Let's start with what this esotericism is. Esotericism means the inner world. That is, when you deal with yourself, meditate on yourself and consider your intuition as the object of your observation, you are essentially esoteric. This conscious level is called meditation.

If you look at a picture of a hologram paper and then cut a small piece of it with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you will not see the small piece but the whole picture in the little one. That is, if you examine a tiny slice of yourself and illuminate it with illuminated light, you will find the whole world in a tiny piece. The purpose of esotericism is to find this way.

Whoever claims to be teaching esotericism is certainly lying. At best, they misunderstood their own role in the matter. For esotericism cannot be taught. How to teach you something you only know? How do I know what's in your inner world? Only you can know that. All I can do is lead you to its gate. But I can't tell you what to do and I can't decide for you. I can only help you with road signs but it is up to you to make the decisions.

Another commonly used term that may arise in a topic is magic. Many may not know if there is a difference and if so, what it is. The answer to this is not difficult. If you deal with yourself, it is esotericism, if you do something else, it is magic. As long as you are a beginner reading this in your own small (individual) world, understanding it does not seem at all difficult. But if you get high you realize that the world is so much more than you have ever felt. The spiritual levels are about that, the steps you take to learn more about the world.

If you step on one of these steps, you will know that you are going to have a different angle. Different angles mean different contexts, and other contexts can rearrange the importance of things in the past. You have to do this with caution because human beings are social and if things are of different importance to you, it also affects your environment, who will only see that you have changed. They will not understand it, and since they remain in their consensual reality until you (alone) see the world differently, the only conclusion they can draw from this is that you go crazy.

Before you get into this, think carefully about whether it would be better to do this later when you have a better understanding of it. Because your life will surely change and only your true friends will stay with you, who will accept what you become in their eyes. Anyway, this is something you can do alone, and it can only be done in solitude. Are you ready for this now? Are you ready to take years out of everyday life to revive your child? Are you able to face your own mind? Do you have enough money to finance this period that you do not care about anything else? Or, in the absence of it, can you make others take care of you?

People used to go to a monastery for this purpose. In today's world it is possible, but it is worth considering who expects it in return. If your goal is self-directed development, it is an independent path that you enter into the collective consciousness alone. It is not worth hurrying to do this because the term "yourself" in the collective consciousness is quite different. You have to understand this, because individual consciousness is as incomprehensible to the collective consciousness as it is to the contrary.

So my advice is not to hurry with it! It is worth going into it that what you are doing now is to decide. Yes or no. The "no" may also be because of me not. Which is not guaranteed in the case of yes, as I can decide. Let's just keep in mind that if you have decided, and this is "yes", think of it in the ideal place and time for you and here you can forget it all. Live your life and if you do so, I am sure that you will think of me with gratitude once in a while and you will be proud of yourself if you remember this later in another level of understanding.

But we're not the same and I can't decide for you. But I will do my best for those who do not make that choice and click forth on this page.