anyone can be a member, many intellectuals are, but basically Hungarians leave this kind of sectarian atmosphere cold. There are rather silent esoteric groups here whose membership is much looser. Such is not very much the case in the West and what I have to say is basically for them. It is somewhere halfway between individual development and community life, which has its positive and negative aspects.

Few people know that the Hungarian language exists in the galaxy, where it is considered one of the indigenous languages ​​and is called the Turul language. And in the time of the last global civilization, it was here on Earth like English today. That is, many people spoke. For anyone who wants to look after this, I recommend the research of János Móricz, a man who emigrated to South America who heard that Hungarian workers were able to speak Hungarian with local Indian workers during the construction of the Panama Canal. He then began extensive research on the subject and came to the conclusion that the Native American language exterminated before the Spanish conquest was Hungarian. But there are surprises for us in North America, too, here I can recommend Dr. Péter Simon, who realized this when the Indian housekeeper found out she understood what they were talking about with his wife in Hungarian. The languages ​​of the Dakota, Oglala and Lakota Indians certainly come from the same language as today's Hungarian. But I also found other interesting things. It turned out that one of Edda's ancient Scandinavian epic songs was identical to a Hungarian folk song.

It is therefore understandable why today's Anglo-Saxon globalization is hostile and, in practice, financially oppressive towards Hungarians. Especially in the light of the existence of an ancient Hungarian "history book" questioned by many, which describes the history of the planet 6000 years ago. In this Arvisura, a completely different story unfolds about Jesus, who we find out was not Jewish. Today's Christian faith is based on a Jewish interpretation, and if the truths of the past were to be revealed, those who owe Attila anyway could shake the Vatican itself. Gyula Tóth's research reveals that early differing time systems created a fictitious period of about 300 years. The Hungarians returned to the Carpathian Basin at this time, but the schools still teach Hungarian history, invented in the Habsburg era. In the previous global civilization, the land was not privately owned, so the peoples were wandering around, and when state borders began to emerge, it was imperative to return to the true Holy Land, known today as Hungary.

My writing for Hungarians is completely different from the English version because you wouldn't understand much about it. Although the two materials seem to be completely different, they are still consistent with each other when we look at their future synchronization. For here and there, everyone is full of misunderstandings. Below, they can only start from what they have learned at school and it is very difficult for the mind to realize that reality is completely different from what it believed and knew about it. From the outside, from a alien point of view, they see that Hungarians have completely lost their roots and become like those who have been expelled by the solar system. I think in time I managed to get to the position where I could save this technical civilization. But I also have to admit that this also requires transformations, which the current political-economic elite is against.

Such esoteric groups are seen as a kind of opportunity where life belts are thrown. But you are well aware that there is no danger in this sense, and here I would point out that the reverse is true. We are in a position to see and understand everyone from Central. We understand the North, we understand the South, we understand the East and we understand the West. The big problem with the West is that it can only see development in a technical sense, and this has been lost to the Indians. Right now, the governments of the Earth are dominated by the American government, who know a lot more about it than they do and make decisions in the name of humanity that you are far from sure to sign. The situation is so bad that it is no longer possible to settle it with any of the parties that have lost confidence. When I got into this apartment 20 years ago, where I was constantly meditating, I did not know what kind of tasks would be waiting for me. I do not know yet, because from above, they get into my thoughts and develop a technique that is absolutely improvisational. After all, there is a ruler (woman) who, like the American government, has completely different plans for the Earth. My plan is the only one that starts from the current situation and thinks of everyone, yet I am the enemy in everyone's eyes. Which only means holding back until I have more power in my hands. The ÉlményPark grew out of nowhere, and anyone who thinks it is a sect or a religion misunderstands it. I would say that it is enough if I only understand, but I do not accidentally call myself an Aquarius Democrat.

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