I suppose it fell to everyone that this task would not be done by the initiates. Although there will be some who will be able to do so when they get here, they are basically among those to be rescued. The invaders keep us at about 20% of their plan, so we're in a good time for this correction. The first thing is how much you believe in yourself that you can play a big role in it.

It is quite obvious that the world of these intervening beings is very different from ours. One would think that these are responsible beings who act with great care, not to mention their expertise. When I realized what kind of world they were coming from and how they intervened, I threw everything else aside. But we also have a basis for comparison, and here are people who do not use ration on Earth and who live in a society favored by the collective consciousness, and those who are closest to us are called Gypsies. It is no accident that they first found a common voice with them. But there is a big difference, and that is the atmosphere of freedom. There is great peace and security out there, but this order of hierarchy is guaranteed by a series of rules, the breaking of which is a guilty sin, all of which is guaranteed by a spiritual field. Presumably in the Middle Ages, the purpose of witch-burning was to eradicate this field of power, which hinders the creation of a free world.

The second observation is that the two worlds are not very capable of living together harmoniously. Or if it is, it is the result of a long process that should develop gradually. A good example of this is Syria where in sudden freedom they fell to millions of factions who immediately fell into each other's throats in weekly changing alliances. If we were to get them out of the power field immediately after getting into the galaxy, there it would be. Nobody understands if I have that much power why I don't do something. Of course I do, but I'm not aiming to be the personal responsibility of a gigantic crash, either out there or here on Earth. That's what I'm looking for people. Those who are already in esoteric groups cannot be included because they are already under the influence of these beings, but their position is by no means worthless. They will only work in a different role than you who are absolute beginners and many today are even uncertain whether this all exists at all. In the eyes of the initiates, I am an irresponsible fool to dare to do this, to imagine it with you, but they are not aware of my potential. And they are unsure whether this is what I am referring to.

In fact, they are here before your eyes and everything is happening before your eyes, but in the absence of proper information, according to your world view, events are controlled by fate or by chance. These aliens have already gained political-economic power by first addressing the liberal side (that is, the threat that freedom poses to them) and then putting their own people in power (see populist politicians and their courts) in the form of spiritual occupations, and it has been extended to a global level. But they also have a serious problem, they cannot resist temptation and seduction. And a lot of things that are not in their worlds, so they couldn't get prepared. They are trying to remedy this problem in an increasingly dictatorial manner, with the result that even their own people are being fooled. For the collective consciousness, the individual consciousness is just as incomprehensible as the other way around. For example, they don't know what to do with the interest. It is very easy to be fooled because there is little distrust in collective societies. They react to it in the same way as small children, first with resentment and then with revenge, which is far from professionalism.

The constant enemy image is also part of this problem. What they have seen is the benefits, because if there is an enemy, it is easier to keep your own band together, and if it goes to the national level, you can expand it. Because we have an individual awareness of the world and have learned our social cohabitation, freedom is a good thing for us. But they see in freedom the easy way to gain control of others, which they use, because they are also helped by spiritual power (and your religious faith). Remember, when they are down, they are moving in a strange terrain with social rules that you can't listen to anyone from down in their hierarchy. Thus neither the masters nor their disciples can speak to this, but otherwise their actions will eventually cause us to lose.

Since for now unspecified reasons, their intentions and effects, though increasingly diminishing, are also prevailing on me, so far I have been lavishing so that I have acted in such a way that the result favors my intention. I solved the enemy image by interpreting levels instead of sides. That is, I finally did, and I didn't. This means that I do not think, for example, that all Jews are my enemy, but that primitive man is my enemy, and if Jews are the subject, primitive Jews are my enemies. If Arabs, then primitive Arabs and so on. That is, I don't have sides, only levels. You are my enemy if you are a primitive fool!

Let's see how to avoid being my enemy. Each lesson contains hidden teachings, but some are open. Now it comes to how to quickly increase your IQ level. The task itself is short and simple, I wonder if practicing will be the same for everyone.
Try to see yourself realistically in the eyes of others. Good luck with it, I guess I don't have to tell you separately that these are also trials. It's not about whether you fail or what you are good at.

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