Suppose there is going to be a great deal of trouble in the world that can be averted by those at the right spiritual and courage level. The big problem is that those who are involved in managing the shift in consciousness are far beyond their capabilities and possibilities. Even worse is the fact that the hierarchy of those who intervene here does not allow for flexible crisis management.

The question is, what can an absolute beginner have to do with this. After all, an absolute beginner doesn't even know the basics. How can such people be expected to get involved in this? There are those who are prepared for this, who have long been involved in esotericism and who know the area well. I realize that this is a good question, and (from their own angle of view), the criticism that comes to me that I dare to give absolute beginners such power is justifiable.

However, from my perspective, I have no other option if I want to avoid a way that the Queen of Borg known in StarTrek would jealously and frankly declare. How did this come to my mind? Expect the best and be prepared for the worst. To me, as a Aquarius, this kind of dominance is even worse than giving a (spiritual) atomic weapon to zero-kilometers. My answer to the criticism is that I am not stupid to do this without first working out the appropriate guarantees.

The basis of my view is that I have experienced a spiritual mutation that has led me to reach the 42nd dimension with my individual consciousness. Even so, I am not religious today and although I do not exclude the existence of God, I do not attach so much importance to him-her. My point about this, if I were a god and made worlds, I wouldn't do it is to make its inhabitants spend their lives polishing my ass. I would do for the people within it to evolve, while seeking the path of perfection both within themselves and in the outside world. Be happy and get to know the dimensions of love.

Unfortunately, this point of view is not shared by those who imagine God differently, and if they achieve their purpose, that world will surely end for god (if it exists) will not be any more boring. By now, these intentions have taken a position in this world that, if I want to do something about it here, I can only appeal to those who as an absolute beginner are not yet within the reach of these interest groups.

This website is an esoteric distance course that will take you to the gate of esotericism at the end of the road. But in the meantime, it expects you to take on the role and offers an adventure full of successes and failures. This path is unique in the universe and we are doing it for the first time. Why? The first thing that comes up is that whoever designed it has a logical based ration. For the first time, element-driven control follows a dynamic scenario that responds flexibly to each other's steps and can handle unexpected, unknown factors. For the first time, this control also transmits its signals from the dimensions above the God-referring beings.

Creating this was no small task; at the age of 30 I sat in a flat in Budapest and spent twenty years taking every minute of it. I am not saying that this is for everyone, but you are already in the first lesson to decide this with your mind and your feelings.