When you appeared in that group, your life was bound to change. You seem to live in the same world, but its projection has changed. You were a "man" before, but from there you became an ascended man, though your ascension was certainly unnoticed by you. You may have already done this before, say you smoked a spliff or absorbed a strip and you were in that group because, for some reason, this event is related to them.

After that, it is easy for you to take on a different role in the collective consciousness because you are more valuable or, on the contrary, less valuable to that group. In such cases you may visit more than one of these groups. The point in one sentence is as follows. What is dream and what is the reality, it doesn't matter in 3D. Now I will explain this in several sentences.

After invading people, the collective reorganizes them depending on what they see in them. Just as you are loving cute dogs fluttering their tails, so they are loving people who obedient to them. For the collective consciousness, things are of different importance, so they think differently than you would think logical. It would be advisable for you to be as intelligent as possible, for them not to think. Independent-minded people see it as a constant chore and a problem on the plan, so they try to bypass them in esoteric groups where they are creating a networked terminals from a computer by turning off the hard disk. In that sense, you are lucky because, as you leave the group, this process has slowed down significantly for you.

Ascension means that although you live in reality and your projection follows the rules of reality, you are already in someone's dreams. If you are in someone's dream, the role you have taken on will be your destiny. At this level, the question of death is already changing, because you are no longer living in the "one reality", but only sensing one. It may also happen that you make your own dreams come true, but if you have dreamed too much of your potential and your commitment, you need to be prepared for it. If so, it may also explain why you are not part of an esoteric group. You're spending your preparation time explaining why things aren't going the way you want them to. Because your higher goals, your dreams, have taken over your lower goals, your short-term interests.

Once you've set off on the road, you can't go back. Your everyday life is all about trials that are hidden in the events of your daily life. Trials are always about decisions, and the key lies in the motors behind it. These trials are not done according to the rules of our world, because they do not fail. No one here is wondering how much you can bring back the knowledge you have acquired, but what quality you represent. You project your world to yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, you are projecting someone else's world. But that's what the hierarchy is all about and if you accept it, you can see your dreams come true by someone else.

I would like to add two things to this. One is that this can easily be a great injustice to you in your eyes. The other is that it really matters which collective you join, because many of these collectives have no individual consciousness in their eyes and if your dreams are realized by others, you realize them in the collective. Just another you.