In addition to the above, what are some other reasons why a master sees danger in someone? The answer lies in personality. There are people who, by their very nature, avoid conflict and there are some who are easily involved. It seems natural that if you have a group where you need to watch for inner peace, you tend to stay away from a potential problem.

There are also people who are specifically conflict-seekers. The reason for these, in addition to the personality, may be that they instinctively sense the things behind them and are already striving to be invaded by a high-ranking being. These beings are not looking for cleverness, but for loyalty. So for a not-so-smart person, this is a kind of career opportunity. In particular, these beings will then switch to individual training and will only keep their selections in a group until the necessary initiations are made.

In such a world where people experience democracy, that is freedom of opinion, the big challenge for the collective. The aim of the collective is for its members, from this point of view, the occupied people, to adopt the rules of the collective. In vain do you think they are happy to make suggestions as to what could be better done, so they are not pleased. In fact, all these things are considered to be, at best, a jerky person, or worse, to question their power. In the collective, those who are above you in the hierarchy are always right, even if they are wrong. Even worse is the fact that because they don't like smart people and a person's personality is in the chain, no one can be prettier, smarter and more successful than their boss. Only novice masters make the mistake of looking for smart people who stand up for their righteousness.

The sense of justice is typically like other similar cases. It will only be relevant if they are hurt. They simply do their best to suppress you, but if they are depressed, they will send a drought of grief to the Heart. The Heart is not a wise man, permissive and forgiving. This can be seriously abused and there is a zone of consciousness that lies between the two worlds. Whoever dominates this zone and does it uninhibited, can dominate the world in such a way that its source of power is to constantly feel sorry for the Heart. Here I would like to note that the Adventure Park opened in the zone between the two worlds for the first time to eliminate this problem. There has been an attempt to do so before, which has had such negative consequences that it has been necessary to launch the Adventure Park quickly and its first positive benefits will only be felt in years to come, unfortunately in the form of negative events. You can envelope in advance, that a huge tent can be expected without the slightest sign of chivalry.

You can take part in this by being prepared. First of all, you first set solid principles for yourself, setting yourself the quality goal you want to represent. I foresee that you will face many challenges and will literally look stupid from above because they do not understand the order of coexistence of the individual consciousness. They also do not understand equality, only in my experience when they are at a loss. And only as long as they stay in it. The gestures towards them are perceived as weakness and will be immediately exerted upon you if they can. They came here as superior beings, but for me this was not proven by the practice, and the reason for their panic was that I decided to send them to school. Here on Earth in the guise of their occupied men.

You are beginning to understand why I was suddenly so evil by a fool? I became a fool just because they couldn't kill me and in the hierarchy, this is one way to maintain authority when the other goes against it. How crazy. At the level of experience everyday, it looks like stupid, slave people looking down on you, who at the beginning can't do much because they are supported from above. You will become evil anyway if you stand on the road and win in the end. But only for a while while their double standards matter. They would be cute beings anyway, but power is very bad for them. It changes them just as they think we are changed by money.

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