The question may be why did I intend to target absolute beginners with this. Do you want to control the shift in consciousness on Earth in earthly hands? Do you want this technical civilization to survive? Do you want to manage change in expert hands? Do you want to keep the supply system running while you have your food in the corner shop? But I'm going even further. Do you want, if possible, that no one should notice any of this and continue to live your normal life?

It must be strange to read these questions, because everyone is convinced that we are helped by angels who know for sure. I, too, was convinced of this, so I was fully surprised by the atmosphere of dilettantism, that is, when I ascended into the zone where these beings are with my consciousness.

It turned out to me that what I've heard so far, that these beings who help us, are superior aliens, are only partially true. There are areas where they really are, but there are more areas where they are not. The reason is that everyone in the zone of collective consciousness follows the voice of the Heart and you have already experienced that the Heart is not a smart person. Well, neither are they! This task is far beyond their capabilities, for it is in vain for loved ones to lack expertise. The experience of being in contact with them is like being the kids who we are the kids in the eyes of. It also occurred to me that I am certainly not the first person to realize this and now I will tell you what I came to know about it.

I'm not the first person to figure it out, but I'm the first non-baptized, honest-minded person to figure it out. To get deeper into these, these three things are needed. For avoiding the infant initiation I call spiritual pedophilia, which at that time came under the influence of a large esoteric group we call Christianity. You must have the ability to get things done with the presence of the Heart and the Mind. It also has to be fair, which I check with hard tests. The world got into this situation because none were fair and they look stupid because these people who have been introduced to these levels have no understanding of development or long-term goals and none have been able to resist the temptation. They have created a spiritual mafia that is only interested in profit and have set up a system that will immediately catch those who are awakened. That would be waiting for you if I didn't create the ÉlményPark, which is the only chance for advanced humanity.

This ÉlményPark has many features, but what's relevant here is problem solving. I have been repeatedly asked at different levels how I seriously thought about it. By meeting a number of creatures who have determined their rank by announcement. There was too much of the divine, and from the earth's eyes only a fraction of it seemed. I needed an independent ranking that I laid the foundation for. If I were God, how would I do it. So, in the end, I compared it to myself and it worked so well that the Adventure Park was really raised to a divine level. Thus, from the spiritual military system, which evolved from a defense system, it eventually became a world-leading god program.

You could say, if that's the case, there's nothing wrong. I don't think so, but there's a bit of a downside. I'm an Aquarius and a Democrat. In a spiritual environment, what you would call a rock-hard dictatorship, and those who have been living in it for a long time, are a divine order or divine flow. If these divine inspirational children continue to do their job, they would become a slave race of mankind to the Middle Ages. So I had to intervene in this alien intervention to avoid or minimize the chaos. I have created a dynamic scenario for this that is responsive to everyone's steps and has two positions.

One is that there are people at the various levels of management who are able to make independent decisions and solve the problems themselves. These people do not need to know anything about the basics of esotericism, nor about tarot cards, or sacred geometry, but they have only one task, which is to restore the world. The goal is the world of the advanced man, the creation of the earthly heaven as we imagine the divine level of this global world. I see how others imagine but if they continue, they are not helpers but conquerors. What they want here, after the victorious war on earth, is forcing the victorious on losers, only without war.

The second-stage switch in the scenario is triggered if not enough people of the right quality are gathered for it. This is the nightmare of Aquarius, because in this case I do not need anyone, because I solve everything alone. When I was initially confronted with the task of being alone for a job that even my brained brain couldn't do, I changed philosophy. I did not concentrate on tasks but on a universal task-solving system with IT thinking. I have the dimension level to activate the power in my hands that is capable of putting into practice what everyone wants me to do. This would be a mirror image of the order of what everyone here calls divine flow, but it only conveys intention, mine is in great detail. Although the illusion of free will would be extremely strong, it would be completely lost and from the outside we would be like an insect society until we reach the end of the task.

It's the bet and a choice.

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