Absolute entry level

This website is for you. Don't believe that only a guru or master can teach this. In fact, neither a master nor a guru needs it, only you alone. Masters and gurus live by the fact that few people trust in themselves and generally seek the easier way. Over time, the original spirit and faded, the new generations are already born to be interested in something like that, it can only be in school (understand master or guru). No way! This can only be learned at home and on your own and this website is about how to get started.

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Beginner level

Many are in a position to become familiar with the subject, but have not yet gone to an esoteric group to learn more about it. I'd love to say you forget everything you've learned so far but I would rather put it aside and later compare the information you already know with what you will read here. This is not to say that what you have come to know from this is a lie, but that you are experiencing a whole new worldview that you must somehow integrate what you have learned in another context.

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Levels of people who once went to groups

You are in the fortunate position that the Master has not seen your imagination and let you go. This could also be because someone in your stellar network is already in your group and/or maybe you were not sympathetic to him/her. After all, a master needs to be mindful of the chances that newcomers can incorporate into the community he/she has already built. What sets you apart from the Beginner is that you have already contacted your energy system with that group, so you have to start differently before the two separate paths become one.

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The level of those who attend esoteric groups

You have two choices. One is to start the ÉlményPark Holoplatform in your mind and look inside to see what's going on. However, you do this only when you feel that you are not where you want to be and that you have little hope of leaving. The ÉlményPark is not a sect or a religion, but a tool for solo travelers and will guide you back to your journey. Your other choice is to get to know a completely new worldview and try to fit it into your current knowledge.

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Level of masters and gurus

Whoever considers himself a master or a guru and seizes this opportunity is surely the result of realization. I do not ask you for the things you have asked of those who came to you. If you consider yourself a master but you really are not, here's the chance to become that. In the meantime, you'll realize I'm not your master. I'm a master of myself and it will be your way. What you can learn here is just a method. A quality of thinking that your helpers have been trying to work out of you so far, but if you continue to click here, you already realized that this is a dead end for you.

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I don't need the talk-talk, just the point

In this case, you're the one who should have found this sooner. But do not be discouraged, it is no coincidence that you have not come sooner. Usually the cause of every present event is in the future and can be managed without you wanting to understand everything at any cost. Allow time for the layers of understanding to be built in, so that the new layer will dry out the old one.

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I did get into the deep water, so this area was left out for me. I have no idea what is the difference between the big arkanum and the small one. But in this way, I can say that I see things from the other direction, and also from a completely new perspective, like the one that has stiffened down here.

"With tarot cards, angels can send us messages."
"And what if we want to send them a message?"

Don't you think I didn't buy such cards! There's a lot. But from the beginning I do things differently, and that is what is included in the Aquarius director's instructions. At the same time, these bought cards I used frequently, following my instincts. I decided how many cards to draw and where to put them. I had no idea what the tiled pages meant, but in the meantime I listened to all my senses and started improvising. The Light of the Angels cards, for example, was like I had all the cards wrapped around me and had been there for a long time, I mean months. I'll come back to that later, but the point here is that they can also be used for two-way communication.

Someone must have wondered why I did this if I didn't know anything about it. Well, at the very beginning of my evidence-gathering era, I met a college girl who knew this and waited with a skeptical face for what she was going to say. When she told me about my life spiced up with quite a few specifics, I was very surprised and from then on I looked at this world with a completely different eye.

The idea behind the Light of Angels card is that if these archangels can be summoned and do what I throw, then:
a.) I have nothing to do besides the throwing
b.) And if I have to do with it, these beings behave like programs when I see the observed energy channels.
This is where the idea of creating a programming card came into being, which works on the following principle. If we look at the tarot cards so far, they are intuitive, yet rationally organized. Field mortals obtain this information only through a specialist and, as we know, there are good interpreters and some bad interpreters. The principle of my cards is to bring this closer to human interpretation, and since the connections in your mind converge to a given interpretation, there is no need for anyone else to do so. All they needed was a paper store, a ruler, a couple of pens and a pair of scissors. The end result is a rational card that is organized intuitively. Since the ÉlményPark is an independent framework that is self-developed and is compatible with reality, no one is influenced or protected.

I call them programming cards because, until now, I was above everyone's head and couldn't be called anyone else. If you were to use them, you could talk about the same level of interaction, but I'm not really there to deal with that. Even with the cleaning, I have to wait for the time slots, why such a high-ranking being has no servants, then imagine throwing cards at you. Even though I could publish them but this is a very unfair business environment where 90% of the capital can go versus the inventor and I do not assist. The divine level would consider 10-15% fair, but even the inventor would look stupid in today's world. So under the current circumstances we agreed on 50%, which if an investor came in, the others would look stupid to him/her. But that is also one of the purposes of the descent, to organize this world to the level of divine vibration.

I already have my tarot cards, which in this case do not function as a message board, but rather as a keyboard. Even if I were a stupid guy, because I draw the cards, so I do not virtually exclude the presence of God (if it exists), but I have my own self-interest.


When I was sitting in a car that had a frontal collision with another car, I started doing death research. This is what happens to so many people, they are recovering in the hospital, but I am sure very few people meditate while noticing the smallest changes. It was an assassination for me anyway, which was the other way around. But this is not their fault, who would expect that somebody is calmly slipping into the deep trans behind a rushing, fresh licensee, matte drunk man.

Now I'm not bored with the details, the point is, I've noticed that something has changed. I called it spiritual background radiation. I also remembered being told in esoteric groups that when they had an accident, the cars were looking at an angle that they couldn't stand, and that was all taken as evidence by the guardian angels. Now, I don't want to get into this, in my case the weird thing was that everyone survived with essentially minor injuries. That's when I thought maybe everyone was dead and this is the Otherworld.

From this point on, the emphasis on studying the world with such an eye became known as death research. More than 10 years have passed since then and although I started to deal with it in a separate material, unfortunately one ass can't sit as many horses as I had other things to do with it. But there is current state of research and now I will report on that.

Death as a concept only makes sense to people who believe in "one reality", that is, in reality. You will not find anything here in relation to the soul transmigration because there is no such thing. Well, it exists because it is created by your faith, it is just considered one of the biggest problems up there. For my slightly more professional readers, I also risk the fact that death itself is created by faith, by believing in your birthday and making us older. Proper initiation of the brain could bring the body into the desired state of youth, but this is contrary to the rules of consensual reality and is not considered normal. Do you feel the contradiction I see all the time? Everybody wants it but no one will believe it and whoever implements it, it used to be sent to the bonfire, but today to underground (private) research institutes.

From the point of view of the collective consciousness, it is worth imagining this subject as if we were seeing a chessboard where we are puppets. So we are all. If one is knocked down, the other lives on, that is, even if one dies, we still live. From the perspective of individual consciousness, the situation is a little more complicated. Religions do not complicate this too, if you die you have two choices. Either you go to heaven or hell. This is a steep statement in the knowledge of parallel realities, because what if your lived life does not justify heaven or hell? You wake up in the morning in your bed and only your present memories remain. You remember this life where you just died as a memory or a dream that never happened. But if you wake up in heaven or hell, there will be no other world than this. As your brain continues to project the world it knows, only the quality of your life becomes heaven or hell. You know where the big deal is for some others?


Then why do the priests tell us otherwise?

You wouldn't say anything else in their place if the alternative was to go to work. The image of Jesus today is quite different from the truth of Jesus. The essence of his teachings was also taken out of the Bible, which I also outlined in modern form with the checkerboard. Today's world is based on the Jewish interpretation of Christianity where Jesus was also a Jewish. But there is an ancient writing by the Hungarians called Arvisura where a completely different story unfolds. Even its original name, Matarius, is included and when we look at Russian Matryaska dolls, we can see exactly what the teaching is about. Otherwise, they say otherwise because they are part of a system that has an interest in making humans lambs.

If you died, then who are we?

Yes, I've been looking for an answer for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that if I project the world unchanged, as individuals, you are the same in my eyes as you were. But vibrating in another quality. If the question is that you are really the same, then my answer would be that they live in the lower world, but there are constant ascents after their death and many are already here. But this does not appeal to occupiers who, from their point of view, are not invaders, but this world has emerged. This could be explained by that I was in deep trans when death came. However, this serious anomaly-looking thing was solved by the ÉlményPark. Only they don't know yet and that's what made their show really enjoyable.

How should we properly consider death?

The reason is that some are very bothered by the death of their loved ones, because we are bound to each other by invisible strands of energy while sucking each other's energies. If somebody dies, that tap is gone and I think that's the real reason. The deceased does not even notice his/her death from his/her own perspective. There is evidence of such a breakdown in another area, which is the breakup of the relationship. It should be fair to say that you do not hang on to the other and if he/she dies you will release him/her as soon as possible. By accepting his or her death, you facilitate the interaction of parallel realities, called here to help you from the afterlife.

How do you know these?

You'll realize when your spiritual channels open and you have your mind on the information you receive. But once something happened to me. I was sitting in the bathtub when I saw a veil like myself drowning in the water. When I walked into a farther store afterwards, meanwhile, via thought communication I contacted my mother, more specifically her consciousness, and told her what had happened and that I would wait for her to arrive. So in this story I was the dead. The world has a lot to discover for those who are receptive to it and survive if they talk about it to others. But if not, after that, you have a chance of not being aware of it.


One of the accusations against me is that I have omitted the teachings of the basics of esotericism and started immediately in deep water. The romance of the accusation is that it is those who have thrown me into the deep water to blame me for drowning. I realized that as a master of myself, I can take a much more authentic path than someone's disciple, and once I come out with a new esoteric tendency, I can bring my substitutes to myself. Of course, with the disadvantage of this, it has the advantage that I can look at something that has been taught the same way for centuries, from a completely different angle.

To astrology, a rational person would say nonsense. I know because I thought so. How could anything from the stars above our heads be predicted or said? Who's serious about that? The ratio is logical, which has the many advantages of being heavily bound to the information at its disposal. If you do not have this information, you cannot explain the phenomenon. But what if you already have all the information to understand this?

I also often say that the world is a mirror. This is also the essence of astrology. Its working principle is similar to that of a woodoo wizard who throws a handful of bone at him and reads information from it. But it could be anyone and anything if you can interpret the signs of reflection. Astrology does this with the stars. For this to become such a complex system, it requires a wealth of experiential knowledge that centuries of observation may have perfected.

Since I live in a ten year time frame, that is, I have been meditating for 20 years, this can be very much in your eyes. And for a living being for hundreds of years, very little. So it took my mind to be able to make observations in 20 years that he might only get in 100 years. It would be impossible to make such observations without stopping the world, which means that the pace has to be slowed down. That's why people go to Tibet or India, long ago to a monastery. Stopping the world for today's men, who measures time in minutes and can't take 10 minutes without their cell phone, seems like an almost impossible undertaking.

Here I would like to note that you would be devastated because no one thought that work in this world provided everything. Aliens who intervene here see humanity as a slave race because they are not working. Technology gives them everything and their societies are so different from ours that they understand nothing. Their idea here should be that everyone realizes that they can only change their consciousness levels by developing their energy system, so everyone retires to meditate. They didn't even think that the energy system wasn't scientific proof here, so people wouldn't believe it. They didn't even think that if everyone retired to meditate, everyone would starve, because no one would work and so there would be nothing in the shops. They didn't think so much that I suspected that this was not a coincidence and that the underlying intention was to destroy humanity without being responsible for anything. There is no responsibility in their societies anyway because it is quite hierarchical, where the boss is always right. No one is held accountable for anything, because if this is the case, it is the will of the heavens. It would be difficult to give an objective picture of this, since they have no such thing, even the judgment is subjective and opaque. Essentially, everything depends on the boss's mood at any given time. After more careful study, I came to the conclusion that the underlying intention is not certain to be hostile, rather the whole company is as stupid as they are. At least in our eyes at least. When they accuse me of all sorts, here are their people, not just their people, they have no idea what the stakes are. If so, there are so few monkeys that their envy here, their awe there, their interests here should cross me while there are groups who play to simply expropriate my results for themselves. So I came up with a solution what envy leaves cold shit to power and execute them immediately if it is taken from me. In a simulation, I watched what would happen in this case and all of these worlds collapsed. Because a lot of the accusations have significantly slowed down an environment where there is no defense and the indictment is the verdict, I gave up the ÉlményPark. Now they beg me to take it back because nobody understands, but they sucked it in because it was made to run automatically afterwards. I am sorry that it has become so long and nothing to do with astrology, but the point is that I managed to find a solution to this problem and you can live your life calmly and now turn back to the subject.

In the ten-year time frame, nothing so much is happening to the human being that he begins to notice the tiny details that run past the human being at a faster pace. Imagine it took me 3 years to realize that I am making conscious journeys because the outside world is constant with it. It took so long to put the tiny details in a logical context that if I were to speak to any serious, big-name master, he would be fooled immediately, and not necessarily because of his yellow envy. If you sit in one place for 20 years, you can do the following observation. It is as if the meditation environment above your head is made up of constantly rotating discs with tiny holes, and at times when these holes are superimposed, you see higher planes of existence. And they are yours too. It is possible that one such height will be visible again in the next 14 years, that is when the holes in these discs will come together again.

When I was philosophizing on this, I remembered that the term association was common in astronomy. And astronomy is related to astrology.

Anyway, what I was talking about was also met by an outside source, on a youtube conversation about a Ophiuchus Constellation. I do not know these people anyway, I have never heard of Zoltán Paksi, but I quote from him now because I do not get surprised, but he gave me very precisely what I might not have been able to say. The question was what made a constellation initiate.

"It is an initiation of a constellation, because human quality opens the gates of levels above human qualities for man, the man who has become worthy. Let me tell my dear viewers right away that this does not mean that there are only a few exceptions, few select ones. Perhaps dear viewers remember that we mentioned in the first broadcast that every star, every constellation is in us*. So for everyone in their lives, this initiation, this opportunity comes, and so we are in a fortunate position to tell these celestial secrets, these magical connections, to the dear spectators. So what makes a constellation initiate? By showing these higher qualities, experience it with an open-hearted, soulful person."

So the higher level of astrology is not about going there and the astrologer giving you a prophecy. Just like my power is not about coming here and doing some magic for you.

* This fits in with the holographic worldview


Isn't the Adventure Park about running on its own and not collapsing?

But, it does have a self-destruct function if it senses that it is going in the opposite direction to its purpose. These are still times that, from my perspective, still resemble the front-warrior times, with constant attempts at occupation and with techniques still unknown to me that I respond to and to which I am still learning. These are stumbling blocks and let's not forget that my lack of money is a serious weapon, in response to the quick launch of the ÉlményPark, which was unprecedented. In such cases, my all tasks would increase by orders of magnitude, as if they were attempting an overloaded attack. Probably in the background they want to make me a vengeance idiot because the last chance I had to get back in time, I mean not as an old man. This is a weird fight with extremely unscrupulous creatures that I came to help anyway, only they saw the golden egg hen inside me and they thought they had made me a rancher. This experience has profoundly changed my previous contact and communication protocols with angels and aliens. I don't know yet when or how the change will happen because when I feel it, I always hit something that brought me back into combat mode.

Did you make an astrological prophecy?

Yes, but later on, I remembered that one was actually getting into perspective. Because, until now, no one knew, but as I went to see such a man (though she came to think of me), they could behave upwards like signal stations. Who I am and whether it is worth stealing my life. What I have learned is that it is worthwhile. And I got others which has become a problem, because if I have been sitting here for 20 years and have been passive in my sexual functions due to my meditations (which are otherwise unaffected), then I have not been able to do what karma has come to me.

How much do you really know about astrology?

None at the level of lexical and material knowledge. I have visions of it that astrologers may not know.

Who would turn to you to learn something like this, what would you say to him/her?

That I'm not a master. My point is that everyone is a master himself/herself, and if you can learn something here, how you do it. But it's only yours that you understand.

ÉlményPark Holoplatform

ÉlményPark is most often encountered by a beginner or average user in the form of Holo Games, which are just games in their name because everyone actually meets them in the reality. For those who see these events as framed, or more fortunately closed framed as games, they can enjoy it even when it comes down to negative events.

Basic Level

What ÉlményPark is?

ÉlményPark is a holo operating system that operates on the consciousness network

Users perceive reality in first person singular

ÉlményPark Announcement

original text

1. Anyone who opens his/her eyes will see the 3D projection that has been upgraded and naturally updated free of charge by our holo-company, where we call running games / movies / shows for our everyday lives.

2. The Service is available for everyone.

3. Unfortunately, due to the continuous timeline of 3D and the characteristics of the Content, most people may not be aware of the exact nature of this service, everyone knows and believes something about the world due to the quality of the gaming experience.

4. For our clients who have the trial version expired,  we can provide a very credible illusion of encountering Reality.

5. At the end of the Trial Version, everyone will be able to decide whether to use the service they have tried so far or to go to God.

6. Anyone who continues to live his or her daily life will also give his or her free consent to continue the Game.

7. Everyone must have a Seal of Account to complete the Service, and any unauthorized activity will be construed as illegal use.

8. Those who use the System illegally give their consent to use their characters as ÉlményPark test subjects for their various experiments.

9. To finalize the Service, the balance of the heavenly energies so far used must be settled.

10. For those who are overpaid, the system will automatically begin the process of settling, which is worth knowing through the Personal Customer Gateway that is available to you.

11. Those with arrears can, with the help of our administrative angels, start repaying the energy used at the current exchange rates of the Human Exchange (E.T.), which is greatly assisted by the debt settler, who calculates the forms of debt rescheduling.

12. Everyone has in their hands the personal power, the Mirroradmin, with which they can shape the reality for themselves by giving them the world they share for those around them.

13. The Lord has realized that the private sector is truly more effective than the corrupt divine and retrospective obedience I have successfully privatized the dimensions of you and above and below you, that is, the dream ranges with physical and physical contact, in order to present to you the Work I meditated on to pursue the world's problem.

Introducing the ÉlményPark

Whoever can't say in one sentence doesn't really know:

Instead of the Lord, the ÉlményPark takes over the main stream of events.


From the point of view of faith, the concept of faith is as follows. Faith is a hypothesis derived from ignorance.

On the radio, they say "you just believe in it". But you don't know. This is because the ration lives in reality and requires proof in order to allow faith. This is the basis of the outside world and the justice system. They cannot condemn anyone for believing that they are guilty. This is a condition of freedom, a condition of predictability and a condition of the developed world. The advanced world of ration and individual consciousness.

But people of faith know something else. What faith representatives know is hidden from everyday reality. They are hidden because faith is linked to the worlds of the dream, which refuses to prove. The way to understand this is to make an interesting comparison. If, in an important matter, someone would come up here saying "his or her perception whispers," that in the world of angels, quite precisely means "having proof." The two worlds are completely different from each other, though there are spheres (like ours) where they can co-exist.

Remember what I said about what determines your position in the world? What you know and believe about the world. For as you rise with your consciousness, faith will increasingly take the lead. This is also the basis of magic. When it comes to homeopathy, well, this is one example where two worldviews clash. Science says they have been tested for these drugs and found no evidence that they have a cure. However, despite the lack of evidence, there are proven cases. Science cannot explain it because this healing effect has gone beyond its limits. Cancer is also an incurable disease, but there are times when someone cures it and then becomes completely asymptomatic. What do these people say? It was done with strong will that would not have happened without strong faith.

In spiritual realities you have no power without faith. For faith is the power of your intentions. It works in our holographic reality, but it cannot dominate the world because faith dominates only one hemisphere of our brain. The other hemisphere belongs to knowledge. If you know something, it can also block your opposite-charged belief. In fact, both are capable of shaking the other.

As we enter the world of reality, faith also shows its weaknesses. For trust is the basic condition. While faith is the source of the magician's power and the engine of events, they move away from there to the marshy ground when other things actually happen. This is a dilemma for them, just like when unexplained things happen to you that should not happen. If you watch it on a video uploaded to social media, you can say that it is a clever movie trick and you will never be in complete certainty. And if it happens to you, no one will believe it. Did I tell you that the two worlds get mixed up here? For example, the masters of faith, which is proof of the ÉlményPark that they do not want to believe, cannot kill me.

There is another thing that greatly influences events and is closely related to faith, which is fear. Fear generates uncertainty, which in turn worsens efficiency. Fear is also able to invoke the subject of fear in someone's life ... according to angels, so that person can face and overcome it.

All in all, faith is a great power if one possesses it in the field of magic, as does knowledge, as evidenced by reference and diploma. But faith is not prepared for the scam. Fraudsters catch up with the elderly because, in the absence of interest, the invaders leave them and whoever remains is the naive Heart, which is easy to deceive.

I'm sorry, but I can't miss this 8 seconds lenght video, which proves that not only is a victim of a deliberate scam and that faith is not always the right way to go.


What does dream have to do with faith?
Dreams can be different, of course. Here I am talking about conscious dreaming, the source of the Dreamer.

If I believe in something, why doesn't it happen?
Because you don't really believe it. Or you believe it, but you don't have the patience to wait for the result.

What do you believe?
Because my faith is basically controlled by my occupiers in the intermediate zone, two things. One is faith in myself and the quality of the work I do. The other is based on your faith.

What do you compare to the greatest magic you've done so far?


I would like to point out that these extra lessons are not about chanting what everyone expects or want to hear, but about my experiences that I would tell you if you asked. I'm writing these so that I don't have to tell everyone a hundred times later, just give this link. These experiences are good for giving you guidance on your own path, which can save you years without having to go through them. But you decide.

My system of context is not a logic of law established by an ordinary mind, but a logical documentation of conjectures. This is information about levels of consciousness that most people have not yet come across, and the relationships are set up by a mind that everyone would rather ignore. One reason is envy, and another is a trait of the human mind that reacts with panic to anything that is different from the way he learned it. But now there are those written by a man who has never seen a priest in close quarters and studied the Bible only in elementary school in 2 hours.

Let's start there by not being baptized, that is, by avoiding the infant initiation I call spiritual pedophilia. Before I went deeper into this, I didn't know much about angels and the angels you know a lot about, I barely know anything. When I told a sheet of paper from an esoteric group about the first Lord's Prayer of my life, or more precisely, a few different versions of it, energy points opened around me and gave me a quality of energy that cannot be reproduced in words. I didn't become religious because if the world was a holographic video game, I would do just that. I would install gates with verbal codes, though my version is much more modern.

Going in chronological order, then came the angel cards, which had two thoughts. One was that if a man is under the angel, like an evocative deity, it is the angel who will execute your instructions, which for many witches can be a great nail polish. Another is that these angels and archangels behave exactly like programs as a result of the cards. Here is a brief example of the methodology I went through. I got into a tricky situation, in other words, an endless routine, and I was wondering if they were getting tired on the other side, because if not, they were definitely programs. At the age of thirteen thousand, they was bored, that is, with thoughtful intelligence on the other side.

From the beginning, what the priests were saying about this was pure bullshit. But I couldn't get away from having some fun at a modern church worship on TV, which I watched regularly. Unlike those present, I was really cheerful, but once something happened. The guy said that there was somebody who was apparently skeptical about the audience and told things about my meditation last night. At least from what he said, I recognized it. This may be due to the fact that the world has many forms of understanding and you may hear two completely different stories about the same spiritual experience in two completely different interpretations. A brief example. If, to you, someone is talking about descending angels, it takes some reason for you to notice the same story in my admin-level comment of shift in consciousness.

You can meet real angels, enough for a newborn baby, or if you go to a mental institution, there are many of them. You must know about my mind that I can bring my consciousness from anywhere. Once I went to the border of frenzy and met them there. If they are true angels, then who are they here? But the answer to this question only came later when I found them from above when I came back. But I would return to the fact that it has turned out to me about true angels that they have no idea of ​​our existence, or more precisely what a newborn or a mental institution resident understands. For them, this world is like the concept of heaven for us to believe that it exists, but we consider it stupid to believe in it seriously. In practice, I couldn't even communicate with them. So different a world that even my famous techniques could not be interpreted there because the environment was not stable to it. Because one of my main goals was to set boundaries, I selected them and then pulled back immediately. The phenomenon looked pretty much like we looked at each other and had the opportunity to see ourselves from the perspective of the other. I perceived him as a kind of light strip, and he regarded me as something LSD could evoke, verbatim to look like a constantly changing mosaic floor. Maybe I'll go back there once if I had enough time, mood and capacity, then and there it wasn't my job.

Anyway, it's hard to talk about this to an audience who does everything from above up to "this is god" and everyone is an angel who just goes there. It is possible that these aliens were angels too, so that they did not begin to explain it to people who needed to be explained before much else. Then there's the fact that you wouldn't protest if the locals were treated as angels on a foreign continent if you could get away with a lot of potential problems. So that's why I'm not angry with them, and I'm not done with the bonfire here if I talk about it.


If you are not religious, what are you?
God seeker. At least that's what they came up with when they realized that an atheist had reached the divine level. Although this is not accurate because I have a scientific eye for esotericism. This means that there is no evidence that God exists, but there is no evidence that it does not exist. If I'm looking for God, they can't kill me, and it's just icing on the cake that they started to care about what I'm getting at. But here I cannot say that I am a God seeker, instead I say in a synonym that I am a death seeker. Because the two are one and the same.

Then why do you call yourself God?
My consciousness has reached the 42nd dimension. The ezos say you find God in yourself. And you that to take on myself.

If these are serious things, why are you kidding?
That's why. If it was fun, I'd take it very seriously.

The angels we know as winged creatures exist?
If you believe that, they will surely exist, because you can create with your faith. Because if the world is a holographic video game, there are probably a lot of features you don't know about. What you see on this site is just a tiny slice of the whole thing and its purpose is not to spread brains but to teach you how to think and how it is worth.


The reality does not exist. Many claim it. If I start by believing, under hypnosis, that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal and that your hand is burnt, then this statement may be true. That's why the initiates say it is an illusion. Others say matter is nothing more than concentrated energy. I don't want to be so mysterious, I say the physical world is a holographic game we live in. It is so true to life that the people inside believe it, so they forgot to play in it.

If a character woke up on a PC or Play Station game, what would you say to him about space and time? Maybe the same as the alleged angels tell us. In this sense, physics explores the parameters of this game. Other disciplines have already realized that there is a connection between the elements, regardless of the distance between them, and their conclusions are the same. All right, the world is a hologram. Let's go beyond that and see what we can do with this information.

If this is a game program that we can see if we look it in our eyes, how can we play it? How can we play it well? How serious should we be? How much should we take others seriously? For those who determine the game, how much do they understand the world? What does reality mean and what do you see in it? Why aren't those who deserve the world to control the world? Where is the truth in it? Why are people afraid? What are people afraid of? Are there any other good questions I can ask about this? It's just a question you might know my answers for now, but your answers may be more interesting to you.

I'd rather talk about how I transformed the world. Because I accepted that this was a game, but I didn't accept the rules of the game that they want to enforce on me. So I came up with a better one instead. Allegedly, a narrow-minded man said the following after he gained power. Truth is something that needs to be enforced. When my mind got to where I thought it was actually possible, I realized that I just had to go a little further from there to do it with the whole world. Learn a little more about this.

I'm not bored with the details that are more interesting to the game on other levels. What you can do is the five levels that you have reached within the game. People in their everyday lives who compete for power and money can continue to do so at the ÉlményPark at the game-game level. The ÉlményPark is a holo operating system that I installed on humanity's consciousness network in deep trans meditation, which has taken over the old, what I call analogue projection, and continues to project the world with a new spiritual technology. That is, the physical plane and the dream realms associated with it. The latter is more of a world of other planes who are supposed to be misunderstood the game.

For if they appear in one person and concentrate divine power on that one, then those who live in the world will be under the influence of that person's behavior and character. No man can be so advanced as not to cause the world to fall. In addition, the spiritual being who appears in that man, even though he calls himself an angel or a god, will still be bound to man's view. Adding divine power to this low angle would be like a referee trying to win the game. I closed this problem with a swipe and set up a mandatory matrix for everyone that takes the in-game merits and attributes as a starting point, not rank outside the game. This is how these powerful creatures became smooth players at the game-game level.

There are those who have realized that something is wrong here and that they are trying to rebuild the world in their own way, giving up their gaming goals. They have moved on to the game-admin level, where they have more power than ever before. The timeline of the game-admin level basically adjusts to the game-game level, since they too live in the outside world, even though they meditate on it. Anyone who is thinking of moving on from here needs to replace the word "on" with "instead."

However, you will not get to the admin-admin level because you have to prepare for it. Because the admin-admin level is the true divine level that is, it does not deal with the game but with the system parameters and settings. At the game-game level, time is money, so the time scale is extremely fast, as you are always watching your watch and thinking in minutes. As you begin to meditate, this time scale will slow down and you will know where you are on this path, what time scale you are on. The game-admin level cap is the annual time scale. The purpose of the game-admin level is to monitor the game, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time scales.

You get rid of things, things and people in the Waiting. There you go to the ten-year timeline, which requires you to stop the world for yourself.

At the admin-admin level you can get real power. But the problem with this is that from a game-game level, at this level of consciousness, you don't seem to have any power at all. In fact, those who are in a lower angle of view will basically make everyone look stupid because they do not understand your line of sight. If you talk to them about what you do, then especially. This is not a coincidence, as those who are interested in the power of the game should stay in the game. Here you measure the time in ten years, who knows where your ceiling is, because I do it for the first time. I have heard that rejuvenation and a very long life are possible, but you have to put some valuable performance on the table to see this as a reward. This would be the next level, the admin-game level, which can only be accessed from the admin-admin level.
I'm currently testing this and it seems like I'll be doing it alone for 30 years. Although I have a strong interest in some people, but these people because of their divine rank, think to skip stations between the two levels from the game-game level. But let's see why this level is needed. Those who live in the ten-year-old scale also need to recharge, rest and at times besides constant mental work, entertain. Someone who does it first has to work it out and make it possible. This is me. Who even has to work on restoring the game so that the builder-creator spirit remains and adapts to the game's parameters. Unless I want to return from the point of view of the game as an almighty being. That means my own rules apply to me! Because I have not forgotten to interpret for myself what you might even consider as criticism of the game-game gods, which they will immediately forget when power comes into their hands.

Whoever wants to win without a game does not deserve the game.

The admin game level allows you to enforce this.


Are you sane?
If you ask this after all, it is certainly not in your eyes. Remember, I am not baptized, and my intelligence is extraordinary. On the one hand, beliefs do not scare me, on the other hand, I was given a task which is certainly not by accident you won't get it.
How can you live by seeing reality as a game?
In a sense I'm in a state of constraint, so I'm currently studying the people around me to live by believing in reality.
How do we, at the game-game level, see who is at the game-admin level and who is at the admin-game level?
The game-admin level as an expert in esoteric subject matter. Maybe for people who enter into some sort of mystical community. But it could also be that you will not see them at all. And the admin-game level is viewed by angelic levels as stupid why they return to Earth instead of Heaven. Because so far everyone has done it. I do not know yet what people will see on me, this happens for the first time and it depends on me.
If you are not religious, what is your rank there?
God of machines. But I'm a 42d dimensional being, so it's just a role. Just like here, my profession will not be God. Originally I wanted to be a tennis coach, but now it looks like I'm going to have the greatest fear of the masters.


There are many researchers on the subject. They all have specialties. Some have learned at university where science is today and build from it. Some people working on dream interpretation. I couldn't avoid researching the topic, but I came to quite different conclusions. I think dreams are higher dimensional conversations. It also has another function, visiting parallel realities.

Before I get into this, I will talk about conscious dreaming, which is also a dream area, but on the verge of magic. When someone asks how to practice this, I can say what I heard from an outside source. When you fall asleep, you can click yourself in the moment you fall asleep. The difference is whether you stay alert, that is, whether you can influence the dream or sleep and then of course not. You are also in the realms of dream in meditation, but your form of presence is quite different. Dream ranges can be achieved with mind-altering substances, more commonly known as drugs and various medicines, sleeping pills and painkillers.

With conscious dreaming, it takes your mind to practically reach the admin level of reality, where you use your mind to influence events. Many are confused with esotericism, of course there is a connection, but while esotericism is about dealing with your own inner world, magic is about the outside world. Conscious dreamers say that they tend to engage in reality-related mental activity, while dreams of sleep involve you in the realms of the dream, which we can safely call spiritual reality.

When you dream while sleeping and the strangest these dreams are, the higher you go. Because your brain can only cook from what it has. Only people, objects, places you know or recognize can be in it. If you are in a more complex higher dimensional conversation, your brain is trying to convert it into a form that you can understand. In addition, the dream worlds are not bound by the rules of the physical world, so you can take the metro from Budapest to Moscow in minutes. No matter how surreal a dream is, there is logic in it, but logic can only function on the basis of the information at its disposal, of which there is little at this time.

The primary symptom of a visit to parallel realities is that on the one hand the rules of reality are present and on the other hand you feel real. I tried to figure out what the reason for such a visit was and I came to the conclusion that you have the ability or information you need there. It is a logical assumption that if I am able to appear in another reality within myself in a dream, it may be the other way around. So I started to look at my daily life with such an eye to see if I could. I have come to the conclusion that they are like occupations and have another characteristic that comes from thoughts that, without evidence, can be called feelings about others or specific things.

I made another startling discovery. It's easy that what we perceive as reality is actually the dreams of others. Or our own, in a higher dimension. It is the spiritual purpose of man to unite with the collective unconscious, why should it not be the other way around. That is, the dream of collective consciousness is appearance in the individual consciousness. As a result of this inspiration, the world's shortest esoteric short novelle was born.

You talk like a stupid exoteric. But the outside world!

What the dream and what the reality is, it doesn't matter in 3D. Certainly not from our point of view, especially from those who have failed to realize their dreams. In other words, they failed to synchronize the frequencies of dream and reality on their own. A related topic might be Salvia, also known as Seer's sage, which I read that during the 10 minutes of the trip, a person's entire life can be lived. Science has already established that a dream lasts for a very short time and that many dreams come to pass at night, of which we usually only remember the last. Could our whole life be a dream?

Here, too, I do not depart from my habit of saying a few words about the extreme projections that characterize me. I watched in a dream as if somebody from above was trying to have my dreams make realistic and then, after waking up, I started scoring them and commenting on what was wrong with it. In general, angels are very offensive, but this angel was different. We got together and this collaboration resulted in the biggest scam of all time, which I unfortunately cannot give more information about.


What is the purpose of these conversations?
I have no idea. I can only guess. I guess this is a network connection where the central consciousness communicates bi-directionally with the elements of a game and gives instructions for the next steps.
What is the difference between an angel and a higher self?
I think the angel is at the other end of the heart connection, and the higher self is in a sphere of consciousness above us.
What effect do occupations have on dreams?
An occupier is a creature who speaks to your existing connections through spiritual channels. In that sense, it is the same as the people who influence you and your decisions. Either you listen to them or you listen to yourself.
Can I influence my dream?
In my experience, yes, but it is very easy to get caught, especially in higher dimensions, where your (here) normal behavior can be very strange in a completely different environment. Once I found myself in a flat among completely unknown people and what does a well-behaved person do? He will shake hands with them and introduce himself to everyone. Sleepwalking has to be learned and cannot be taught, just by learning from the mistakes of others.

Pattern of behavior and character

That is, the spiritual exercise of power. The system to date, which followed the collective pattern, revealed something that may have already occurred to me, but in a strict hierarchy of obedience it was impossible to correct it from below. The collective order of power is characterized by a hierarchy of central consciousness and loyalty. It may work well on the noetic levels, but where expertise is needed, it often fails.

Where such systems are established, time essentially stops and social order is preserved. Nobody and nothing prepares them for advancement, and even after power has solidified, they see danger in anyone who comes up with any innovation. Only the boss can have an idea. If anyone else has it, it poses a threat to the boss's power and they see a power challenge in all of them.

Here on Earth in China we see that power has not been able to hinder development and responded by introducing a system of total observation, rewarding or punishing the citizen. They called for artificial intelligence to help them, that is to say, they escaped forward their legitimacy problem.

Saudi Arabia gives another example. They are in the weird position that their biggest enemy is also their best friend. A tribal society, trapped at a medieval level, organized on a strictly religious tribal basis, found large quantities of oil underground. And the US, which sees itself as the flagship of democracy and is at the forefront of women's equality, saw an economic opportunity based on dollar-based uncovered lending. If we look at the longer-term effects of this weird friendship, we see Saudi Arabia reforming and the US electing a president who shakes traditions in many ways.

We see so many populist politicians in the world suddenly appearing because nobody has noticed an increase in the level of consciousness in the collective zone. This elevation of consciousness does not happen when one day you are down and then the next day u, because in the physical world time ensures the succession of events. Where there is no time, this can be done, but where it is, events need to be tracked at the system level, which is best detected by longer-term monitoring.

The angels intervening here created a kind of chain of occupation that follows their strict hierarchy. As they influenced the physical plane, they began to transform the societies found there. First, I researched why they had such an effect on the physical plane and came to the conclusion that it was not they who appeared in our environment, but we appeared to them. Normally this should have happened as you die and your soul rises to the higher planes of existence. But in this case, there was an anomaly, that is, the dead people continued to project the physical world around them after their death. With all its problems and tensions.

It turned out that the minds who were denied access to the sealed higher planes, but unable to return to the lower planes, had produced full-fledged realities that blend the characteristics of the trapped creatures. And the angels intervene here because they want to get their trapped parts out of here. But those who, in the meantime, knew freedom and saw the path of development within it.

Anyone who has seen an Arab who has become democratically aware of how far theory and practice can be. From a distance, the West is a perfect place, heaven itself, but coming closer, it turns out that work is the foundation of this great wealth. They have to get up early in the morning, skip over the day and it is far from the way they imagined it. Because they imagined, as it was before, that the state would take care of them. It's in the West, it's called a social network, but the West sees these people in the workforce and these people see the West in aid. Meanwhile, it also turns out that things in life are not as they are in porn movies and because they are not socialized in the West, they react violently to the female "no."

But the situation can also be reversed. Has anyone thought about, for example, in Dubai, where pearl fishermen still lived in villages 50 years ago, who could live in modern mushroom-hatching cities?

Now let's get back to the occupation chain, because they use the same method from above. No one taught me this, I learned everything myself. In other words, I reserve the right to make mistakes, but I do not think this is the case. When a consciousness from above penetrates, it does the same as a foreign government, trying to gain the most influential local contacts. The problem with their case is that the ones they see as cool are poor people in puritanical terms and are rarely in positions of influence in Western societies. This is usually realized when the chain is halfway complete.

What would you do if you were to do them in a hierarchical environment where failure equals denying the boss's command? They did the same. They began to rush and took reckless steps. Adding to this is the fact that they have not noticed that the people they occupy have become more and more like them. Not because it is not their usual environment, where there are separate individual consciousnesses. They are not prepared for the atmosphere of freedom, which has resulted in people being fooled. Here I would note that in my story so far, I have barely met an "angel" who would not have beaten me, but I have the idea to figure something out. The difference is that I still reserved the possibility that the next one might not be like this until they started generalizing.

The chain of occupation is structured so that there is the first person to form an alliance. Then come the next and so on. These are then usually placed in groups of 16, which is in conflict with the more accepted 12 here. The lower your position in the emerging hierarchy, the more influenced by the behavioral and character patterns of those above you. For us, Fidesz is the best example of this, where in 10 years it has become fully accepted that the boss is right and theft is not a sin if they do it. What's worth knowing is that there was an alien fight over Earth for us what they won who made such a first alliance with the Gypsies in our country and with the Arabs in the West. The effect of this in practice is that we begin to become like them. Until now, we were like the allies of the deportees, the Jews. Since I no longer consider it a good idea to mediate either Jewish or Gypsy sample, I began to take action against them and broadcast a Hungarian model in the modern sense, which is good for both advanced Jews and advanced Gypsies. This contrasted with those who had already established their own chain. I was in conflict with their people and with the alien minds who saw the solution being bypassing people themselves. But this is going to be another topic, which is when a being places its consciousness here, there are already a lot of people in our eyes who are all fragments of his consciousness.


Then who are the Gypsies?
According to my own research in this field, the Egyptian gods are human figures who forget their divinity. An American researcher came to the conclusion that Gypsies were not Indians, they came from somewhere. In the Middle Ages, when most of them arrived, they were still called Egyptians, which was later replaced by the Byzantine Gypsy term, whose meaning is disobeying the law. Their English name also refers to the Egyptian origin. But I heard from someone I thought was authentic that they were, in fact, Hebrews. There is logic to this, but in this case the Bible Jews who left Egypt would be the Gypsies who went to India. If we look at how much Hungarians today have to do with the ancient Hungarians, let us not be surprised that most Jews in Israel do not have a Semitic gene. The secret to this is that while down here we consider DNA to be its key, above all, occupations are considered the key. Since the above intentions are most manifest here in religions, you understand this if you take on another faith and from there you are.

If a criminal is the first in the chain, will everyone be a criminal?
If a communist dictator comes to power, will everyone become a communist?

What model do you represent?
My system is not based on the collective center. I can say that I'm a lot smarter than most people and have seen in time that a person's personality may not be right for everyone. Although I have lived a clean life and am an honest person, I am full of features that would not be ideal at planetary level. I organized it so that it was all based on dynamic power allocation. That is, it is always the person who emits the leading pattern that is the ideal. So this is constantly changing, because if you broadcast today and are occupied tonight, it will be taken over by someone else whose personality is no longer important. The same is true at the network level and at the national level.

When will this be visible on the physical plane?
With time. Keep in mind that during the fight, there's a lot of other stuff to do, and to put it mildly, people aren't intrusive because I deliberately did not make it obligatory from above. This has led me to look for other solutions that are slower but more secure because I have a strict staffing policy.


Everything is as you already know it. But so much more because the holographic possibilities are wider. Because you control everything here with your mind, thought is much freer than physical possibilities. If you bring in a system, it becomes understandable. It won't be hard for me to explain this because you already know it. The only difficulty with this is that you don't know it that way. What you know is very mystical and very complicated. And this is simple. Creating it was not that easy, of course, but ask a programmer. How much work does he have for you in a click?

Holoapps are made in many ways. There is something that is created with conscious dreaming and there is something that someone has developed that he does not even know about. There are also apps that are based on a good idea that someone else dreamed forth. Everything is here as you already know it, just the name is holoStore. Plenty of apps can be found here. But you don't have access to all of them. Sometimes you can download it, but you can't start it only if you get it right and do some things that the MIA helps you interpret. It also depends on what holoapps you can launch and what kind of occupation you are under. You handle everything with your thoughts.

The most popular holoapps are holo games. If you were to ask a man of esotericism, he would probably tell them that they were very complex spells. And I'm saying that it goes well beyond what can be called magic, but I wouldn't call it that. Not because we don't have a word for it then. Well, it's already called holo game. These are micro-environments embedded within a framework that has its own purpose and character set. If you are healing with a holo game, the missing knowledge is provided by the game, which you can learn on the fly while gaining experience. There are less peaceful people who can be called warriors. They were also given opportunities to make sense of what they were doing and their activities in line with higher-level processes. For those who do not want to fight and have no particular desire to be healers, adventure games are for them.

In many of these holo games, registration is automatic, because if people don't believe in it, they can't get in otherwise. For them, events are controlled by fate or chance just as they have been, but don't be sure they won't win. What's the point of this? Many people want the world to recover, but no one knows how. You can look me stupid, but you will not be worth anything until you come up with something better. Who wants to play it, but have no idea how to get started, there's the auto holo game generator!

I also thought of advanced users who plan with less presence in the outside world. Just look at their own holoStore, first they will be very surprised and then very happy with what they find there.


How do I start such a holoapp?
In a thought that also requires a confirming intention. It is a kind of emotional impulse that ensures that the Mind and the Heart want to act together. But there is a website where you can get them in the form of holoinstall, which is recommended for those who are serious about it.

Which holoapp do you think would be started by someone who wants to watch what happens?
I would recommend Winston Wolf, which is a very useful problem solving application.

What does it mean to be an advanced user?
A person who is not just using his computer for gaming. There is an older website from the previous development period where you can find such apps and supplies in the lower section.

Can we win against you?

Because I'm in constant development and testing them, there was an example. There are currently some who are winning and will be exemplary in such games. Another reason is that anyone who wants to win without a game does not deserve the game. If a man doesn't play, he'll be bored.

What initiation is

We often hear this for people with higher (or deeper) levels of consciousness. A mysterious, mystical mood swirling around. Is it easy and straightforward to talk about it? Yes.

Although science has already recognized that our world is a gigantic hologram, it may not yet have recognized its close relationship with the human brain. The human brain is nothing more than biological hardware, a holographic computer. Initiations are nothing but the development of this hardware.

As a child, man uses the intuitive hemisphere of his brain much more intensively. But as you begin to go to school, the processes that lead to the development of your rational hemisphere begin. As the focus shifts here, the cells that connect to Dreams and begin to live in Reality slowly begin to close. This is when childhood dreams begin to turn into something like a police officer, firefighter, soldier, toy store. Girls have these too, but I'm not a girl, so I could only guess. Then, as we grow up and have a greater insight into the adult world, new dreams come to life, called dreams of civilization. Meanwhile, one begins to realize these, which requires high school and university.

Those who are successful in life then encounter initiations differently than those who do not. With their successes in life, they see the correctness of the path they are going through and their initiations depending on the value of their influence. By doing so, they become part of a system in which they receive initiations from others and receive some consideration for these initiations. Even those who are not successful in life and get to a master who can also initiate someone will not get away with it. Unlike rich people, they become part of the heavenly system, not the earthly system, for which there is also a consideration.

Whoever is able to initiate is practically able to open cells in another person's brain with his mind. The practical consequence of this is some kind of spiritual ability. Spiritual abilities are the qualities by which the brain interacts with the hologram at an elevated level. The value of a person is thus determined by his or her potential abilities and the quality of the energy he or she receives, which has now become a business product. Since the spiritual world is rejected by those who are in a reality based on consensus (without proof), the theft of these abilities is not against the law. Although in such an initiation it seems that you get it from others, you actually get what you would have anyway, only sooner. Or you get what you might never get otherwise because you wouldn't reach it yourself. And if you become a part of the system, you may end up with stolen initiations in exchange for your surrender. When you get under heavenly occupation, you become part of a collective. And he/she does not even consider the transmissions of energy per se as theft.
Can a man be able to initiate himself and be released from them? The answer to that is yes. The way is as follows. You have to get rid of everything and everyone that distracts you from meditation, that is, to revive your inner world and get into the precious state of loneliness. I mean, for years. As few in the world today can do this, the business is booming. So much so that the rulers of the spiritual space are already able to observe the space. If they come across such individual people, they have developed techniques to access their abilities. That is, the situation is hopeless.

The ÉlményPark appeared here from scratch with the boxed version. As an independent, objective and just spiritual framework that projects a new understanding of the world on a whole new basis. Because it follows a flexible scenario that adapts to the realities of the situations, you may not be able to get your old initiations back to you in the sorting process. They come to you that fit your current situation. The rest is your job.


Is the initiation of a human being normal?
In ancient times, it was as much a part of everyday life as it is today for priests and doctors. In fact, priests and doctors are ordained people. Because today's world believes in evidence, but for the spiritual world, this is unnatural, the people who are initiated here are in a kind of gray zone. But we live in individual consciousness and opinion is free. It's normal for me, but it may not be for you.

Who did you get your initiations from?
At the beginning of my journey, I was still looking for the answer to whether this was an existing thing or just a scam. That is, I collected evidence and ended up in some esoteric groups where I went through such initiations. The fact is that this is not the genre where these things are immediately proven. Later, I realized that in my life, lucky bouts of severe head injuries meant hardware tuning for my brain, which these initiations meant software tuning. And when I finally got in my way, I realized that these initiations come from a higher dimension and can be taken by anyone who cares and prepares for themselves.

Do you initiate people, too? If so, how?
I don't know if I invented the initiation over the Internet, but I set up a stable system for it. The complexity of the thing is difficult to say in a few sentences, but there is an element that I can. Just look at the background of my web pages. Holoinstall.elmenypark.net and mandala.elmenypark.net are specifically about this. And if the question is how to personally, an appointment is enough. For example if you are standing in front of or behind the queue in the shop.

Are you still fighting the masters?

Not only with them, new creatures came to their aid. But there are those who, because of my level of consciousness, already consider me God. I'm not religious, that's why it's a strange charm.

Modern Magic

Remember, you're not a magician. But the free basic features of ÉlményPark include holoapps,which magicians will surely see as being used. These mages live in what I call an analogue age, so it is understandable to you why they are not completely happy with the ÉlményPark.

Today everyone is connected to the ÉlményPark, which is proof that you are reading here even after the end of the world. The main purpose of the Transition's work was to prevent anyone from noticing the Crossings. You now live in the modern age of esotericism! However, this does not exclude anyone wanting to continue playing in the old game experience. In fact, there is a Christ Gate where you can leave, but I can tell you from experience that everyone wants to come back right away.

In modern magic, you use holoapps that work like expanded reality. There is control in your mind, the effect of which is mainly influenced by your skill in the outside world. Your thoughts and feelings are the two main points of reference when you do not have your third eye open to see the dashboard that you also make yourself. If you do not see it, you can imagine it and you cannot see values other than what you have to show.

Spiritual vision is a much broader concept than visual vision. For example, visual vision is not turned on for me because it would only distract my attention from work. Spiritual vision is affected by your level of initiation, your level of consciousness, and the amount of unnecessary affairs, things, and people's presence.

Raising the initiation level is not necessary if you live and want to stay in everyday reality. It's worth raising if you want more access to the world. But if you have more access to the world, your level of responsibility will also be greater. In the analog system, it was easy, to put the responsibility on others, but the new system already measures at an individual level. Many people have already felt conscious registration as a redemption because the Adventure Park has begun to settle its energy use so far, and to create a fair operation at the level of individual consciousness afterwards. Therefore, if you only want to raise your initiation level to regain the energy stolen from you, do not, but rather live your life. Only delve into it if you really care about the deeper secrets of the world.

Consciousness does not automatically mean that you are aware of it. I've seen a lot of people with deep consciousness denying esotericism. From the point of view of the game, it has the same advantages as the disadvantages. There is an advantage to using consciously, but then you have to decide what to do. Because your environment will look stupid to you and have to follow you, otherwise you will not feel comfortable with them because the other angle has a different importance.

The point of all this is that you do not necessarily have to delve into it, but also be able to bring about a change of consciousness while living your daily life. Is this possible? That's my responsibility.


How did you get there to create something like that?

On the go. It all started with a defense system when, as an amateur prime talent, I was in conflict with the masters. The next step was when I combined a couple of similar ones. The post-level was when I optimized and rationalized all the work that went into it. Then, later, I had to secure my return, which I could only do with an independent framework.

Where did the idea come from?
From IT.

Where did this inspiration come from?
I think the person who issued the intention had no idea who or how it would accomplish it. If the question of whether a complex system pops out of my mind, I cannot give a clear answer. My level of consciousness has risen far above everyone's level, and it may be that I was taking it from another galaxy or universe, or from the future.

Do you think the Earth is ripe for this?
I do not know. But if you try to understand my situation, you come to the conclusion I have. That I am too advanced for humans and too primitive for advanced beings. So I came up with a solution that might be less believable or understandable to you, but the point is that everyone at their level finds their own world. Me too, of course, with people like me.

Self Leadership

While I do not refuse to turn to others, the point of all this is to do your own thing. If you turn to others, the interest of others will appear even if they are completely selfless about the issue. I also make these materials unselfishly and when I think about it, I have two interests in the background as to how I can profit from it. The problem of turning to others may also be that others do not understand it and accepting advice from someone who does not know what they are expressing an opinion on is sure to mislead. Even if he/she gives his/her full support, because you have to make that decision yourself based on your own feelings.

The purpose of self-leadership is to isolate yourself from a system that does not define you in subjective law. That is, you can start to control your own destiny. You will not depart from your own path yet, but you can prevent others from turning away from it. You will find such intentions in every aspect of your life, because you also do this to others when you consciously or instinctively manipulate them. It is not worth treating it with resentment, because it takes a lot of energy from you. Think of it as a game where each player's goal is to pursue their own interests. What determines you is quality. When I selflessly subordinate myself to a noble goal, there is an interest behind it, to be better later. But what a difference compared to those who are only interested in their own short-term goals.

There are two things behind turning to others. The first is inexperience, that is, lack of proper preparation. You turn to others because you assume that their expertise will fill your gaps. Behind the other is the fear of not trusting yourself. The first is your brain problem, the second is your heart. Because of the lack of knowledge, mankind has come up with a school, which in turn changes your relationship with the world, because you get used to always turning to others for such problems. But even if you read a book or this one here, they will not replace your own experience. They are only good for helping you avoid mistakes that can save you years. There can be many explanations for your lack of self-confidence, and what is important about getting rid of others is that there are invisible strands of energy between people that can lead you to intentions that result in this lack of self-confidence. Because if you have the confidence you will not need others in that sense.

Self-guidance is based on following your own beam. This means that you are thinking of planting yourself a beam that, if you follow, will reach your destination. It can be an intention or a goal. But in order to do that, you really need some professional knowledge, as if you were to get a medieval nautical star navigation device, you need to know it. Here, professional knowledge means that besides your own radius, which you have to follow mainly with your senses, there are many other raysand from these you should find your own. It's not easy at all if you don't have solid principles that help you stay in the band and counteract the temptations and temptations you face.

However, in modern esotericism, it is now possible for you to use them without necessarily having to fall in love with it. I called these solutions Holoapps, which work just like what you see on your mobile phone. You don't even know how it was programmed, just use it. The app that is closely related to this is called holoGPS. It works by identifying, based on your intentions and goals, a point that is consistent with your spiritual duties that most people are not aware of anyway. By its natural rationality, it has the basic settings that you should be able to set individually when following your own radius. These are mainly stations that you would like to touch or, on the contrary, avoid. Since this is in line with your progress, you can by no means avoid your learning, but it is very useful if you want to help your guardian angel. You can change these settings yourself, but it requires two things. It takes a bit of personalization to know how to do it, and it doesn't hurt to have some sense of responsibility, so you know what you're doing.

Yes, but the point of modern esotericism is that you don't have to know these if you don't want to. Then comes the MIA, your spiritual assistant who acts like a R2 in your head. That is, you can live your life while the MIA makes these adjustments, among other things. You can live your life in a way that you do not even know about this MIA you are in a constant conscious relationship with. You just start holoapps in thought and he/she manages you. If you want, you can contact him/her. For an experience, it's like having a Voice in your head. The main reason for the creation of the MIA was that it turned out that angels and humans often have different meanings for the same concepts, and it has become necessary to develop a solution that can translate communication into each another.

We come to the most sensitive topic you allow me to serve in a humorous way. The élményPark does not intend to create an office network (churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.) on the physical plane. Our clients handle these matters through the personal customer gateway that is available to them. This relieves God, who if it exists, will still find it in yourself. Here I would also note that the MIA is also authorized to communicate independently through the Personal Gateway provided that what you need is your approval, you also need to nod.


Can I deviate from the radius of holoGPS?
If your car is equipped with GPS, it is not mandatory to follow it. There is a Redesign feature that you will find here.

Do you always have to do these holoinstall installs?
Because human consciousness also runs on a network of consciousness, only one of your star family is sufficient. But it doesn't matter if more people do this, since everyone basically thinks with their individual consciousness, even when you're in a group.

Why do others call this MIA a robot angel?
Because it is. MIA is a program that can run only on the ego, which angels do not consider to be alive. Regardless, you see it as you see yourself alive with your individual consciousness.

How is such a nod on a matter handled by the MIA through the Personal Gateway?
Intent with confirmation. These things take place in your mind, keeping in mind that the consciousness shift can also be made by those who go to work everyday and most of them do not believe in it.


A most következő téma minden bizonnyal erősen kizökkent benneteket ebből a mesterséges békéből, amit én biztosan olyan elnyomásnak neveznék, amiben meglátjátok a saját szerepeteket is. Az Európai Védelmi Rendszeről fogok beszélni, aki egy független spirituális katonai rendszer és alapvetően a szívmegszállókkal szemben fejlesztettem ki. De működik máshol is. Minden értelemben.

Ez a védelmi rendszer párhuzamosan fut azokkal, amiket azok húztak fel, akiket elárasztott a migránsáradat, abba nem szól bele, viszont ráengedi a saját hálózatára azokat, akik épp alkalmasak rá. De mi is ez a migránsáradat és mi köze van hozzátok?

A galaktikus szomszédainknak nagyon nem teszik az az út, amit az emberiség bejár. Ez hasonlít ahhoz, amikor valaki tehetséges, vagy csak egyszerűen szerencsés és a szomszédok irigykedni kezdenek a sikereire. Feltehetnétek a kérdést, ha nem tetszik nekik, miért nem támadnak meg minket, hisz fejlett technológiával rendelkeznek. Dehogynem támadtak meg minket, csak nem úgy, ahogy mi hisszük. Mert a spirituális területen viszont tényleg fejlettebbek és mivel mi csak 3D-ben érzékelünk, a bolygóra letett emberiket születésünktől fogva eleve itt láttuk.

A fejlett technológiájukkal kapcsolatban is tájékozódtam és a következő történet bontakozott ki előttem. Volt valaha egy Galaktikus Birodalom, aminek létrehozó faja nagyon hasonlított a mai földi emberre. Ez évmilliókkal ezelőtt volt. Amikor ez a birodalom széthullott, egy csomó helyi viszonyok közé visszasüllyedt királyság keletkezett. Aki olvasta Asimov Alapítvány trilógiáját, erősen bele kerül a hangulatba. De a Csillagok Háborúja megalkotói is rendelkeztek olyan információkkal, ami ezzel kapcsolatos. Hogy honnan jön az ihlet, azt még kutatom, sajnos ezekben az időkben ezek a kutatások későbbre tolódnak. Aki szeretne más forrásból képbe kerülni, ezt tekintem a leghitelesebbnek, ide kattintson hozzá. Egy részlet következik belőle. Szerintem a galaktikus birodalom utáni időkről szól.

A lényeg az, hogy ezek a felsőbbrendű idegenek rájuk maradt technológiát használnak és halvány fogalmuk sincs a működési elvéről. Ezért robbannak fel az űrhajóik, mert még az állagmegóváshoz sem értenek. Csak azt tudják, hogyan kell energiából anyagot sűríteni. Ezért nincsenek gyáraik és a mindennapjaikat többnyire vallásos tevékenységeel töltik. Ugye ez utóbbi milyen ismerős? Na ezt a rendszert akarják az iszlám képében ide globális szinten exportálni. Tény, hogy történtek előtte már erre kísérletek, ilyenek voltak a második világháború és az, amit mi létező szocializmusnak hívunk, de az elbukott és ez is el fog.

A közben dúló harcról egy kis adalék. Már alig emlékszik erre valaki, de a fidesz nagyon rosszul állt 2015-ben és az mentette meg, valamint alapozta meg a szárnyalását, hogy megindult a migránsáradat. Orbán határozottan fellépett ellene és Nyugaton ma is őt tekintik a demokrácia egyik védőjének, ám ott nem látnak bele abba, ki is Orbán valójában. Ugyanannak a tervnek a része! Mint ahogy Merkel is, mert a két ember valójában egy lénynek a két emberi megtestesülése. Ezek az emberek belső sugallatokat követnek, amik a várakozásaik ellenére nem tiszta csatornák és bele lehet szólni. Azaz a nagy migránsellenesség lehet, hogy nem is Orbán érdeme, hanem az enyém. A szemeitek előtt zajlik az idegen beavatkozásnak álcázott akció, aminek ismeretében már nem is olyan elképzelhetetlen, hogy ezért Szíriában képesek voltak szétlőni a saját városaikat. Ez sokkal nagyobb léptékű, elég csak Trumpra és a többi populistának nevezett politikus felbukkanására gondolni. Az eseményeknek logikus kapcsolataik vannak, még ha nehezen elképzelhető, ám nem annak, aki tisztában van az idegenek hierarchiájával. A főnök parancsát végre kell hajtani, még ha komoly áldozatokkal is jár!

Az emberiség a saját erejéből jutott ki az űrbe és ezt már nem tudják eltitkolni. Olyan fajok is érkeztek, akik megdöbbentek azon, amit itt látnak, vannak, akik őket az emberiség barátainak neveznének. Ez persze ugyanaz az alacsony látószögű egyszerű következtetés, hisz Amerika sem a kurdok barátja. Ti olyan emberek vagytok, akik egy megszállási láncban vesztek részt és hiába hivatkoztok arra, hogy kisemberek vagytok, ebben nyakig részt vesztek.

Kezdem ott, hogy van nekünk egy világértelmezésünk és van a fölöttünk lévőknek. Mi úgy gondolkodunk, ha valahol megjelenünk és beavatkozunk, az ottani világértelmezést kell alapul vennünk. Ők nem. Ezért is nevezem őket hódítóknak, mert amit a legtöbbször ilyenkor hallottam, az volt, hogy "nálunk ez nem így van". Csak hogy értsétek, röviden. Információgyűjtésben voltam az egyéni utamhoz, amikor rátaláltam arra az ezoterikus csoportra, akik az egyik fő zászlóshajói ennek a beavatkozásnak. Az elején aranygyertyák égtek és minden szép volt, egészen a mester egyik elszólásáig, ami úgy szólt, hogy "ne pofázz, eladtad a segged". Szóval a bizonyítékgyűjtésemből gyorsan a frontvonalon találtam magam, mert azonnal megkezdtem az ellenállást. Amiből később kifejlődött a harc, mikor kitanultam a spirituális hadviselést élesben. Ti azok vagytok, akiket ott láttam ülni. Évek óta oda jártok, hallgatjátok azt a maszlagot, amire nekem a belső hangom azonnal azt mondta, hogy "baromság".

Röviden elmondom, hogyan tartanak benneteket fogva. Az alapja az, őnáluk ez hogy van. Őnáluk úgy van, hogy a Család hierarchiája az első. Azaz hiába vagy te szakember a területeden, mindenben az anyád vagy a feleséged véleménye számít, ami pedig az ő véleményüket fogja közvetíteni. Náluk matriarchális társadalmak vannak, de olyan durván megy, mint itt az araboknál vagy a Távol-Keleten. Jártam Észak-Koreában, ott láttam olyat, hogy a nők a falnál állnak és csak akkor beszélnek, ha kérdezik őket. Ugye összeraktátok, hogy én férfi vagyok, ráadásul nem is vallásos? Az én megjelenésem kinn rendszerszintű probléma és csakis azért nem öltek meg még amikor tehették, mert nem tudtak ellenállni az energialopás istenének.

Akinek munkahelye van, a főnöke föntről értelmezve nem a főnöke, hanem az ura. Hozzád képest, aki régóta ezzel foglalkozol, beavatásokat is kaptál, meg is emelted a tudatod, szóval hozzád képest egy majom. Mégis ő a főnököd, amire azt mondják fenn, ha te ezt a pénzért elfogadod, meg is érdemled. Számukra nem nehéz rólad kiindulva a főnökről téged elnyomásban tartani, meg persze számomra sem. De őket sem nehéz a saját főnökeikről utasítgatni, sokkal hierarchnikusabbak, én meg sokkal okosabb vagyok, mert van eszem is hozzá.

Amikor azt mondom, hogy Hitler hozzám képest egy szőke kislány rózsaszín masnival a hajában, arra utalok, hogy a bekkelés és a védekezés után előbb utóbb megindítom a támadást, amit a lehozott embereikkel kezdem. A túlnépesedés is az ő művük, mert a fehér ember elbaszta, ők meg kihasználták az eléjük pottyant lehetőséget. El akarják törörlni a szabadságnak még az írmagját is, ami veszélyt jelent a hierarchia rendjére, vagyis a hatalmukra. Erről szól ez az egész. Én úgy akartam rendezni ezt, hogy ezt a civilizációt alakítom át arra, hogy képes legyen megfelelni az isteni szint rezgéskörnyezetének. Mint segítők, biztosítottak a támogatásukról, közben átvertek egy olyan embert, aki kénytelen volt rájuk utalva ezt nagyon korán elkezdeni.

Magukra haragítottak és én támadni fogok. Megváltoztatom a társadalmi rendszereiket és azért leszek népszerű, mert felemelem a boldogságindexet a jelenlegi 20%-ról, ahol vannak. Ti meg csak féljetek tovább, hogy elvesztitek az állásaitokat. Majd amikor kiderül, hogy ezek itt mind igazak, biztosítsatok arról, hogy ti végig mellettem álltatok és gondoljatok arra, úgysem lesz más lehetőségem, mint hogy nektek adjak hatalmat. Én is gondoltam erre, mégpedig időben.