To see something as truth, there can only be so much, not enough information yet.

I think that is the one sentence that would be the information to be conveyed. The serious feeling of deficiency that would come from bridging the issue of manipulation. The purpose of manipulation, for the manipulated individual or group to see it as truth, what we can convince them. Usually, people associate manipulation with negative attributes, although it cannot be used solely for selfish purposes.

When I didn't know anything about esotericism and was looking for evidence that it had a real basis, I visited a few esoteric groups to get personal impressions of it. I was practically face to face with them. With those who, as it turned out, were looking for me to gain access to my power and abilities, which had been accelerated in me. It was amazing when this power awakened in me, which then disappeared. The lesson to be learned is that the rank still does not disappear, and as a result, when the Force disappears, the manipulative abilities take over.

This did not go wrong at higher levels, where the use of force would have made me an aggressive, thus primitive being. So I have to say, even though very rough things have happened to me, my ill-willed have unintentionally contributed to my success there. Nonetheless, I have become a true expert on manipulation just because I have encountered it frequently at these higher levels.

There are three main types of manipulation:

1. Manipulating lies
It is a tool for beginners, less intelligent people and those who only think in the short term. It's easy to get caught. A further disadvantage is that we must constantly remember who we were told and also be careful not to find out the truth.
2. Manipulation of party truth
It is a popular tool for masters and politicians. Politicians may say that they only saw the truth and did not know the other half. And the masters said that they told one side, and the discovery of the other was your job. The advantage of being able to talk yourself out of it is the disadvantage of making you comfortable and careless.
3. Manipulation of Truth
This is the master of manipulation. But there is a serious problem with it. You can gain many enemies with it. As a result, the result usually goes to the future and you have to survive the road to that. It is a great advantage to finally find out the truth, we are in a good position, as we have said from the beginning.
Always tell the truth. No one in this world will believe it, but no one can say a word afterwards. And now comes the explanation of what the first sentence is about. I rarely refer to others, but a man named Osho put it nicely. He tried to explain this by saying that truth did not exist. There are only lies which, like the layers of onions, fall to the world. As we get rid of the first one, we see the truth, but it will only be another lie that will come off as well. He said this in a spiritual sense because there are exact forms of truth. Such is the digital world, where something is true or not. This is the basis of the binary code, that is, the binary system, the basis of informatics.

When one begins to deal with spirituality, it is a long one-step process that involves changes in perspective. Such changes in angle of view have two basic characteristics. One is that the importance of things changes. This is why people consider esoteric fools to be foolish because, for example, money loses its importance in another angle, but it can only be understood if one finds it in that angle. In this new perspective, it is already a matter of interpretation as to who can really be considered crazy. If you go to another workplace with a little more money for a worse workplace atmosphere, then who the hell is that.

Another feature is that the polarity of the truth may change as a result of new information in a new angle. Like the opposite. I can give myself an example. You make me aware that someone adds their own opinion (judgment) to it. You scan into my stuff and you get to another angle. From disgusting, I become sympathetic. But you read on and find writings that startle you and then I become disgusted again. But in the meantime, you look at things and realize that I'm right by the time the picture of me changes. Do you remember the onion?

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