Let's change speed. I'm going to talk about two worlds now. In one world there are different people who have one thing in common. Something woke up in all of them. This is possible in many ways, but it is common for you to begin to hear your inner voice. I know what I'm talking about because I went through the same thing at the time. At this point, one begins to search for books and people on spiritual topics to learn more about it. Just in my time, there was no youtube or such a rich internet.

But in my time, the country had not been networked like this, as far as the discovery and utilization of the person of the awakeners was concerned. It was rumored that the Russians were the first to do this in Hungary, who were watching the area moving to the country. Then the Israelis came into the picture, using other techniques. Just think of the show by Uri Geller, who has traveled through all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and if you remember when you got the audience involved in a little home game, the point was why he did it all. In fact, they were hunting for abilities and people, some of whom must have visited esoteric groups, and most of them had forgotten at all.

Let's go back to those who visited the esoteric groups and then left. There must have been gold candles, angels and many more interesting things. I note that these things go beyond the masters, so it is not worth blaming them because they know nothing in this sense. They were delighted to be so honored at the beginning, and then they slowly realized what part of the hierarchy they had left to do. Hierarchy does not say much to lower levels, because it is their job to execute and not to think. And if they say something, it is usually a lie that is not aimed at being a scam, but of leading in the right direction.

There is also the fact that the aliens are not unified. According to my observations, something like this is a situation where they do not sneak into each other's things, but they do not inform each other, but everyone does their own thing. Everyone looks at humanity differently. Some see the primitive slave race, some the dangerous aggressive animal, some admire the unique ability to use both hemispheres of our brains. To put it mildly, we stumbled upon the image with the V2 rocket and the creation of the machines, which they owe to themselves, because they blocked us from crystal technology and were shocked by what otherwise prohibited electricity can do.

But we live in the third dimension, where the higher dimensions mainly appear in the sense of time. From your perspective, you live in a reality where you die once. But when your consciousness is elevated, you will find it hard to notice in everyday life because you have restrictions that hold you there. These are ropes of energy that, in practice, resemble rubber ropes and are sometimes strained, but you perceive it as back pain or head and waist pain. You go to the doctor, he prescribes something for you, pays a bunch of medication and lives your life.

Meanwhile, much is happening above our heads. Basically, we can distinguish between two worlds, one physical and the other spiritual. Those who intervene in the form of aliens are as much a player as you and they believe something about the spiritual world. But while we have one god around us, angels vibrate, they have more gods as they were here in ancient times. From the point of view of the spiritual world, the physical plane resembles a kind of board game, the way we are controlled, we don't notice much and we really don't have much freedom of choice. Some creatures have only this idea of how to achieve a goal, while others believe in full control. However, there is a very big difference. While we can only focus our consciousness on one point, we perceive only one reality. And they do more at once.

When you go to an esoteric group where the master can't really do anything about it and he tries to prepare you, he doesn't even know how small of a gear he is in this machine. If he sends you (which may look like you want to leave), it may be because you are not interesting to the superiors in this reality. But they need you here in order to be able to perform an operation (possibly on you) in another reality. It can just happen that you get married there, or vice versa, so you get married here.

Through my own example, I know that there is effective resistance on the contrary, for which I have created the easiest-to-use admin interface of your existing one that you can control with your thoughts. My very first experience is that no one can believe it is that simple. My answer to this is that it was very difficult for me to create what was easy for you.

I don't think everyone will be a strategist in this multidimensional environment right away, but some certainly will. It turns out who the brain can handle. What you can handle will be your play level. You also need to put yourself in the admin level. That is, you have to give up the importance of the game elements and welcome you to the solitary realm, which is the only way there.

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