How much do you hear about anyone who lives his daily life in a squirrel? What you just have to quit and you can quit? But in that case, no one talks about another squirrel wheel that "seers" can get into. Esoteric literature is full of great books for individual consciousness centric people, but if you follow them point by point, you will find yourself facing almost everyone, including the masters.

Because that's what I did. I took everything in the books I read seriously. Then I realized two things. One is that reality is different, that is, practice and theory are not consistent. The other is that behind the voices of criticism of our world, there are no intentions that people first think of. The point is, I stumbled upon what I experienced during my spiritual ascent to do what everyone is talking about, but in practice I have never seen it.

The root of the problem there is that it is very easy to give up power until you have it. It is the mistake of the foul-mouthed man who promises this or that, and then forgets them as he has acquired the power necessary to redeem the promises. One would think that we are such critters, but fortunately the angels are here, well I wouldn't go into that much, but at about this point I got out.

One would naively think when the first spiritual experiences come to him, if he goes to a person skilled in the art, that is to say, a master, he will receive the help that is part of his individual path. But in reality I realized two things. One is that many people in these groups do not go because of their individual path, but want to belong to a community that understands them. The other is that there are conscious plans behind it that build on fear and when these many people go into these groups, they become part of a game that others play.

Esotericism means the inner world. But you can only discover your own inner world alone. To do this, you must be in a precious state of loneliness. But as you approach solitude, you face two challenges. The first is the possibility of losing your existence, the second is the loss of your social relationships. They come with a third fear, to face the psyche. You will need someone to make sure you are not crazy and will drive you along the way. Keeping existence equals squirrel wheel, losing friends equals importance, fear of the psyche equals cowardice. They protect you in such groups, but you have to pay two heavy costs. The first is losing your freedom and the second is moving away from your individual path. After all, if you can only discover your own world alone, you cannot do it in a community, especially by helping these communities from above, beings who shape them in their own image.

Man lives in the outside world and arranges all the energy coming from above to be God and angels. But this requires a direct connection, which you will find again alone and in yourself. When a medium is introduced into the image, it is no longer a direct link and we are talking about the subtle hierarchies that you will be at the bottom. There is an interesting phrase in Arvisura: "As many people as they write, they explain the doctrine of Jesus differently." This is also the case here, as many beings appear here and interpret God's word differently. So when you go into such a group, you give up the fact that by walking your individual path you are interpreting the signs of your inner world, and you can easily be trapped by being exposed to the outside world. Again, I have only two thoughts. The first is, if the master focuses primarily on his spiritual channels, he will need the people who help him and if he does not want to establish a sect if his disciples do. My other thought is that sects may not only appear in religious settings. I've seen it in business and political robes.

Features of sects:
- expectation
- there are posts
- there is organization
- free will is limited
- individual assignments disappear and only goals and assignments given by the master are acceptable
- any individual intention becomes hostile if it is contrary to the master's intentions
- disagreeers become traitors
I myself went through several of these groups to gather data and evidence to decide that this whole esoteric thing really exists or is just a lie that deceives people. I am not religious or even baptized. I have come to the conclusion that there is really something behind that and that something serious, so it's worth working on. But it is also a fact that interest groups have established themselves in this way that in this form it is a lie that deceives people. With the active participation of alien calling themselves angels or helpers.

I would like to make it clear that private travel is not for everyone, but such people also have a right to fairness. This path also involves many resignations and a number of things that can be avoided if they are imposed on others within the collective consciousness. This is how privileges and responsibilities develop, a hierarchy where if well positioned and nailed to the boss, it can even lead to a great career. It is also worth wondering if you do not have a role as a accomplice in the fact that this system is starting to appear in the outside world. I can't prove it, but I have another cheese that wants it here. When you receive spiritual initiations, you do not get it from the master, he only opens up to you what would be yours anyway, only sooner. If you get it sooner, you're not ready for it yet. If you are not prepared for it, it can be taken away from you. If it can be taken away from you, they can do business with it. Of which you will not see anything unless you look good at the master. In fact, so others can be yours, you just have to follow a rule and you will not have to deal with responsibility. In the hierarchy, the boss is always right.
I would like to say a few words about responsibility. When I created the ÉlményPark, it was originally designed to be a spiritual military system. Because when I realized the spiritual mafia-dominated world, I could no longer live my life if I was a decent person and I could see what was waiting for me in such an environment. I sat in an apartment and worked on it without stopping, taking every minute of it. This has been happening slowly for 20 years and I think I have created what I would call an independent spiritual framework, but others would surely see it as a new esoteric trend. Returning from a dimension level that you cannot imagine having Jesus in your eyes is the ceiling.

Everyone is judged pro and versus by weight, actions and role. Because from here, I think that's just what everyone's interested.