Let's start with the pros and cons of beginners. Nor is it clear that many people who consider themselves professional are nothing but beginners on a journey that has no end in sight. It is easy to see yourself as a professional if the real pros behave beginners. Generally speaking, you have passed the entry level if you have accepted that you are a beginner.

Most people in our world want to be professional or you want to look like that. When you go on a date, you still try to show your best face and strive for the other to see more of you than you are. I am not saying that this has no professional-magical basis, that is, manipulating the belief of the other, but in this case, it is necessary to move away significantly from the templates used in the outside world. If you manipulate the other's beliefs like this, you will no longer be able to harvest the laurels, because that would be equivalent to being caught, and so your manipulation is worth nothing in the professional sense. Then you need to disappear immediately and be prepared so that when the energy consequence of the other's faith comes, you will be able to rise to the task. But to do that you have to have an instinctive talent, otherwise you will move on to the short-term benefits and you will be nothing more than a liar cheating who is hoaxing someone to take advantage of it.

If you approach it in a professional way, everyone will look stupid to you. It is also true that when you convince another person that you are much more than you really are, you are cheating at the time of the deception. But if you really become that person by putting the other's faith in the service of your development, you will justify your words afterwards. There are many things that separate a beginner from pro and one of them is the time frame you are thinking about.

The next cliché in our world is that you are a professional if you have the right material knowledge. But this is an environment where you already have a higher dimensional consciousness, even as a beginner. You may already have the right knowledge in a parallel reality, and the only obstacle you can't use here is your own non-belief. If you, as a beginner, let go of yourself, believe in and trust yourself, you can put a pro behind you. Because who is most dangerous to a pro? The amateur ancestral talent.

It is not my intention to list here the difference between beginners and pros. My goal is to convey an attitude, a spirit. If you feel it and fit it right into your mind, in the few minutes you read it, you can go further than going into esoteric groups for years. Everything in the mind is decided. I use mainly sci-fi and mystical movies and series as examples. If you understand the time travel, the stargate, the magic, the dimensions, and I can list, your brain will be able to process and interpret the signals coming to you. That's why people go to such groups, where you have to wait for the laggards, but if you do it alone, you dictate the pace yourself.

There's no mention of encouraging you to start running. You made a decision when you clicked on this page and now we're just trying to position you. Because you know the other two elements of the thing, that is, your potential and your commitment. This journey is all about dreaming and now the beginning of a period of time will determine how much you have dreamed.

Your brain is nothing more than a holographic computer that you just fed a program into. Your angel would say the same thing, you were just dreaming. And your superior self made it clear that your intention was. There will be someone who will say that you have just formulated a request in your mind, but if you really understand what this is about, then you are well aware that the request is something that is not up to you. Especially if, in return, your prior trust asks you for a promise that you may find yourself in a vulnerable position while waiting. And if you're in it, the hand is quite different.

What if you dreamed a lot and you turned down the road? In this case, the dream is realized by someone else. And you can easily find yourself on the path to another goal of another dream. The deeper you are on the path to your inner world, the more you must fight for your own dreams, because the individual consciousness is as incomprehensible to the collective consciousness as the collective consciousness to you now. You see, what's the deal for others?

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